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Chapter 685: Let’s Do Something Meaningful

Chapter 685: Let’s Do Something Meaningful

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Watching the girl reply obediently, Lu Tingxiao’s expression softened. He looked at the cup of coffee on the table and scowled. "You’ve not fully recovered yet. Don’t stay up anymore and go to sleep now."

"Huh? But after what just happened, my brain is too excited now. I can’t sleep anytime soon!" Ning Xi mumbled.

Her eyes shone as she suddenly thought of something. "Ah! Let’s do something meaningful in the dead of tonight!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her with a hooded gaze and asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "Like what?"

After a while…

"Ahh...no!" Ning Xi’s screams broke the silence of the still night…

Lu Tingxiao looked at the ghost moaning and listened to the scary background music as his face darkened.

Her so-called "meaningful" activity was to watch a horror movie?

Ning Xi shrunk into the sheets, only her small head popping out and her face was pale. She let out the occasional scream. "Ah...the wardrobe! There’s a ghost in the wardrobe...don’t open it!"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless at her behavior. "Why are you still watching it if you’re so scared?"

"This is exciting! I always watch a lot of movies, just not horror films! Because...I’m afraid of ghosts…" Ning Xi said sadly.

Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows in surprise. It was rare that she was afraid of something.

"That’s why I never watch it alone. Since you’re here today, of course, I’m going to grab this chance!" Ning Xi said with enthusiasm.

Lu Tingxiao patted her head. "I’ll accompany you whenever you want."

Ning Xi nodded, looking at Lu Tingxiao. She thought that she would not get used to having someone by her side after being single for so long. But now, as she was watching the horror film, wrapped up in the sheets while Lu Tingxiao just sat there with her, she felt that being with someone else was not so bad after all…

Probably due to the devil's imposing aura, the fright level of the film was toned down and she even fell asleep halfway…

When he saw that she had fallen asleep, Lu Tingxiao turned off the television and covered her with sheets gently.

As he stood up, his phone rang.

Incoming call: Mo Lingtian.

Lu Tingxiao’s gentle eyes turned icy as he took the call on the balcony.


"Hey, Lu Tingxiao." Mo Lingtian sounded as if he had just been tortured.

"How’s the investigation going?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"I’ve gone through a lot of hard times for Tang Lang! But...that man...I’m sorry...I was just a step away! I could almost expose his true identity but for some reason, he got ahold of my investigating him and he destroyed all my leads! I really don’t know what to do now! Stop asking me to do this! I can’t do it anymore!"

"The land in Chengdong District."

"I’ll work on that! Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I’ll help you to find him!" Mo Lingtian perked up at this lead and his vigor was renewed.


As Lu Tingxiao was about to end the call, Mo Lingtian added, "Wait...although I failed, I found some other interesting news."


"Satan got desperate because of what you did. He started to wipe out everything but he might return with a different identity. Be careful."