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Chapter 682: Plot Twist

Chapter 682: Plot Twist

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On the other end of the phone, Fang Ya replied weakly, "I’m not in the mood for shopping now!"

"Is it because of what happened last time?" Ning Xueluo asked with a tinge of concern.

"Xueluo, what should I do? It might really be the end for me…"

Ning Xueluo blinked. "That might not be it...actually, I have a fantastic idea, which will definitely help you out of your situation!"

"Really? Tell me quickly! I’m feeling really helpless right now!" Fang Ya urged.

"Maybe I should forget about it. After all, this idea might involve innocent people…" Ning Xueluo sounded a little troubled.

"Xueluo! My reputation is ruined now! I don’t have the time and effort to care about anyone else! Please tell me! Aren’t we best friends?"


Ning Xi paid the rumors no mind after realizing that they were not much of a big deal. Ling Zhizhi had also comforted her that as long as she was not related to Hu Hongda, she would handle the rest.

Unexpectedly, things went south quickly right before dawn and it was all over the Net!

"Ning Xi! Go online! Something has happened! Look at the first post on the hot topic tab on Weibo!"

Ning Xi was still asleep when Ling Zhizhi called. She quickly jumped out of bed and turned on her laptop.

She saw the post: [Hu Hongda: Everything is my fault. I will apologize to my family and return to them and I promise to never make the same mistake again! Everyone is welcomed to see this through!]

In the comments section, everyone was asking who his mistress was.

[Wow, Ming Fangfang’s husband cheated on her! I still remember how sweet they were when they just got married!]

[Who’s the mistress? Who’s she? Who is it? I need the truth! This is such a shocker!]

[I can’t believe this! Goddess Fang is so beautiful. How could her husband cheat on her!?]

[The mistress is the secondary protagonist, Ning Xi, from "The World". If you notice, this is nothing new actually, I’ve seen some news about it before, but not many people were following it!]

[Link: Here’s everything you need to know, you're welcome!]

The second post on the hot topic tab was an old post on which someone claimed to know the truth about Ning Xi being the mistress. No one had cared about the post before, but now there were hundreds and thousands of shares and comments.

Ming Fangfang was a popular artiste in the industry. After she got married to Hu Hongda, they had always been lovey dovey with each other; they were the model couple for everyone.

After the news got out, Ming Fangfang’s fans went crazy. Very quickly, Ning Xueluo’s fans took the chance and went along to trample on Ning Xi as well…

[Hahahahaha...great news! I told you so that there’s an internal source! No one believed me!]

[Jiang Muye’s fans don’t mean ill. Most of them are still too young to make rational judgments, now they'll know that everyone has their dark side!]

[It’s just a small artiste trying to get famous with her pretty face. I don’t see the difference from a prostitute. Having Xueluo acting with her is a disgrace!]

Jiang Muye’s fans kept mum this time around. The fan club had a good management team and the leader warned them not to post anything before they found out about the truth.

However, some radical younger fans went on to ridicule Ning Xi with some harsh words for involving Jiang Muye in this scandal…

Hu Hongda’s single short sentence pushed Ning Xi to the edge.