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Chapter 713: Dismissal of The Rumor

Chapter 713: Dismissal of The Rumor

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Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure went to change after they entered the apartment while Ning Xi turned on her laptop to check for the latest update on the incident with Hu Hongda.

Hu Hongda’s latest post on Weibo was three hours ago, which was just a while after she had left the restaurant with Lu Tingxiao. He had announced organizing a press conference.

How efficient! He was probably terrified of the devil…

There were live feeds of the press conference online, it topped the headlines as the hottest topic going around.

Ning Xi clicked on the video to play it.

Reporter: "CEO Hu, is your Weibo posting true?"

Hu Hongda: "Yes."

Reporter: "Then, why did you clarify after that?"

Hu Hongda: "Because I don’t want to lie to my wife anymore, and I don’t want to involve any innocent people! I’m really sorry for what I’ve done. I apologize to everyone."

Of course, he dared not tell everyone that Lu Tingxiao had threatened him, so he found himself a more self-glorifying excuse...

Unfortunately for him, this time, the public was not as forgiving.

The number of shares of his Weibo post was rapidly rising and the comments section went crazy as well.

[Wow! What’s going on now? Ning Xi isn’t the mistress? It’s Fang Ya now? So, Hu Hongda framed Ning Xi to protect Fang Ya? How despicable!]

[I’m so confused! The plot twist happened all too quickly!]

[Ning Xi is innocent! She was blamed for doing nothing! He’s going to just give her an apology? That's it? Ridiculous!]

[Stop that "I don’t want to lie anymore" crap. He was probably forced to clarify after someone found out!]

[This man is the worst! Goddess Fangfang must never forgive him again! Not that he deserved forgiveness the last time!]

[I think Fang Ya is the worst culprit here.She’s probably the one who gave him the idea! I heard that she was always against Ning Xi. How evil of her!]

[I felt sorry for Ning Xi. Just because she's pretty, she’s always bring labeled as people’s mistress!]

Ning Xi had a bitter smile on her face. Was this incident a blessing in disguise? People would not believe in any rumors about her that easily next time…

At the same time, just below Ning Xi, in Ning Xueluo’s apartment.

"Xueluo...save me...please save me…" Fang Ya could only plead repeatedly.

On Ning Xueluo’s computer was the live feed of Hu Hongda’s press conference playing. Xueluo's face twitches with irate anger, she was close to exploding!

How was this possible?! How?!

Ning Xi was on the verge of being destroyed! How did this happen?

"Xiao Ya, what have you done? Why is Hu Hongda suddenly doing this? This doesn’t make any sense!" Ning Xueluo demanded angrily.

"I don’t know! I really don’t know! I followed what you said. I sent Ming Fangfang a message, then I just waited at home! I thought they would finally get a divorce, but I suddenly saw his post on Weibo. He betrayed me! Then, Ling Zhizhi revealed the affair between us online! I tried to call him but I haven't been getting through!"