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Chapter 664: Offering Myself Out Of Gratitude

Chapter 664: Offering Myself Out Of Gratitude

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A good ten seconds of silence went by.

Ning Xi could not wait any longer. "Hello...hello? Jiang Muye! Blondie! Are you there? What’s with this signal?! Failing on me at such a critical moment! Hellooooo?"

Ning Xi was about to hang up and redial, but Jiang Muye suddenly replied, "I’m here…"

"Ah! You’re still on the line! Quickly teach me!" Ning Xi urged.

"How...what even?! I’ve never confessed my feelings to a man before. How could I teach you?" Jiang Muye was clearly annoyed.

"Liar! When I was in school, I heard you confess to a handsome underclassman and he even accepted you!"

"Ning Xiao Xi, can you not? I was just joking!"

He could not do this anymore…

He felt that Ning Xi was driving him mad!

Jiang Muye took a deep breath. "Why would you ask me about confessing to a man? Ask yourself! Aren’t you the most experienced?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "Well...the scums from before were too easy and I didn’t get to confess on my own! Even Su Yan...he was the one who took the initiative! This is my first time, I really don’t know how to!"

Jiang Muye was surprised when he also realized that indeed, she really had never confessed to a man before! Damn it! After being together for a while, he had been totally fooled, even up until now!

"Wait, I haven’t asked you yet. Who’s the man? Who are you trying to fool again?" Jiang Muye asked cautiously.

"Your uncle."

Again, another awkward moment of silence.

Jiang Muye felt that they were communicating on different channels…

"Why did you change your mind?"

"What’s so odd about it? Your uncle saved me, so I want to offer myself out of gratitude for rescuing me!" Ning Xi replied as a matter-of-factly.

Jiang Muye had no idea what he was feeling right now, his feelings were all over the place."So, it’s just because of this?"

What if the one who rescued her...had been himself and not Lu Tingxiao? Then, would she…

He had just given his chance away! To Lu Tingxiao!

"What else could it be?" Ning Xi replied.

The thought lingered in Jiang Muye’s mind and he could not help but ask her, "If it was I who came to your rescue, would you have offered yourself to me as well?"

Ning Xi replied almost instantly, "Impossible! I’m not a fool."

Jiang Muye felt his heart sink to the ground.

"Go to hell, Ning Xiao Xi! Ask someone else! I don’t know anything!"

"Eh...what’s wrong? Are you on your period? Why are you so grumpy?"

"Get lost!"

"Please help me! I can only talk to you about this! Do you know how difficult it is for me to be this determined?" Ning Xi sighed.

Jiang Muye clenched his teeth. "Would you tell this to your exes?"

"Aren’t you one?"

Jiang Muye just wanted to stop talking to her already. "Are you an idiot? My uncle has always loved you. Why would you need to confess? Just tell him how you feel directly!"

"You’re not being sensitive at all! Of course, I’d like to give the person I love an unforgettable experience! I will never skip the phase of confession!"

"Bye!" Jiang Muye ended the call.

Your good friend Blondie has just received a heavy blow...