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Chapter 696: Lu Tingxiao“s Woman

Chapter 696: Lu Tingxiao's Woman

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God seemed to have spent extra time perfecting this man. Not only did time not leave any marks on his face, it had actually made him even more charming instead. Years only added to his charisma.

Ming Fangfang suppressed her emotions and tried to make conversation with him. "CEO Lu, why are you here? This is Room 18. Are you in the wrong place?"

No matter what the reason was, this was an opportunity not to be missed!

Hu Hongda instantly forgot about everything and quickly smiled to greet him. "It really is CEO Lu. Who knew I would meet you here? Before this, I have been wanting to discuss developing that land in the east..."

Midway through his introduction, Lu Tingxiao seemed to not have seen him and he walked over to the direction behind him instead.

Hu Hongda and Ming Fangfang were stunned. "You are..."

Lu Tingxiao walked right up to Ning Xi. When he saw that she wore a thin red sweater, he frowned. His cool face looked unhappy and his wide palms covered the back of her hand. "Why are you wearing so little?"

Ning Xi excitedly touched the snowflakes that had not melted on Lu Tingxiao's hair and responded, "Oh, is it snowing outside? It hadn't yet when I first arrived!"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded, his expression softening when he felt the warmth from the little hand beneath his palm.

At that moment, Hu Hongda and Ming Fangfang looked at each other, completely dumbfounded. What...what was going on?

Lu Tingxiao...and this D-list female celebrity...

These two completely unrelated people...how did they get tied up in a relationship? In fact, it seemed like this was no ordinary relationship!

Suddenly, Hu Hongda felt afraid while Ming Fangfang was full of suspicion, seemingly noticing that something was not right.

Not waiting for the two to recover from their shock, Ning Xi suddenly thought of something and held onto Lu Tingxiao's arm. She then turned to Hu Hongda and said, "Right, my dear, I forgot to introduce to you to Hongda Estate's CEO Hu. This mister is the one who's having me as a mistress!"

Hu Hongda was horrified while Ming Fangfang was speechless.

Lu Tingxiao was as frigid as an ice sculpture at that moment, his every word digging into Hu Hongda's skin. "My girlfriend is your mistress?"

The moment these words came out, Hu Hongda almost fell to the floor on his knees!

Lu...Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend???

This woman was actually Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend?

He...he must be crazy to have Lu Tingxiao's woman as his mistress!!! More importantly, did Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend still need to be another man's mistress? People would think he was crazy if he told them!

Ming Fangfang finally realized what was wrong here. She would never have thought that Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao would have a relationship!

No wonder...no wonder Ning Xi had said earlier that she would not be interested in Hongda...

If that was the case, there was no way Ning Xi was Hongda's mistress. Then, why would Hongda lie?

At that moment, Hu Hongda finally realized who he had offended and did not even care if Ming Fangfang was still there. He turned pale instantly and quickly explained, "This...is a misunderstanding! A huge misunderstanding!"

Ning Xi then said, "How could it be? You've already admitted it on Weibo and you even tagged me!"

"That...that was a mistake! I tagged the wrong person! Miss Ning, quickly explain to CEO Lu, I didn't...how could I have had you as my mistress?!"

Ning Xi blinked. "Explain what? You did!"