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Chapter 849: Shi Tianhao Returns!

Chapter 849: Shi Tianhao Returns!
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The Great Void Sect Elders on the other side were not feeling very pleased now.

Besides the Tai Yi Holy Man and the Zheng Yi Holy Man, the rest of them creased their brows. Even Lin Daohan raised his brows, "Is Lin Feng so strong?"

There were seven of them here now. As they combined, they attempted to take control of the Spirit Sea.

Although things were less favorable on the other side, the other party did not give up, which was beyond the expectations of the bunch of them.

"I don’t think it’s Lin Feng, but the Hades Tribe." The Tai Yi Holy Man shut his eyes and remained calm, "Although the Hades Tribe suffered greatly like us during the war in the past, they continue to remain very powerful."

The Yu Yuan Holy Woman face turned pale, "Lin Feng is colluding with the Hades Tribe?"

Cai Fengzhou shook his head, "From his normal style, I don’t think he will collude with them. Either he is using them to stall us, or he is being used by them."

The Zheng Yi Holy Man said softly, "I can sense that there are a lot of them. But their powers seemed to be divided. However, even so, they are not weak. It’s as if they are not giving their all, but that can’t be the case. The only possibility is that…"

"The only possibility is that the Hades Tribe did not enter the Spirit Sea. Maybe it’s an arrangement by the Hades Emperor or some ploy employed by Lin Feng, which has allowed their powers to be guided into the Spirit Sea." The Tai Yi Holy Man followed by saying, "This also explains why they are in a less favorable position. That’s because they are not in the Spirit Sea."

"Otherwise, the powers of the entire Hades Tribe should be comparable to us, especially since they have been nurturing their powers in secret for quite some time."

Lin Daohan said, "Since we are unable to find Lin Feng’s position, we should remain cautious and maintain our current pace. After all, we are still the ones with the upper hand. We shall proceed with this cautiously and hope to settle things quickly, not giving them any chance."

The Tai Yi Holy Man and the Zheng Yi Holy Man nodded their heads. The other Great Void Sect Elders did not say anything else and continued to summon the Great Tao in the Spirit Sea.

At the boundary between the ocean and the world of the Spirit Sea, Lin Feng was watching everything that was going on, as both parties competed intensely.

His actual body and Thunder Dragon Avatar continued to cultivate. Suddenly, the Avatar of Ares sat on his knees before lifting his head to look at the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl that was swallowing spiritual energy. He started to smile wider and wider.

And right now, in the Void Battleground, there was a huge formation pattern that was flashing with a bright radiance.

Within the formation, a purple light flashed and countless bolts of lightning were developing. These bolts of lightning were extremely colorful – red, yellow, green, blue, white, black…. all sorts of colors were around. This caused the entire void space to be filled with colors.

Suddenly, a tall and huge youth walked out from void space.

This youth was decked in purple and his robe was covered with a golden fur coat. He was extremely huge, but his body was proportionate. At the same time, he was charming too and his body exuded a frightening, explosive strength.

He looked very energetic, but his age was not very obvious from his appearance. He looked like a teenager, but also seemed like a 20-30 years old adult too.

He appeared to be very special, as his long black hair swayed behind his back.

As this youth advanced forward, his body flashed with a green light that contained a hint of golden hue. Under his skin, there seemed to be a lightning storm rumbling.

He was bursting with energy and the warm aura around him consolidated to form a halo around his body. Within this halo, there was a huge demonic beast inside.

The lower half of the beast was like a fish and was entirely black. The size of the lower half of its body was so huge that it reached almost thousands of miles in length.

Whereas the upper half of the beast was covered in green feather and the beast had a golden beak. On the top of its head, there was a white plume. As its wings flapped open, they covered thousands of miles.

Kun Peng!

Although the size of the halo did not seem huge, the layers and layers of space that were stacked extended, revealing the huge body size of the Kun Peng.

The youth advanced forward in void space and was not bothered by the lightning that flashed. As the lightning struck his body, they created sparks, as if they were electric snakes slithering on his kin.

But this youth did not seem to feel anything and only laughed slightly, "Formation set by an Immortal Soul First Level cultivator? Unless it’s the Chaos Cave Saint-Slaying Thunderbolt or the Great Way of the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, I am unafraid. These bolts of lightning now are useless against me."

"I am most unafraid of lightning spells."

As he spoke, the void space above his head cracked open and revealed a chaos hole cauldron. Inside that cauldron, formless windstorms surged and space shook.

A huge, ferocious beast also appeared in this cauldron. Its structure was like a yellow capsule and it was red like fire. It had six legs and four wings but lacked a face.

One of the Four Immemorial Fearsome Beasts, Hundun!

As the Hundun appeared, a bone-crushing force surged.

