Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 672: You“re Too Easily Seduced

Chapter 672: You“re Too Easily Seduced

Chapter 672: You're Too Easily Seduced

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Lu Tingxiao looked down and saw some red marks on his shoulder as a result of being accidentally scratched by Ning Xi.

"When am I going to attend your wedding?" Tang Lang teased.

The ice in Lu Tingxiao's eyes melted slightly. "I'll leave that up to her."

When he noticed that Lu Tingxiao had obviously become gentler and had a loving look whenever he mentioned Ning Xi, Tang Lang who was smiling outwardly could not help but worry.

Up to her?

If it was up to Little Junior Sister, he would never be able to attend their wedding in this lifetime. Based on what he knew, Little Junior Sister was a strong believer against marriage!

He really did not believe that anyone had the capabilities to convince her to enter the graveyard called marriage, even if it was Lu Tingxiao himself.

He was not sure what Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao's current relationship status was. Sugar daddy? Lover? Or partner?

No matter which one it was, he did not think too confidently of the outcome of their relationship because their personalities, occupations, lives, backgrounds, and even principles were much too different.

Little Junior Sister's wild and untamed personality against Lu Tingxiao's cool and arrogant ice stature were simply too clashing.

He could not imagine how it was like when the both of them were together, including their positions in bed...


When dawn broke, Ning Xi opened her eyes in a faze.

She subconsciously looked around and saw that Lu Tingxiao was already awake, sitting on the sofa opposite her. He had a laptop on his lap as he looked at the graphs and numbers on his screen with full focus. The light streamed through the windows and highlighted his hair, layering it with a golden beam, making him an unbelievably beautiful sight.

She thought to herself, "The most beautiful thing in this world must be waking up early in the morning with sunlight and you by my side."

As if noticing he was being stared at, Lu Tingxiao looked up from the screen and met the girl's eyes.

"You're awake?"

Ning Xi nodded and yawned.

Lu Tingxiao put his laptop down, standing up and walking towards the bed. He then bent down and caught her lips in his.

At first, it was just a light graze, then it went deeper and became more passionate. The wet trail of kisses continued all the way to her neck and left a red mark...

Ning Xi subconsciously arched her back and her fingers found the bed sheet beneath her to clench it tightly, using it as her tool to control her desires.

She had just woken up and was overwhelmed by such a dizzying kiss. Even though her conscience was not entirely clear, her body had definitely woken up.

When the man's head went further south, Ning Xi started to panic and pushed him away. "Hey...it's too early."

"You seduced me first." The man's voice was husky and full of heat.

Ning Xi was confused. "I seduced you? When did I seduce you? I just woke up, I didn't do anything apart from open my eyes!"

"You gave me that look," said Lu Tingxiao, his eyes locked onto her.

"What look?" Ning Xi blinked and tried to recall.

Hmm, it seemed like Lu Tingxiao had an issue with the way she looked at him earlier.

Since confessing to Lu Tingxiao last night, she had let her guard down and shed all disguise, inevitably revealing her true feelings.

Ning Xi held the man's face in her tiny hands and could not help but laugh. "Big Boss, you're too easily seduced, aren't you? What happened to being a male god who can resist all earthly temptations?"