Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 771: Go, Pikachu!

Chapter 771: Go, Pikachu!

Chapter 771: Go, Pikachu!

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"What's wrong with me? My standards aren't high at all, alright? When I asked you the kind of person you liked back then, you even said whoever he is should be walking on rainbows!"

Lu Jingli scoffed, then suddenly thought of something and stared at her. "Right, I suddenly thought of something. Why didn't you get my brother to come hook up for you!? He would be an even more convenient option, so you wouldn't need seven days. Just a wink would be enough! You only know how to order me around!"

Ning Xi looked at him like he was an idiot and said, "Duh! Your brother is taken and I forbid it!"

"...If you torture me anymore, I won't do this!"

Ning Xi quickly pat Lu Jingli's head and said, "Oh, oh, oh, I won't torture you anymore, be good! Have you read the script I wrote for you?"

Lu Jingli was annoyed when she brought it up. "What kind of script was that? It's not even creative at all! Didn't you say it was hard to pick up this girl? Can it really work?"

"It's hard for other people! Don't you worry! She's just a girl and even a mother of several children would fall for you! Go, Pikachu!" Ning Xi chirped as she slapped Lu Jingli on the shoulder and finally pushed the rambling guy off to get the job done.

On the stage, Yang Shirou was playing the piano.

Ning Xi had given Lu Jingli a single reserved and low-key stalk of white rose to represent purity and innocence as he walked towards Yang Shirou on stage.

There was a Bluetooth handsfree piece in Lu Jingli's ear through which Ning Xi issued him instructions him from afar. "Go, I'm not asking for your charming eyes or whatnot. Just put the rose on the piano and your mission for the day will be complete!"

Ning Xi was afraid that Lu Jingli would go overboard with the acting, so she fixed her eyes on him nervously.

Thankfully, Lu Jingli's performance was not bad. When Yang Shirou had finished playing one song, he lay that rose on her piano like a gentleman and even used those charming eyes of his to affectionately grace her with a look before turning around to leave.

Ning Xi observed Yang Shirou's expressions: amazed, shocked, subtle disbelief and ecstatic joy, all while she pretended to be calm and indifferent...

It was basically all playing out within her expectations.

"Okay, done! Work's over! I'll treat you to barbecue!" At the same time, Ning Xi stood up and left the restaurant to catch up with Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli muttered unhappily, "I still think it's too simple. You did so much to mobilize a top-class god like me to help you smack a mosquito?"

Ning Xi scolded him impatiently, "Are you trying to get beaten up? Isn't it good if it's easy? You want me to order you around like cows and horses? You're still my future brother-in-law. I wouldn't throw you into the pit, so how could I torture you?"

"Even though these words are kind...but why do I feel like I'm being tortured again?"

After they left the Western restaurant, the two of them found a roadside stall to sit down at and ordered some fried chicken and beer.

"Do I really not need to be more flirtatious? Otherwise, how would she know who I am?" Lu Jingli was still muttering worriedly.

"What do you know? It's too lowly of you to announce your identity. Your entire magnanimity was put out right there. She will definitely go around to ask by herself! Tomorrow or the day after, just continue to come at this hour and every time you do, you just have to give her one white rose. On the fourth day, the time would be about right, so give her 99 roses, then reserve the entire restaurant and treat her to a meal. Obviously, the money for flowers and booking the restaurant will all be borne by me!"