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Chapter 727: My Son

Chapter 727: My Son

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At a restaurant.

"Hey, lady boss!" called out a man while waving at her.

The man still had his short brown hair as he put one hand in his pocket and he was wearing...a security uniform…

Ning Xi almost choked on the water she was drinking when she saw Tang Lang’s outfit.

"How excited are you to see me?" teased the man, cozying himself into the seat opposite her.

"Second Senior Brother, are you really working as a security guard at Lu Tingxiao’s office?" Although she had already known about it, it was still a surprise to see him wearing a security uniform in person.

"Yes! Why? Didn’t I tell you through the phone? Because of you, Boss personally gave me half the day off!" Tang Lang unconsciously touched his waist. Of course, it was not a gun; it was an electric baton.

"Uh...Second Senior Brother, what’s up with you? Did you hit your head during the fight with First Senior Brother?"

Tang Lang looked at her, his grave eyes free of worldly desires. "Commoners like you will never understand the feeling of wanting to become a commoner!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

"Oh, Little Junior Sister, I’ve been meaning to ask you. What’s your relationship...with Lu Tingxiao? Is it a one-night stand? A multiple-night stand? Or are you his mistress?" Tang Lang asked with great interest.

One-night stand? Multiple-night stand? He might as well say that they were friends with benefits!

Ning Xi was annoyed. "Nonsense, we’re in an actual, normal relationship!"

"Oh my! Are you serious?" Tang Lang was surprised. "No wonder someone’s been going crazy recently…"

"Someone? Who are you talking about?" Ning Xi faltered.

"No one." Tang Lang brushed the topic aside and questioned, "How long have you both been together?"

Ning Xi counted on her fingers. "Uhm...it’s been three days, including today."

"Then, you guys started your relationship in D.C?" Tang Lang was even more astonished.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "That’s right. Haven’t you heard that trials and challenges will reveal true love?"

Tang Lang was speechless this time. If that certain someone knew that he had become her best support this round, that certain someone was going to be so frustrated…

Ning Xi drummed her fingers on the table impatiently. "It’s my turn to ask you questions now!"

"What do you want to know?" Tang Lang raised his eyebrows.

"Why are you suddenly working for Lu Tingxiao?"

"Everyone wants their needs to be fulfilled."

Ning Xi thought about it. It seemed like Second Senior Brother needed Lu Tingxiao’s help and they both had agreed to some terms.

Ning Xi did not ask about the specifics of their deal. Sometimes, it was better knowing less.

Then, she straightforwardly announced, "Actually, I’m here on business today. Second Senior Brother, are you interested in a part-time job?"

Tang Lang’s eyes shone with excitement. "Oh, a part-time job? I’m interested! I’m short on cash now! Tang Ye closed all my old accounts! How ruthless of him!"

Ning Xi exclaimed, "He’s already being very kind for not killing you!"

"Tell me, what part-time job is it? Actually, no matter what it is, I’ll do it as long as I get paid!"

"Don’t agree so soon. I want you to teach a five-year-old boy kung fu. You have to seriously and genuinely teach him what you've got."

Tang Lang brushed his bangs. "A five-year-old kid? That's quite difficult, isn’t it? Whose kid is this? Important enough to have to ask me personally!"

Ning Xi sipped her tea and simply said, "My son."