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Chapter 587: A False Alarm?

Chapter 587: A False Alarm?
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The sky was already clear, but there was still a drawn-out laughter that resounded in the air and a splash of blood that landed quietly on the ground.

Obviously, it was from the man in black during his escape. This mouthful of blood that had been spat out was distinctly different from the blood drawn by weapons. It meant that while the black-robed man who appeared later was masterly, he still could not defend himself against the combined attacks of four similar leveled experts, leaving him injured!

However, this had not put him at a severe disadvantage.

In fact, the enemy only had two people, while the other party was comprised of Ling Xiaozui, Feng Xiange, Dugu Chou, and Gu Chaliang, four legendary masters. Yet, the enemy was able to attack aggressively and even managed to retreat safely!

Furthermore, they had successfully injured Yun Yang before drawing back.

Not only were their cultivation base formidable, the result of this battle was ominous beyond belief.

It was at this moment that the clouds in the sky spread out and revealed a huge gap hundreds of miles wide, laying out the inky sky and the clear moon. Such was the lingering force of six masters; they had fought in the sky but had crushed the very clouds that spanned the heavens.

Ling Xiaozui and Dugu Chou descended from the sky at the same time, their expression grim.

"Why didn't you give chase?" Feng Xiange was clearly upset.

"We wouldn't have been able to catch up." Both of them shook their heads with long faces.

Exchanging glances, both men saw the shocked expression in each other's eyes and were even more stunned.

They had not expected the Four Seasons Tower to have such excellent experts other than Mr. Nian. The cultivation base of just the two people who had appeared earlier was eerily similar to their own. If all of the Four Seasons Tower's masterly ones were to be present, what heights could the total combat power reach? To what extent?

"The Four Seasons Tower!" A fighting spirit licked about in Dugu Chou's eyes. "This trip to the martial world truly isn't woeful and lonesome now!"

Ling Xiaozui was already standing in front of Yun Yang. "Young brother, how are you?"

Yun Yang looked at his chest in confusion. Cultivating and checking upon himself, he mumbled, "Like… nothing had happened? What about the Cycle of Four Seasons Palm?"

The black shadow's hand had indeed struck his chest four separate times. The very prospect of being afflicted by the Cycle of Four Seasons Palm was even more terrifying. Yet, he truly did not feel anything.

Yun Yang was incredibly astounded.

Such a remarkable expert would never have struck him just as a light slap on the wrist. Especially with the threat he had uttered at the end, how could they just be empty words?

However, he really did not feel even the tiniest tremor, nor did he feel any pain. This was absolutely bizarre.

Ling Xiaozui was aghast when he heard Yun Yang's answer. Grabbing the latter's hand, a refined energy flowed into Yun Yang's body, probing carefully. His limbs and bones, his meridians and nerves, each part of his physical self was thoroughly inspected.

After a long, long time, Ling Xiaozui's expression grew even more confused.

Dugu Chou came to Yun Yang's side, and asked in a low voice, "The rumored Cycle of Four Seasons Palm is extremely vile. No matter the cultivation base of the unfortunate person to be afflicted by it, they will be left with four days to live. How is your situation now?"

"The crux of the Cycle of Four Seasons Palm is that it concludes the victim's life in four stages, like the condensing of four seasons to four days. The first day is spring, like a person's middle years, his meridians will still be healthy and clear. The second day simulates the vital signs as if in one's prime, the pulse tells of longevity. However, the third day will reveal the sunset at dusk, while the fourth day will see the victim aging to the brink of death. Ultimately, everything returns to zero. The winter represents death itself!"

Feng Xiange walked over as well. He was titled the Phantom Physician God of Wine, thus he had his fair share of knowledge in medicine. He observed Yun Yang's face meticulously.

Only Gu Chaliang remained indifferent, not at all anxious, as he muttered faintly, "What a waste of these good wine and dishes. It will be hard to have another banquet like this in our lifetime. Sigh."

Sighing loudly, he wandered off to look for wine pots that had not yet been shattered.

Dugu Chou's expression gradually turned puzzled.

Repeatedly examining Yun Yang, he had not found any signs that he had been struck at all. All three of them, Yun Yang, Dugu Chou, and Ling Xiaozui cast their lost gaze at Feng Xiange. After all, relative to the rest them, he was the expert in this field. Whether it was Grieving or the Cycle of Four Seasons, they did not know as much as Feng Xiange did.

Feng Xiange grabbed Yun Yang's hands, first his right, and then his left, before asking Yun Yang to take off his clothes. Finally, he looked as bewildered as the rest. His eyes were large as he mumbled, "How… how can this be? Is it truly an empty threat? That wouldn't make any sense!"

The three experts were thoroughly befuddled, confusion parading wildly on their expressions.

They had seen it clearly. The black-robed man had forcefully charged and dealt four blows on Yun Yang, despite risking being injured and while under attack. His threat afterward still echoed in their ears. These were definitely real!

The effect of the four strikes needed not be explained as they had to be utterly vicious and barely curable. The purpose was blatant as well, easy to relate.

Yun Yang was the young friend that Ling Xiaozui had acknowledged and cared for. The latter might even have owed him a huge debt of favor due to a certain fortuity of circumstances.

This was the reason such an incurable, unique, strike had been dealt to Yun Yang, as a coercion for Ling Xiaozui to hand over Gu Chaliang in exchange for a remedy. This way, Ling Xiaozui would be caught in the middle, regardless of his final decision; at the very least, there would be a tight knot formed within Gu Chaliang.

Perhaps, this mighty league would be pressured under such circumstances.

Everyone on the spot could infer as much and it was because they knew the purpose that they were even more puzzled by Yun Yang's condition! From their numerous inspections, they reached a conclusion – Yun Yang was not even hurt!

What was more, Yun Yang acknowledged such a startling conclusion!

The four of them were consequently at a loss.

It was unexplainable! Such a flagrant and risky move, an opportunity that had foregone the possibility of being taken down by the world's three top experts and being harmed, a situation that the other party had acknowledged certainty before leaving, their tactics had come to naught on Yun Yang!

Was this not the world's strangest thing?

"Perhaps our knowledge is meager… Too shallow to identify the harmful effects of the Cycle of Four Seasons Palm." Feng Xiange was confused as well, murmuring in bewilderment while furiously stroking his beard.