Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 745: Stop Mocking Us Single People

Chapter 745: Stop Mocking Us Single People

Chapter 745: Stop Mocking Us Single People

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After they heard the confirmation from Lu Tingxiao, everyone was surprised.

That was really Lu Tingxiao’s girlfriend! This man who sought no worldly desire...they had been discussing what kind of woman would be able to steal his heart.

A gentle one or a gorgeous one?

A generous one or a romantic one?

Or maybe a strong businesswoman similar to himself?

They had thought of countless possibilities but they did not expect...Lu Tingxiao to fall in love with a little bunny!

This fluffy cute little thing just stuck right beside Lu Tingxiao. They totally did not make a fitting match at all! But upon closer inspection, they noticed that when the girl was beside Lu Tingxiao, his cold aura was much warmer. When he looked at the girl, it was as if spring had arrived…

What a miracle!

"I actually lived long enough to see the woman who got her hands on Lu Tingxiao! This lady...is pretty unique!"

"You’re right, I really can’t believe that Lu Tingxiao likes this type!"

"This is so frustrating! I thought Lu Tingxiao would like someone who’s on the same channel with him or at least someone who’s mature. I’ve always tried to act cool in front of him! And...and...he likes some weak little bunny! This doesn’t make sense!"

"What is Lu Tingxiao thinking? They don’t look good together at all! It’s obvious that she only knows how to act cute!"

"Nonsense! Lu Tingxiao is not a normal man!"

Ignoring the discussions, Mo Lingtian went up to the both of them with a stormy expression. "Damn it! I thought you said that you weren’t coming!"

"This was an accident."

Mo Lingtian’s mouth twitched again. What a coincidence! Fate brought them together.

"I’ve always thought that no matter who betrays me, you'd be the last to do so! Lu Tingxiao, you've really disappointed me!" Mo Lingtian said in a hurt tone.

Ning Xi was speechless. Was he cursing Lu Tingxiao to be single forever? But for Lu Tingxiao to be the first among them to have a girlfriend must be really shocking to them…

"Since you’re here already, let’s have fun together!" Mo Lingtian invited gleefully.

Guan Ziyao went along as well. "It’s been some time since we rode. Want to race?"

"Yes, take up the challenge!" Mo Lingtian encouraged him.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at the girl in his arms. "You guys have fun. She can’t ride alone."

Mo Lingtian was annoyed. "You'd better stop mocking us single people now…"

Guan Ziyao’s expression froze and she glared at the ignorant Ning Xi.

Ning Xi was crying inside. How could she not ride alone?! The devil was just worried that she would go wild and he was going to supervise her personally!