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Chapter 725: My Body Looks Much Better

Chapter 725: My Body Looks Much Better

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Although Jiang Muye had not explicitly mentioned his liking towards Ning Xi, his reaction had basically given him away.

As expected, she was right. Only a woman could change a man. The change in Jiang Muye was far too drastic after he returned from overseas. There were no other possibilities.

"Ling Zhizhi...damn it!" Jiang Muye said in between clenched teeth.

Their conversation was the ultimate evidence and was much more convincing than his sleeptalk…

Ling Zhizhi quickly picked out an outfit from his wardrobe and signaled to him to get changed. She then called Ning Xi and informed her to tell Lei Ming that everything was settled after he woke up, that was.

Jiang Muye thought she was about to tell Ning Xi about his feelings, so he stripped himself almost instantly. "I’ll change now! Stop it!"

Ling Zhizhi was speechless.

Jiang Muye looked cockily at her. "How is it? My body looks much better than before, doesn't it? Too bad you resigned. Are you regretting now? Not everyone gets a chance like this…"

"If you spout any more crap, I’ll call her right now."


At Glory World Entertainment.

Ning Xi went up to the miserable Lei Ming to give him the good news after she had finished her call with Ling Zhizhi. "Bro Ming, stop being so miserable! Get up! Sis Zhizhi told me that it’s alright now! She found Jiang Muye and managed to convince him to attend the signing ceremony!"

"Really? Are you lying to me?" Lei Ming perked up, clasping his palms together.

"Why should I lie to you? Sis Zhizhi said they are already on their way to the hotel!"

"That...that’s great! I’m going to set up a mini shrine for her at home!"

Ning Xi hid an amused smirk. "Since it’s all settled now, I’ll be on my way!"


Now that Jiang Muye’s matter was finally settled, Ning Xi could not wait to see her new BMW! It was a black sporty BMW.

Ning Xi looked at the black car and fell absolutely in love with it, especially since it was a reward for her hard work.

She really could not wait to get behind the wheel! Her wound was on her thigh but it would be alright if she drove, wouldn't it?

Ning Xi could not help herself. She unlocked the car and got in, feeling a shiver of thrill run up her spine as she coaxed the engine to life.

As Ning Xi was leaving with her car, she passed by Liang Biqin and a few female artistes.

"Isn’t that Ning Xi? Is that BMW hers?" asked one of them while looking at the direction Ning Xi left.

"Seems like it. My manager said the company gave it to her!" another artiste replied, not bothering to conceal her envy and jealousy.

"What!? She’s so new and they gave her a BMW? None of her work has even gone on air yet and she only got herself a measly game endorsement. Why is she getting such special treatment?"

"Probably because she’s famous these days. I thought Ning Xi was surely going to get crushed during the Hu Hongda incident. Who knew that it would turn into a free promotion for her? And 'The World' is airing soon. Looks like her popularity rating might be soaring in the near future!"

Liang Biqin sneered, "What do you know? People who rely on scandals and beauty are the worst kind of people. They are just slightly better than those always exposing their skin! She won’t last long even if she gets popular!"

"You’re right!" everyone agreed.

"Oh, right, I heard that Noble is going to hold a conference for their new product tomorrow night! Anyone received the invitation?"