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Chapter 667: Success Rate Was Too High

Chapter 667: Success Rate Was Too High

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"Not sleeping yet?" When Lu Tingxiao got out of the shower, he saw that Ning Xi was still on the phone talking and jotting something down in her book. She looked very excited, making him frown out of curiosity.

"I shall go now!" Ning Xi quickly shoved the notebook like her treasure under the pillow.

Then, she started to plan her big confession.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the pillow and was slightly suspicious, but he did not take her actions too much to heart."Have you taken your medicine?"

Ning Xi nodded, her gaze falling on Lu Tingxiao's chest muscles that moved fluidly under his pyjamas and started evaluating them appreciatively. "I have! I've drunk the milk too!"

Ugh, this kind of confession...would it really be memorable enough for him to take to his deathbed?

Did she really not need to do it on some mountain 8000 meters above sea level, then shout it out to the whole world? Did she not have to do something outrageous or in public? She felt like doing so would be fitting of the devil's level!

Okay, never mind, she did not have that sort of capability anyway...

Lu Tingxiao used his towel to dry his wet hair, then walked closer to her to touch her forehead with his warm and damp hand. "Good, your fever is gone."

Ning Xi was already prepared to carry out her plan when the phone rang, causing her frustration and annoyance to peak.

Who was it?!

Lu Tingxiao walked to the table and glanced at his phone before picking it up.


"Hello! Bro!!!" Lu Jingli's voice sounded teary and low, as if he was trying to tell him something privately.

"What is it?" Lu Tingxiao had never heard Lu Jingli that sad before. He frowned and wondered if something had happened back home.

"Bro, is Xiao Xi Xi beside you?" Lu Jingli asked.


"Then, walk away further to speak to me, don't let her hear our conversation. I want to report something to you!" Lu Jingli said in a hushed tone.

Lu Tingxiao was confused, but he still obeyed and walked to the balcony. "Speak."

On the other end of the phone, Lu Jingli seemed to have struggled with himself before he said, "Bro, I didn't want to tell you at first...but...I think I have to tell you now. It's better as compared to you finding out without being mentally prepared at all...so...I still think that telling you now would be better. You could save yourself from being sad when you find out later..."

"What is it?" Lu Tingxiao frowned, sensing something bad.

Lu Jingli took a deep breath and said word by word, "Xiao Xi Xi wants to confess to that person."

Lu Tingxiao's face instantly went blank. "What...what did you say?"

Lu Jingli glumly said, "Xiao Xi Xi wants to confess her feelings to the man she likes! Just now, she called me to tell me personally! She even made me help her come up with a plan!"


There was a dead silence over the phone.

It was not sure how long had passed, but Lu Jingli's anxious heart was about to explode when finally Lu Tingxiao spoke, "Is it?"

"Bro...are you okay?" Lu Jingli asked, his stomach uneasy with worry.

"I'm fine." There was no oddity detected in Lu Tingxiao's tone.

Nevertheless, Lu Jingli was even more worried now and he could only helplessly console, "But, Bro, you don't have to be too worried. Xiao Xi Xi had only said she would confess, but she might not necessarily be successful!"

Truthfully, when he was consoling his brother, he did not quite believe himself.

When he thought about Xiao Xi Xi's capabilities, added with her sincerity and a serious approach, her success rate was quite high...

So much so that there was close to no possibilities of her failing.