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Chapter 776: An Unexpected Surprise

Chapter 776: An Unexpected Surprise

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Ning Xi looked surprised he should ask such a thing. "Of course, he's on it. Your brother is number one on the leaderboard for the man girls want to marry the most! Is this even a question?"

"Oh! This makes me so angry!"

"Hahahaha! Don't be angry now, Jiang Muye is voted as the number one guy girls want to have as booty call! Doesn't that console you a little?"

"Console, my ass!" At least, a booty call gets more than a one-night stand!

"Okay, okay. Yang Shirou is here, get ready, official business comes first!"


The restaurant door was pushed open.

After Yang Shirou entered, she was at a loss. The entire restaurant was dimly lit, and there was no one inside.

What was happening?

Could the restaurant be closed today but no one informed her?

If it wasn't open...then...she would not be able to see that guy today...

She had tried very hard to tell herself to calm down, that even if he really took a liking to her, a man like Lu Jingli was probably only just doing this on a whim.

However, deep in her heart was filled with silly temptation and a wild longing; she had still been touched by his actions...

Even though she was from a poor family, she was born with a naturally good figure and pretty looks. Just with these, she had many men chasing after her. Of course, she would not be interested in just any common man. At last, she finally found a good opportunity and had caught Yan Jun has, a big fish, one that could help her get rid of her past and enter his world.

Besides, it was not only his family background she was keen on. He was also handsome and treated her like a princess, fulfilling all of her wishes.

So, she was determined that even if she had to die, she had to hold on to this opportunity.

As for his wife, wait till she officially got married to him, then who would remember how she got together with him?

However, after the white roses appeared, the greed and lust that Yang Shirou had suppressed deep in her heart had been awokened.

A human's heart was filled with the most insatiable greed...

Yan Junhao was very nice, but she suddenly realized that there was someone better than him! She actually was worth more with her natural beauty...

Once Pandora's box had been opened, she could not close it. This thought could not be taken back, and it had become even more hungry with the second and third white roses...

Thus, even if she knew the danger behind it, her greed could not help but grow...

The restaurant's unanticipated closure made Yang Shirou frown. She had fallen to the bottom of the pit at the peak of her anticipation and anyone could she was very disappointed.

She was about to call the supervisor to ask but just as she took out her phone, the dark restaurant had suddenly lit up and the super luxurious chandelier that was usually reserved for special occasions had been lit too.

In the next second, she saw that under that bedazzling chandelier was a man. He wore a black tuxedo with a dark red tie, and from his left chest pocket hung a vintage pocket watch. On the inside, he wore a brown English vest and white shirt. With a big bouquet of white roses in his hands, he looked like a character who had walked right out of a painting.

Predictably, Yang Shirou was entirely stunned, unable to believe her eyes.

The piano she had played every day was already being played someone else, and there was even a professional orchestra beside it, playing a romantic, soothing tune.

On the only table that had been lit by a candle, were fresh flowers and exquisite dishes.