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Chapter 746: Not A Simple Little Bunny

Chapter 746: Not A Simple Little Bunny

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After Lu Tingxiao greeted his friends, he brought Ning Xi to select a horse of her choice. The owner was surprised that Lu Tingxiao would bring his girlfriend over. He quickly led them to the few superior horses he had.

"Mr. Lu, what do you think of this one? A purebred just imported from the British Royal Horse Barn!" the owner introduced his favorites to them passionately.

Wow! So cool!

Ning Xi’s eyes were glued to the midnight black dark horse.

Purebred horses from the United Kingdom were well known for their speed in short to medium length races. One of the horses in the stable was internationally recognized for its speed. The one introduced by the owner was the best of the best, nearly at competition level and even better than the one Guan Ziyao had selected.

Lu Tingxiao stayed silent while looking around. The owner asked Ning Xi, "Do you like it, Ms. Ning?"

Ning Xi nodded in enthusiasm. "Yes, yes! Lu Tingxiao, let’s get this one!"

It must feel great riding it! She could not wait anymore!

In the end, Lu Tingxiao set his eyes on a brown horse. "Get that horse over here."

"Uh...that one…? Mr. Lu, are you sure?" The owner looked uncertainly at the brown horse which was much shorter than others.

The owner brought it over. Lu Tingxiao patted its head as the horse gently rubbed his hand.

Lu Tingxiao nodded confidently. "We’ll take this one."

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. "Lu Tingxiao, isn’t this an American pony?"

Lu Tingxiao glanced at her and shrugged. "Why? What’s wrong?"

Ning Xi was on the verge of crying. Of course, there would be a problem! American ponies were exclusively for children!

Somewhere nearby, Guan Ziyao and Mo Lingtian were racing and as they saw Lu Tingxiao leading a little pony, Mo Lingtian accidentally fell off from his horse.

"Hahahaha...Lu Tingxiao! What horse did you pick!? This is too hilarious!"

Mo Lingtian had to stop the competition, holding one hand up as he just lay on the ground, laughing non-stop.

Guan Ziyao stopped and turned around on her tall purebred.

Looking at Mo Lingtian’s mocking and Guan Ziyao’s tall horse, she lowered her gaze to her short pony and almost cried. This was too much!

Lu Tingxiao’s heart softened when he saw the girl’s upset face and he pinched the area between his eyebrows. He went up to her and held her hand, walking towards Mo Lingtian's cool, dark purebred.

After he helped Ning Xi up, Lu Tingxiao joined her, hugging her from behind. "Happy now?"

Her wish granted, Ning Xi patted the horse’s head. She was cheered up a lot and she turned around to kiss Lu Tingxiao.

Guan Ziyao did not look very happy seeing both of them acting this way.

Mo Lingtian was practically blinded by their public display of affection "Darn it, I have never expected Lu Tingxiao would act like this with a girl!"

Guan Ziyao said coldly, "She isn’t worthy of Lu Tingxiao."

Mo Lingtian coughed lightly. "While that might be true, love isn’t about being worthy or not…is it?"

Although he had only met her a few times, he knew that she was not just a simple little bunny!