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Chapter 729: Finally Meet Again

Chapter 729: Finally Meet Again

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The night after, at Imperial Knight Hotel.

One of the world's top luxury brands, Noble, was about to start their product launch and would be announcing their official presence in China's market.

Among those attending the event was the new mysterious female protagonist in their adverts, the current top perfumer in the industry, Glynn Krista, and the director who had directed "Red and Black" and "Wind", Noble’s art director, Cook Brian. Local famous perfumer, Bai Qiangwei as well as hot celebrities from the entertainment industry, Su Yimo and Song Lin were also seen posing for the cameras. Many big shots were out and about that night for Noble.

Su Yimo matched the theme of the day and wore a dress with a Garden of Eden sort of vibe. It had flowery patterns all over it, making her look mysterious and elegant.

"Sis Yimo, you look really beautiful today!"

"Nonsense, Yimo is beautiful everyday!"

"It’s all thanks to Sis Yimo that we get to be here today!"

A few artistes were fawning all over Yimo.

"You’re welcome. We’re all colleagues," Su Yimo replied graciously.

As they were chatting, someone asked, "Oh, do you guys know who’s the ambassador for Noble’s new product? They’ve been really secretive about it. No one in the industry knows who it is. How mysterious!"

"What’s so secretive about it? Isn’t it Li Yueling?" Liang Biqin acted as if she knew all about it already.

"Li Yueling? Why is it someone from Starlight? Didn’t anyone from Glory World audition? Sis Yimo is bound by some other contract, so why didn’t you try it out, Biqin?"

Liang Biqin only managed an awkward, forced smile. She had gone for the audition but was rejected in the initial round.

The person realized that she had said something wrong, so she followed up, "Ah, you must have been busy with your movie at that time. It’s unfortunate that you had no time!"

Liang Biqin’s expression softened. "Mmm, I was too busy at the time, so I didn’t enter the auditions." Secretly, she was relieved that Noble’s audition process was classified, so no one knew if she had even entered it or not…

As they were talking to each other, they saw two familiar people enter.

"Isn’t that Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi? Why are they here?"

"That’s obvious! Ling Zhizhi couldn’t stand Ning Xi having such bad taste, so she brought her here to teach her what’s classy!"

"Ah! It’s Director Cook!" Their attention shifted to Noble’s art director, Cook, who had suddenly appeared.

"He’s looking in our direction! He’s coming over!"

Liang Biqin was excited as well but she acted calmly. "Stop making a fuss out of it. My cousin is on good terms with Director Cook!"

Su Yimo stood up and greeted him, "It’s been some time, Mr. Cook."

Cook shook her hands, smiling. "We meet again, Ms. Su! Thank you for you and your friends’ support!"

"You’re welcome!"

The artistes around her looked envious seeing how close Su Yimo was with Director Cook. Liang Biqin was feeling proud of her cousin.

"I’m a little busy today, we’ll talk again soon."

Cook looked around anxiously and after a few exchanges of pleasantries, he excused himself from Su Yimo…

"Hey! My dear Xi! We finally meet again!"