The youth was in the Void Battleground, the place in the Grand Celestial World with the most distorted space. As the powers of the Hundun were summoned in this plane of space, void space became even more distorted. Space broke down before gathering again. This process kept on repeating!

The tremendous force swept the bolts of lightning that surged.

In void space, the expression of a cultivator in black robe turned pale, "There have been rumors that he managed to injure a Demonic Saint with the original true spirit. It seems like the rumors are real."

"Fortunately, I have passed news to King Taishan. I shall retreat first and wait for King Taishan and the rest to reach."

The Hall of the Dead often remained hidden in the Netherworld Emperor’s World. As they entered and exited the world, they had to pass through the Void Battleground. They were probably the power with the deepest understanding of the Void Battleground in the Grand Celestial World.

In this plane of space, even two Immortal Soul Stage cultivators will find it difficult to communicate with one another if they were too far apart. But after exploring for many years, the Hall of the Dead managed to discover some tricks to do so.

"Naturally supreme, innately talented. Shi Tianhao, you are indeed as powerful as everyone claims you to be!"

The youth was Shi Tianhao, the youngest male disciple of Lin Feng and the youngest person in history to form the Nascent Soul!

The cultivator in black robe thought, "I have to meet up with King Taishan and the rest soon. This Void Battleground is trouble, especially with the space-time turbulence. Even though I am from the Hall of the Dead, I can’t deal with it either."

He was under the leadership of King Taishan, who was ordered by Xu Anda to search for Shi Tianhao in the Void Battleground and capture him alive.

With a special method and their familiarity with the Void Battleground, they were able to gauge Shi Tianhao’s location. But who knew that the sudden space-time turbulence separated them.

As the cultivator in black wanted to leave, Shi Tianhao laughed, "You provoked me and now you are trying to leave? It’s too late!"

As he roared, the Kun Peng figure in the halo converted into the Roc form. Following that, it seemed to become a flash of lightning, transcending void space and left behind a path formed by the intersection of lightning.

Shi Tianhao was so quick that he appeared in front of the cultivator as he was just about to leave!

"You tried to use the lightning spells just now to penetrate my flesh and attack my soul? The spells seem to be from the Hall of the Dead." Shi Tianhao stared at the cultivator, "I am finding all of you!"

A light projection flashed above his head and a huge human figure appeared. It stood straight and had four heads and eight limbs. From head to toe of this huge figure, there were squalls and lightning revolving around it.

The eight images of Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain and Pond converted into eight limbs, shaking the entire void space.

Out of the four heads, the first one wore a blurry look, as if layers and layers of space had been stacked together. As the second face opened and closed its eyes slowly, boundless time seemed to have passed. The third face screamed into the sky with a brutal strength.

The last face seemed very normal and had no expression on its face. Staring at it would only give one the feeling of desolation.

Above each of the four heads, there was a chaos hole cauldron. In three of them, the projection of Taotie, Hundun and Tao Wu flashed. The last one was empty, but an aura of completion was exuded from it. The cultivation of the blood essence of the Qiong Qi was ongoing and it just needed some time before it finished.

Pre-Cosmic Form! (referring to the level just before the Cosmic Form was developed)

Shi Tianhao advanced forward and his Cosmic Form did the same thing.

The expression of the cultivator changed. He wanted to escape, but he saw Shi Tianhao raising his right hand, "Uni-!"

Void space was locked in position and a period of calm ensued. The escape route of the cultivator was also intercepted, and an immense power concept suppressed him.

The cultivator groaned and balls of black gas started to surge around him. As the gas spread, streaks and streaks of grey radiance revolved within the gas. A mantra of the Hall of the Dead was unleashed to degrade Shi Tianhao’s power that suppressed space.

But following that, above Shi Tianhao’s Cosmic Form, the cauldron with the Hundun started to spurt with the powers of Hundun that destroyed void space. The powers of the Hundun combined with his "Uni" word, creating a distortion force that destroyed the black gas of the cultivator.

After that, a radiance flashed above Shi Tianhao’s head. A huge Kun Peng Pavilion appeared, which was pitch-black in color. The pavilion then smashed down.

The cultivator unleashed his Immortal Soul Avatar to block it, but he could not resist the immense weight of the pavilion. Shi Tianhao’s Cosmic Form stood above the Kun Peng Pavilion, putting even more pressure on him.

As Shi Tianhao unleashed the Kun Peng Pavilion, the Hall of the Dead cultivator was in deep trouble. After an intense battle, he was finally killed by Shi Tianhao.

"The Scramble for the Ying Sea is over? Master is missing? Yuncong has been taken by the Golden Cicada Master? Mount Yujing has revealed itself? An alliance to destroy the Celestial Sect?" After Shi Tianhao killed the cultivator, he left a streak of his battered soul for interrogation. Much unexpected news was given to him, "My…father has just been captured by another Hall of the Dead Envoy?"