Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 766: I Would Even Wear A Gunny Sack

Chapter 766: I Would Even Wear A Gunny Sack

Chapter 766: I Would Even Wear A Gunny Sack

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She was sitting in her car when she spotted a man and a woman arguing not too far away.

The woman was very tall. She had short hair with a sharp cut and she wore wide-legged pants with a large coat. She had phoenix eyes, a tall nose, defined facial features, and an extremely good figure. It was the person she had been waiting for, Qin Shengyue.

As for the handsome man donning a grey tuxedo opposite her, it looked a bit like her husband...

The two of them were yelling very loudly, so Ning Xi could hear everything clearly from inside her car.

"Yan Junhao! God damn it, are you crazy?! You want to divorce me for a prostitute?!" Qin Shengyue glared at the man across her in disbelief.

The man looked horrified. "Shengyue, I have told you many times. Xiao Rou is not a prostitute, she's a very nice and clean girl, so please stop insulting her!"

"You're saying that I can't even compare to a girl who busks in a bar? Why? I need to know the reason! Give me a reason!"

"Shengyue, without me, you can continue your comfortable life...but she's not the same...she only has me...she needs me more than you do!"

"Hah! This is too funny, you're telling me that because I'm too strong and can care for myself, so I deserve to be ditched?"


Inside the car, Ning Xi was tongue-tied. Indeed, in this case, the late bird gets the worm!

Who knew that she would unexpectedly learn such a huge piece of gossip? No wonder Qin Shengyue did not want to meet anyone. She had marriage issues!

This...could be a very good breakthrough...

The two fought for a while before separating unhappily. The man closed the car door and drove off without looking back.

Qin Shengyue who had still been arrogantly scolding the man instantly slumped onto the floor after he left. She looked vulnerable and wailed to herself. Long gone was the vigor from before.

Ning Xi quietly got down the car and walked to Qin Shengyue. "Um, I'm so sorry, Miss Qing. I have to disturb you for a bit...I'm from Spirit Studio..."

"Get lost!" Qin Shengyue immediately scolded. Obviously, she did not want to be disturbed.

Ning Xi skipped the bullshit and immediately said, "Miss Qing, if I can help you get your husband to change his mind, could you wear our studio's apparel in the upcoming fashion week?"

Qin Shengyue laughed bitterly. "Hah! You can make my husband change his mind? If you can...don't talk about clothes...even if you want me to wear a gunny sack, I would..."

"Miss Qing, I'm serious. As long as you let me know the concrete situation of that woman and the details of how she knows your husband, give me three days and I can guarantee that your husband will be crying his way back to you while hitting his mouth to beg for your forgiveness!"

Qin Shengyue was in the pits at that moment. She did not want to hear any more crap from this woman who had randomly appeared. However, after scolding her earlier, she changed her mind based on Ning Xi's words...

Let Yan Junhao cry his way back to her while hitting his mouth and begging for her forgiveness? This was something she had dreamed of!

But, pfft, this was impossible...impossible...

Ning Xi watched as Qin Shengyue waver. Then, she ran off to get the pack of beer from her car boot, "I have beer, want some?"

Qin Shengyue looked at her, then got into the car.

For the beer.

Or rather, what she needed more than the beer at this moment was someone to talk to...