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Chapter 728: Lu Tingxiao Has Such Weird Taste

Chapter 728: Lu Tingxiao Has Such Weird Taste

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"When did you give birth to a child? And he’s five now?! The most illogical thing is...can you even bear a child?" Tang Lang was shocked.

Ning Xi had changed into a male outfit after she got back to avoid him overreacting from seeing her in a girl’s outfit. But even if she was wearing a man’s outfit, she was still a woman biologically…

"I’m a woman, alright? Why can’t I bear a child?!" Ning Xi erupted.

"Is he...really your son?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him and huffed, "Lu Tingxiao’s son is my son, okay?"

Tang Lang clacked, "I thought it was really your kid! Speaking of which, aren’t you treating his son a bit too well?"

"Mind your own business! Are you taking this job or not?"

"Yes, as long as it pays, I’ll do anything!"

"It’s decided then. You’ll teach on the weekend because he has to go school on weekdays. There will be a three months probation period. I’ll fire you if you’re not doing a good job," Ning Xi said seriously.

"Tsk tsk…" Tang Lang shook his head.

"What is it?"

"You’ve changed after you become someone’s woman! My dear Little Junior Sister is never coming back again!"

"If even you can become a security guard, anything is possible!"

After chatting for some time, Ning Xi suddenly remembered an important question to ask.

"Second Senior Brother, does Lu Tingxiao know about my past? And my relationship to you?"

Tang Lang sipped his tea and answered,"Probably!"

Ning Xi sighed in relief after she heard his reply. Actually, Lu Tingxiao had already seen what happened at the arsenal in Philadelphia, so it did not really matter if he knew or not.

As Ning Xi was thinking to herself, Tang Lang spoke up, "Aside from that certain someone, I didn’t expect Lu Tingxiao to have such weird taste in women!"

Ning Xi narrowed her eyes at him. "Hey! What do you mean? How am I weird?"

"Isn’t liking you weird enough?"

Fine, it was weird…

At Regal Riveria Hotel.

As she reached home, Ning Xi saw a man with sunglasses and a face mask squatting in front of her apartment.

"Blondie? Why are you here?"

"Where have you been? I’m almost frozen to death. Quickly open the door!" Jiang Muye urged.

It really was him…

Ning Xi took her keys out and opened the door, then she poured him a glass of hot water. "Did you just come from the signing ceremony?"

"Mmm," Jiang Muye mumbled.

"Why are you suddenly here? I thought you’re never talking to me anymore!" Ning Xi raised her eyebrows teasingly.

Jiang Muye fumed, "You yourself said that you’ll never settle down for any man!"

"Ah, love just came like a hurricane!"

Jiang Muye suppressed his urge to punch her as he took a deep breath. "I’m here to tell you that...if Ling Zhizhi were to tell you anything about me...do not believe her!"

"What is she going to tell me?"

"No matter what she says, just don’t believe her!" Jiang Muye huffed impatiently, putting his face mask back on. "I’m leaving!"

"Ugh…" Ning Xi was speechless. He came all the way here just to tell her something mysterious...