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Chapter 666: Loosen Up Or Start A Fire!

Chapter 666: Loosen Up Or Start A Fire!

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Ning Xi quickly thought of something and replied, "Not for me, it's for a friend!"

If she had admitted that it was her, he would definitely not teach her.

However, Lu Jingli was pretty sharp and was instantly filled with righteous indignation. "You're lying, it's definitely for yourself! Which punk do you want to confess to? I'm going to kill him!"

Ning Xi raised her brows and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Of course, I'm sure! My knives are sharpened and raring to go!!!"

Ning Xi laughed, this guy was indeed very loyal to his brother!

Since Lu Jingli already knew, he definitely would not help her, so she could only resort to her last attempt.

Ning Xi intentionally said in a threatening tone, "You don't have to care who it is, you will know sooner or later! So, what's it going to be? Are you going to teach me or not? If you don't, I'll go ask your brother instead!"

Ning Xi was prepared to give Lu Tingxiao a surprise. Obviously, she could not directly tell Lu Jingli who it was, or else, this blabbermouth would definitely not be able to keep it a secret and blurt it out to Lu Tingxiao. Then, there would be no need for her to prepare a surprise!

"Xiao Xi Xi! How can you be like this? If you ask my brother to teach you, wouldn't he die of anguish? Xiao Xi Xi, from today onwards, I've decided not to like you anymore! You've really disappointed me!" Lu Jingli exploded.

Ning Xi held back her laughter and said in a villainous tone, "Haha, so, little goldfish, are you going to teach me or not? If you don't, I'll really have to go ask your brother!"

"You..." Lu Jingli said in an exasperated tone, "Okay...fine, I will! Also, I'm not a goldfish! I'm a koi fish!"

He had not overlooked this despite his extreme disappointment...

I am a koi fish, how could I be this sad?! I'm so down!

"Then, quickly tell me!" Ning Xi urged as she lowered her voice, carefully eyeing the direction of the bathroom where Lu Tingxiao was showering; he should be done anytime now.

Lu Jingli said absentmindedly, "You should cover your face with some mud, draw a clown, ride a unicycle, hold a donkey in your hand..."

Ning Xi quickly stopped him angrily, "Lu Jingli!!!! If you don't be more serious, I'll really go ask your brother!"

Lu Jingli gasped and said tearfully, "If he is new to love, help him loosen up and rid of his clothes. If he has much experience with people, then you may start a fire by the stove! This is all I can teach you! This is the essence of what I've learned in life! You have to understand it concretely for yourself! You can choose to believe me or not. I'm hanging up now, bye bye!"

Your good friend, the Lu koi fish, is deeply hurt...

Lu Jingli thought about it and looked at the situation from the perspective of not knowing much. At least, he could confirm that the dude Ning Xi liked had to be an old, cunning person who had met many walks of life, so he would just let Ning Xi cook him a meal before confessing!

This is the one way he thought was the safest, and a way that would not have Ning Xi trouble him...

Ning Xi looked at the hung up phone speechlessly.

However, after thinking about Lu Jingli's words, she thought that it did make sense.

This logic of his was something she understood. However, she was momentarily limited by her thought process.

She still wanted to cause a ruckus!

But...changing her modus operandi wasn't a bad idea either!

Someone new to love would use the seduction method...

Someone who had met many people would need the culinary tricks...

Lu Tingxiao had never been in love for the past, so he definitely counted as being new to love!

Pfft, Lu Jingli, what nonsense! The fact that you could offer such grand advice without knowing anything about the situation is spectacular!