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Chapter 82: Wasteland Economics?

Chapter 82: Wasteland Economics?
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Loli has three benefits, light, soft, and easy to eat.

Jiang Chen didn't end up eating Yao Yao, although she was already "cooked."

He felt it was not the best idea to eat her now.

[Let her grow a bit more. At least until after she starts to develop. Or at least wait for her to be mentally prepared.]

He wiped the blood from his nose and comforted the now bewildered Yao Yao as he hastily left.

It was the first time he managed to control himself and didn't act like an animal.

When night fell, Jiang Chen came to the conference room at the community center and initiated a wireless video conference with Zhao Chenwu.

The light blue particles and lines created the full body image of Zhao Chenwu. The ruthless man smiled and extended his hand to greet him when he saw Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen also smiled and extended his hand, passing through the hologram image.

The hands, of course, didn't touch as it was a gesture passed on in the hologram conference age. Before the start of the conference, Sun Jiao already taught Jiang Chen.

As long as they sat by the table, the hologram would be passed onto the corresponding location in the other conference. Based on the consideration of the importance of real-time communication, Zhao Chenwu sold this set of equipment discounted by 50%. His strategic vision was certainly worth praising, for as it was definitely a move that could pay off in the long term.

What better way to solve the problem than face to face.

Jiang Chen never imagined there could be such a magical equipment in this world. He only saw it in some sci-fi movies before.

"Long time no see Mr. Jiang. To save time, let's get straight to the topic." Compared to modern world negotiations, the negotiations in the apocalypse were short and concise. No one considered flattering words worth. Even close alliances only cared about the individual's own interest as it directly related to their survival.

Also, it cost one crystal per minute to keep this equipment running. The crystal was not the issue, but the lesser the small talk, the better.

"Please go head." Jiang Chen signaled a please gesture.

"I want to increase the trade amount, especially fruit cans. I have a deficit of 1000 cans or more."

Zhao Chenwu waved his fingers as a data board raised onto the middle of the negotiation table that showed this need.

Canned meat needs to be increased to ten thousand, canned fruit increased to eight thousand, compressed cracker increased to an astronomical figure of one hundred thousand pieces and twenty thousand bags of instant noodles needed to be added. Based on the negotiated price, the total trade amount increased to half a million crystals!

Jiang Chen gasped for air.

Half a million. A power armor's cost was only ten thousand crystals.

"Don't mind me for being straight forward, do you have enough crystals for this deal? Or, do you have the ability to absorb this amount of supplies?"

Although the Sixth Street has a large population, there were only so many that could afford these "luxuries."

Zhao Chenwu smiled. He did not hide anything as he waved his hands and a document slid in front of Jiang Chen.

"There is nothing to hide. To respond to the recent abnormal zombie reactions, the Group of Ten council voted on a crusade proposal to eliminate two unknown bacteria sources. The plan is separated into route A and B. The group of ten all had decided to "invest" in initiating this proposal. I'll invest 31 power armors and one spider tank to join the route and acquire 21% of the profit."

"There's profit from clearing out the bacteria source?" Jiang Chen laughed.

He remembered not every zombie had crystals in the back of their heads. Even Roshan only had between 40-50 crystals.

"Yes, and there is a lot." Zhao Chenwu smiled mysteriously and called out a set of data. "The estimated profit of route A is 1.7 million crystals. The cost of ammunition is around 110 thousand, compared to the profit it is almost negligible.

1.7 million crystals?

The number made Jiang Chen jump, but the document Zhao Chenwu threw over soon made him understand the situation.

Regular mutants were unable to resist against the large-scale attacks of the survivors. The crystals on their bodies would all be collected. Also, because of the bacteria, the zombies are filled with energy. Therefore almost all of them have formed crystals, which was also why they became more ferocious.

However, under the firearm's suppression, despite how powerful the zombies were they were still zombies. The Sixth Street could gain massively from this operation! Every zombie would have atleast a single crystal. Killing one hundred thousand would be one hundred thousand crystals! Especially if it were closer to the bacteria source, then its energy would be higher for crystal formation. Based on the document, a single zombie could contain up to 20 crystals!

