Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 671: Do You Not Want To Be Responsible For Me?

Chapter 671: Do You Not Want To Be Responsible For Me?

Chapter 671: Do You Not Want To Be Responsible For Me?

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"Because...I realize....I prefer cabbage."

Before her lips could leave, Lu Tingxiao icy eyes were set ablaze. He instantly held the back of her head and deepened the kiss...

Unlike the girl's light caress, his touch immediately opened up her mouth for the onslaught of his affections.

In the quiet room, they could barely hear the indistinct sounds of sloppy kisses and the friction between their clothes as their passion lit up the air in that silent night...

Lu Tingxiao had enveloped the girl and her blanket together in his embrace as he kissed her. His hand involuntarily dived into the blanket, tracing her neck and following her spine all the way down to the tailbone, until he touched the only clothing item left on her...

This brat had actually thoroughly stripped everything off, except for her thin little panties, she was not wearing anything...

"Damn it..." There were signs of Lu Tingxiao giving in to his hunger as he held her jaw and kissed even more aggressively.

Ning Xi felt light-headed as her lips were sucked numb and she felt coarse fingers rippling across her skin, evoking waves of trembles. She was not very used to this foreign feeling, yet, she did not feel any rejection and disgust like she had in the past...

Even though she was clear that he was on the dangerous verge of losing control, she still felt assured...

Simply because this person was him.

In the next second, her body had been gently laid on the bed. In the dark of the night, the man's eyes looked like a beast's that had starved for a million years. With both arms on either side of her, he locked her down and growled, "Put on your clothes."

Ning Xi's breath was a mess as her chest rose and fell furiously. She was stunned when she heard him. "Huh?"

When she was slightly clearer-headed, Ning Xi blinked and asked, "You sure you want me to put them on? Why do I feel like this doesn't seem like it's progressing right? Like you're not following the script?"

"What script?" the man asked in a hoarse voice.

Ning Xi thought about it quite seriously. "Well, the point is the male lead would definitely not allow the female lead to put on her clothes! Shouldn't we pour our hearts out to each other, then melt into one another fierily and spend the night together?"

Lu Tingxiao gritted his teeth and leaned forward, nipping on her lips. "You sure your body can handle that now?"

This dangerous tone made Ning Xi shiver. She shook her head like a wave had just hit her.

Even if she did not have any wounds on her and could still jump around, she felt suffocated...

"Wait! Does this mean...you really did consider following the script? You only stopped because of my wound..." Ning Xi thought about it, then said, "I remember...when I first met you, you told me that you'd only sleep with someone if marriage was at the forefront?"

Lu Tingxiao's eyes squinted coolly, "Do you not want to be responsible for me?"

Ning Xi was stunned again and propped herself up on her elbows. "Something's not right. This script still isn't right. Shouldn't the man be responsible for the woman?"

Lu Tingxiao nodded slowly. "That's fine with me too."

Ning Xi did not know what to say. She had fallen for the trap. She really could not be distracted at all when talking to the devil...

Thus, tonight, Ning Xi had to start considering another problem...

Her confession was done out of passion in the heat of the moment. Then, what about after the confession? How could she settle this?

And now she and Lu Tingxiao...what was their relationship with each other now?