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Chapter 747: You’re Pampering Her Too Much

Chapter 747: You’re Pampering Her Too Much

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"Keep going!" Guan Ziyao whipped the backside of Mo Lingtian’s horse.

After a lap, Guan Ziyao won by reaching the finishing line first.

Mo Lingtian looked dejected. "Hey, can’t you cut me some slack?"

Lu Xinyan welcomed her, looking at Guan Ziyao admirably. "Sis Ziyao, you’re amazing! How do you know so many things and how do you do better than most people? Even better than the men! The only extraordinary person I know aside from my cousin is you!"

Lu Xinyan then glanced distastefully at Ning Xi who was in Lu Tingxiao’s arms. She wrinkled her nose, comparing the scene in front of her to a high-grade cabbage being hogged by a pig. "You should be the perfect partner for my cousin! I wonder if he’s blind! I never thought he’d be as shallow as the other men! How could he be tricked by a woman like this?"

Guan Ziyao stayed silent after she heard Lu Xinyan’s words, her expression turning frosty. The people around started whispering, apparently agreeing with Lu Xinyan’s words. Lu Xinyan was Lu Tingxiao’s cousin, so she could say all she wanted, but the others could only agree in silence without voicing their opinions.

The woman that Lu Tingxiao liked was terribly disappointing…

If he were to select a woman that was worthy of him, the woman would definitely be Guan Ziyao.

Guan Ziyao was childhood friends with Lu Tingxiao and Mo Lingtian. They had grown up together and their family were friends with each other. She was someone of Lu Tingxiao’s calibre and many young talented men were fond of her.

However, she was only friendly towards Lu Tingxiao and Mo Lingtian. Her personality matched with that of Lu Tingxiao’s; they were the proud perfectionists of their league.

When everyone thought she was going to be together with Lu Tingxiao, the unexpected had happened. Her family business had a change in direction, leading to them all migrating overseas seven years ago. After impressing everyone with her abilities and beauty, she just vanished.

Over these years, the Guan family’s business got bigger and better and it was not unusual to hear about the legend of Guan Ziyao. With a Masters degree in Business and Administration at such a young age, her abilities were on par with Lu Tingxiao's.

Due to her parents' old age and them pining for their home, they decided to move back, so naturally, Guan Ziyao followed.

Everyone thought that with Guan Ziyao’s return, Lu Tingxiao would be together with her soon.

Both of them were single and were at the ripe age of marriage. Not to mention, their personalities matched and they looked good together.

Some people even thought that Lu Tingxiao had stayed single just to wait for Guan Ziyao’s return…

Who would have expected this plot twist? A little bunn had snatched Lu Tingxiao away!

Everyone’s jaws dropped! Their relationship was such a sudden joke!

What was more surprising was that according to Mo Lingtian, she seemed to be a small celebrity!

After they were done riding, Lu Tingxiao helped Ning Xi get down. He did not let her walk. Instead, he held her in his arms until they reached the resting area to avoid her from falling when walking in the soft snow.

"Why can’t you let her walk? You’re pampering her too much!" Lu Xinyan complained.

Lu Tingxiao carefully put Ning Xi on a chair, then poured a glass of hot milk and blew over it to cool it down slightly before extending it to her. "Be careful, it’s hot."

Lu Xinyan’s expression darkened.