Including the mutants along the way, even if they encounter a Roshan, that thing is like a paper in front of a tank. Except in the city center, the Sixth Street's firepower would not encounter any dangers.

That was not the key point. Once the massive force heads out from the Sixth Street's hideout, following them would be a group of survivors or individuals. They wouldn't dare to steal kills, but under the protection of the force, it would be okay to pick up some scraps. Since they were all part of the force, it would be better for the endless amount of mutants to die as much as possible.

If they encounter something they could not defeat like the Death Claw, they will only need to hide among the forces. The Death Claw would be too scared to attack so many people, even if it did, a single cannon would solve the problem.

Once the average wealth increased, it would bolster spending. Jiang Chen knew that even if he didn't study economy.

"Also, the consumables used in this crusade will be converted into crystals, and so they will seek investments from the population of the Sixth Street. The expected return was estimated to be 15%, in which 1341 "middle class men" would be born. The higher average wealth would increase spending and stimulate the Sixth Street to increase production. The increased production would appreciate the value of crystals as an energy source! This would allow the capable survivors to approach us or even settle here."

It was an excellent blueprint. Although it did sound comical to talk about the economy on the wasteland.

Jiang Chen was at a loss for words before he abruptly opened his mouth.

"If you guys are so powerful, why didn't you attack the city center?"

"Ahem, there is nothing to gain from that. Also, the situation is quite unique in the city center. But, I guarantee you, we will only profit from this crusade!"

He looked blankly at the passionate Zhao Chenwu as a troubled smile appeared on his face.

[Is this the benefit of using energy as the currency?]

The industry's raw materials could be recycled from waste, but crystals have been the limiting factor for all survival camps.

The industrial process before the war used Hydrogen-3 as a reactor to generate power. Not to say the Hydrogen-3 facility on the moon has already been destroyed to pieces, but there was not a single functional nuclear reactor here. These things were the primary target during a war.

Therefore, the light, efficient, and "renewable" crystal became the primary source of energy and currency. As long as the industry continues to operate, there was no need worry about inflation. Hunt for crystals, purchase goods, increase production, crystal appreciation, which stimulates spending, loops back to hunting and the exploration of dangerous territories.

It was a perfect cycle.

No one wanted to waste bullets on zombies before since they didn't have crystals. Unless they were almost starving to death, not a lot of people risked their lives to hunt for that annoying mutant. However, this generation of zombies, under the influence of the unknown bacteria, formed crystals. Following a great army around the city, before coming back with a bag full of crystals for more reliable equipment would lower the risk of hunting other mutants.

Therefore even these zombies were eradicated, the newly equipped survivors would be able to hunt mutants for crystals.

It was like a spark that reignited the almost distinguished flame.

After this crusade, the Sixth Street would experience a drastic shift.

[Fu*k, Jiang Chen was jealous, but he was also cautious at the same time.]

Although there was some distance between Sixth Street and here, if its sphere of influence increases, it would be problematic. Since that place was a neutral, open door area, all the survivors would head to it for exchanges of goods.

The equipment upgrade of the survivors nearby was not good news for the newborn Fishbone Base.

The bandits, who were previously equipped with rifles, were now upgraded to rocket launcher or even the more expensive laser rifles. It would be detrimental to the base's defense. The current defense of the base was only a few light machine guns as well as some anti-tank weapons and grenade launchers.

Although Jiang Chen wanted to buy a tank and has the money, no one would sell it. These heavy armor firearms were mostly recycled from the battlefield. The quantity was scarce.

It was possible to produce power armor from scratch, but a tank? Even if they had the technology, they didn't have the right conditions.

His eyes lit up as Jiang Chen pondered to think of a way to upgrade the base's military arms.

If it was not possible to buy it from the Sixth Street, Liuding Town might be worth a shot?

But in Zhao Chenwu's eyes, he interpreted Jiang Chen's expression as a keen interest in the potential profit of the crusade. A smile emerged on his face, in his eyes, Jiang Chen was ready to reap the benefits.

"What do you think? Mr. Jiang, I believe that you already understand, if we use this golden age to expand the food market, I trust that no one will be interested in the sh*t like nutrient supply anymore."