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Chapter 692: Why Don’t We Meet Up?

Chapter 692: Why Don’t We Meet Up?

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At Lu Corporation, in the meeting room.

Lu Tingxiao suddenly stopped talking and picked up a phone call.


Afterwards, their ice-cold boss melted and he even smiled.

He then spoke gently, "I’m in a meeting right now. You can ask him out. I’ll be there soon."

Everyone looked at each other in the meeting room in shock.

Why did something feel odd? The sense...of spring…

Lu Jingli was looking dreadful at Lu Tingxiao's side. Should he reconsider being a monk again? He felt tortured if his brother ever broke up, but even more tortured if they continued their relationship…

Ning Xi obeyed Lu Tingxiao’s directions and called Hu Hongda.

Lu Tingxiao was really sweet. He was afraid that Ning Xi might not be able to contact Hu Hongda herself, so he passed her Hu Hongda’s private number.


Hu Hongda was making out with Fang Ya when he got the call, so he was annoyed, but the voice on the other end sounded sweet. He asked politely, "Hello, who’s this?"

"Greetings, CEO Hu. I’m Ning Xi."

"Ning Xi? Which Ning...Ah! Ning Xi! Ah…" Hu Hongda exclaimed, glad that he did not end the call earlier.

Ning Xi was really a beauty! Even prettier than his own wife!

He was actually quite willing to carry the scandal out when Fang Ya had asked him to frame Ning Xi as his mistress. He was a still a man, after all, and he felt proud to have a sex scandal with such beautiful women; it was all he ever boasted about.

After knowing about this scandal, many of his friends called him up and joked, teasing him about how he was so lucky to be with such a fine woman. Unfortunately, the society today encouraged this trend. The price of a man cheating was way lesser than a woman’s. Most of the blame was taken on by the women.

Hu Hongda was not from the entertainment industry, so such a matter would not affect him much.

At worst, his company shares would fluctuate for a few days but as long as he did not divorce Ming Fangfang, things would settle down soon enough.

It might even boost his ego and sexual prowess in the future…

Fang Ya could never be on par with them, but she came to him on her own accord. Plus, she was good in bed, so he just took her in.

When Fang Ya heard it was Ning Xi calling, she was on alert mode. "Hongda, what does she want?"

Hu Hongda signaled her to keep quiet, then he continued talking to Ning Xi. "What now? Are you trying to ask me to clarify like your manager did?"

"We can’t talk clearly through the phone. Why don’t we meet up?" Ning Xi suggested.

Hu Hongda felt excited by Ning Xi’s words. This woman...what was she trying to achieve by meeting him now? Could it be that she knew that she was unable to get herself out of this mess, so she might as well just sleep with him? Such a beauty...he would really love to try her out...

"Sure! Of course," Hu Hongda replied quickly.

"Alright, we’ll meet at Provence Restaurant an hour later in room number 18. See you there," Ning Xi confirmed the time and venue with him and then ended the call.