Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 724: I’m Telling Ning Xi You Like Her

Chapter 724: I’m Telling Ning Xi You Like Her

Chapter 724: I’m Telling Ning Xi You Like Her

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Jiang Muye, who had just woken up, frowned at Ling Zhizhi standing beside his bed. "Why...are you here? I was wondering who was it that woke me up this way…"

Jiang Muye was once the hottest star in the industry. His strongest rival was Shen Xiaobai and they were often compared to each other. The last thing he wanted to hear was someone saying that Shen Xiaobai looked better than him. Even the slightest whisper of such a thing would wake him up from his dreams. Despite Shen Xiaobai retiring, he was still paranoid.

"Bro Ming has been looking for you since yesterday morning. It’s roughly an hour before the signing ceremony and we’re very far away from the venue. Assuming that traffic is clear today, you’ll only have about half an hour left to make it," Ling Zhizhi told him urgently.

"Oh, so what now?" Jiang Muye lay back on his bed, showing no signs of leaving.

"Bro Ming has been busy liaising for this event for the past three months. He's so worked up that he even passed out in my office just now."


Ling Zhizhi was not fazed by Jiang Muye’s annoying attitude. Had it been the old her, she would have yelled at him and cried tears of frustration already.

Suddenly, Jiang Muye’s phone rang.

"Hello, Brother Muye! Why did you leave early last night? We’re going out on the water today. Do you want to join us?" sang a girl’s voice over the phone.

Jiang Muye replied with a lazy tone, "Alright, I’ll be there in an hour!"

He then started preparing himself.

Ling Zhizhi looked at Jiang Muye, reminded of her past days…

He had been like that in the past -- selfish and arrogant, self-centered and disregarding everyone. What could have happened to make him act this way again?

Jiang Muye was about to leave, but he stopped in his tracks.

Ling Zhizhi had taken out her phone to call Ning Xi. "Hey, Ning Xi…"

Jiang Muye’s expression changed when he heard Ning Xi’s name. Without further thought, he grabbed Ling Zhizhi’s phone and ended the call. "Ling Zhizhi, what are you doing?"

Ling Zhizhi glared at him straight in the eye. "I’m asking her if Bro Ming has woken up."


"What did you think I was trying to do?"

Jiang Muye’s expression darkened and he returned her phone to her begrudgingly. "I thought you were calling her to come over! What else could I have thought?"

Ling Zhizhi remained silent and looked at him solemnly.

"What are you staring at?" Jiang Muye feeling the heebie-jeebies from her intense gaze.

"Jiang Muye, attend the signage ceremony now."

Jiang Muye laughed at her. "Getting braver now, aren’t you? You dare to order me around?"

"If not, I’ll tell Ning Xi that you like her."

"What?!" Jiang Muye’s eyes widened in aghast. "How dare you, Ling Zhizhi!"

Ling Zhizhi maintained her steady expression on him.

Jiang Muye felt like he had been tricked, so he quickly denied, "Are you dumb? Whoever said that I liked her?"

"I heard it when you were talking in your sleep."

Blood rushed to Jiang Muye's feet and he feebly stammered, "You...you’re lying, aren’t you?"

"I recorded it."

"How despicable, Ling Zhizhi!" Jiang Muye quickly grabbed her phone to destroy the incriminating evidence.

Much to his horror, Ling Zhizhi had already pressed the "send" button. Nonchalantly, she told him, "Actually, you didn’t say anything in your sleep, but I’ve recorded down our conversation and sent it to my own email. It’s futile to delete it from my phone now."

Although Jiang Muye had not explicitly mentioned his liking towards Ning Xi, his reaction had basically given him away.