Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 761: Would You Get Together With Her?

Chapter 761: Would You Get Together With Her?

Chapter 761: Would You Get Together With Her?

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Late at night, at Platinum Palace.

After Lu Tingxiao sent Ning Xi back to her apartment, he received Mo Lingtian's call the moment he reached home.

You could hear from his voice that he had been drinking a lot. He was even slurring his words and yelling for him to have drinks over at his house. Halfway through, a loud "bam" sound could be heard. It was silent after that; it seemed like he had fallen down.

Lu Tingxiao frowned. He had no choice but to pick up his car keys and drive over to Mo Lingtian's place.

Alas, the moment he reached Mo Lingtian's door, he saw the man sprawled out in the snow at his front door...

If he had not gone over, he would probably have laid there for the entire night.

Lu Tingxiao pinched his forehead and carried the guy.

Just as Mo Lingtian was lifted up, that mouth of his which reeked of alcohol leaned close to Lu Tingxiao's body. "Ziyao...Ziyao..."

Before Mo Lingtian could kiss him, Lu Tingxiao quickly said, "Do you want to die?"

When he heard the ruthless voice threaten him, Mo Lingtian instantly regained consciousness. "Jesus! Why is it you?!"

Then, he looked unhappy as he mumbled, "It's just a kiss. Do you have to look so undignified? I'm not a woman..."

Lu Tingxiao loosened his collar and looked impatient as he helped him into the house.

Mo Lingtian flopped onto the sofa like a dead fish, his eyes staring listlessly at the chandelier above him. "Lu Tingxiao, you know, I like Ziyao..."

Lu Tingxiao looked at him, not saying anything.

"Hah, this is just nonsense...that year, I retired from the military early for her, afraid that when I was not around, she would be snatched away by you. Sadly, the truth is, even if I never left her side for a second, even if I chased her all the way abroad, she still wouldn't be mine..."

That year when Guan Ziyao had gone abroad with her family, he had immediately organized a transfer and had stayed for three whole years overseas. He only returned when his family forced him to and throughout that period, he had frequently visited her overseas, never stopping keeping in contact with her.

She had finally returned to the country now, and yet, what he got was thorough despair.

Mo Lingtian rambled on for a long while, then he finally looked to Lu Tingxiao and asked, "Have you ever liked Ziyao? If there wasn't the little bunny, would you ever get together with her?"

Mo Lingtian's expression revealed his nervousness.

"I wouldn't." Lu Tingxiao did not seem to hesitate at all.

Mo Lingtian balled his hand into a fist. "Really? You dare say that you've never liked Ziyao? The both of you are so compatible in every aspect!"

"Before I met her, I have never liked anyone."

As for her feelings towards Guan Ziyao and his feelings towards Mo Lingtian, there was no difference at all.

"You bastard, you're really cruel..."

Ziyao's attention was still on him, so he had treated him as his biggest rival, yet this guy was always an outsider...

However, Lu Tingxiao's attitude had sparked a hope within him.

Just as Mo Lingtian was in a trance, Lu Tingxiao took out a black palm-sized leather notebook and threw it to him. Then, he turned around and left.

"What's this?" Mo Lingtian picked up the book and flipped it open to look.

In the next second, his eyes had widened and he held that book like he was holding the Bible...

Inside was full of Lu Tingxiao's familiarly scrawled handwriting.

And the content was filled with pinpoints of the huge mistakes Mo Lingtian had done all these years in his journey to go after Guan Ziyao.

Damn it, this bastard had never hinted. When did he come up with this?"

Of course, he didn’t think that this dude was just doing it for their brotherhood...

He had even defeated the little bunny's romantic rivals himself...

This was too savage...

"Damn it! You punk, why didn't you give me tips earlier??!!" Inside the bungalow, Mo Lingtian could be heard shouting at the top of his lungs...