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Chapter 119: It’s you again?

Chapter 119: It’s you again?
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The process was completed quickly, and Jiang Chen acquired the rights to the factory. When the 2.7 million was transferred to Zheng Hongjie’s bank account, and he received the confirmation message on his phone, the man finally lets out a sigh of relief.

He still acted as the plant manager with a base salary of 8000, and based on sales there would be bonuses. Just like before, he would have to take care of everything from marketing to production. Although a bit overwhelming, Jiang Chen gave him a lucrative bonus plan. It would depend on his sales to see how much he would get in the end.

"I won’t care too much on how the plant is operated, but you have to do a few things for me." Although he said it casually, Zheng Hongjie still sensed the inflexibility in his tone.

"Please go ahead." Zheng Hongjie nodded with an earnest expression.

"First, if you want to do it, then go big. Processing for other people can be put aside. We’ll have to develop our own brand."

"Our own brand?" Zheng Hongjie forced a smile, and continued, "To be honest, I tried to start my own brand before, but the cost is too high. Advertisement, sponsorship, distribution channel, it was incomparable to the profit margin of processing for other people, there’s also more risk."

Jiang Chen shook his head laughing.

"Processing for other people is enough if we want to remain small, but I don’t plan on doing that. I’ll continue to invest in the early stages, including research and development, upgrading to the larger production lines, and expanding the plant. You don’t have to worry about the sales channel, I’ll mention it next. As to distribution and advertisement, I’ll take care of it."

[Funny, there is no channel better than the Internet right? Promotion could be done on Future 1.0, such as free moon cake during the mid-autumn festival. Or when he makes Liu Yao famous, getting her to promote the brand would be simple.]

Seeing the boss so certain, although Zheng Hongjie was still unsure, he didn’t continue asking.

"Second, this is the most important point. We’ll transition to international trade. I need you to register for import and export requirement; the destination is currently Pannu Island. We’ll import the fruit to produce fruit can and sell domestically, then export other canned food."

When he heard Jiang Chen’s words, Zheng Hongjie slightly raised his eyebrows. He asked wondering.

"I considered export before, but it was not as easy it as it seems. First being that we don’t have a strong brand, second being the cost. We don’t have any advantages compared to corporations in Australia, or the Philippine. And the most critical factor is transport. I know a little about Pannu Island. It’s a small island country in the Pacific, and it doesn’t even have a deep water port to dock larger ships."

"You don’t have to worry about that. It won’t be long until an investor builds a cargo port there. You only need to expand production and sell to them, and produce the cheap food imported from there into food cans." Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and didn’t explain more.

Zheng Hongjie paused as he had a weird expression on his face, looking at Jiang Chen. Although he was curious as to why the boss knew a lot about the third-world country but since the boss didn’t plan to say more, he stopped asking.

"Third, this not something official so you only need to keep it in mind. I need you to have surplus goods every month."

It was okay to buy from the food store owner in the short term, but it was not a reliable long term situation. Since goods only went into the warehouse and never out, one or two times, it wouldn’t cause any suspicion, but any more than that would be problematic. Once the Fishbone’s population increases, it would have a higher demand for food, a food processing plant would be the safer choice.

"Surplus goods?" Zheng Hongjie almost thought he heard it wrong.

Surplus goods referred to goods overproduced. Usually, it would either be given out to employees for free or discounted at a low price. It was the first time he heard someone wanted surplus good.

"Mhmm, I’ll let you know the amount, you only need to keep that in mind. These goods don’t need to be branded. It’s not for selling. I have other uses."

After hearing Jiang Chen’s explanation, Zheng Hongjie didn’t ask more. Although it was an odd request, it was nothing complicated. Him, being a boss before, knew that he only needed to listen.



"My cute daughter, haha, daddy is back." Zheng Hongjie hugged his daughter, who leaped towards him with a warm smile.

"Dad, who is this?" The adorable girl blinked her big eyes looking at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen kneeled down and looked at this energetic little girl with a smile. He then said with an amiable voice, "Uncle is your dad’s friend. What’s your name?"

"My name is Jiajia, I am in second grade at experimental school~" Jiajia replied in a cute tone.

Jiang Chen paused when he heard experimental school.

"Uncle, are you okay?" Jiajia tilted her head.

"Oh, nothing, hehe." Jiang Chen forced a laugh and answered in a light-hearted tone.

[Sun Jiao is probably still waiting for me on the other side…]

He peeked at his right hand. He tried this morning, but it still didn’t work.

"You are back, and this is?" A virtuous looking woman came out of the kitchen and asked her husband when she saw Jiang Chen.

"This is my boss, Mr. Jiang." Zheng Hongjie smiled at his wife.

"You… finally sold the plant?"

"Mhmm, I did. But Mr. Jiang hired me to continue to run the plant."

Kong Jie looked at the smile she hasn't seen for a long time on her husband’s face as her eyes became moist.

She took a deep breath in and to both Jiang Chen and Zheng Hongjie’s surprise, she sincerely bowed towards Jiang Chen.


"What, what are you doing?" Jiang Chen looked at her actions, not knowing how to react.

"For a while, Hongjie had been worried about the plant every day. He regretted trusting his friend’s word. I was really scared, scared that one day if he couldn’t think things through, he would leave us…" Tears began to emerge from Kong Jie’s eyes.

Seeing the tears in his wife’s eyes, Zheng Hongjie suddenly hugged her.

"Fool, there is no way I would leave you." The tough man’s voice had a sob tone to it.

Jiang Chen silently watched them as a smile emerged on his face.

It would best not to interrupt them right now.

"Uncle." Jiajia looked up and blinked her big eyes at Jiang Chen.

"Hmm? Do you have something Little Jiajia?" Jiang Chen regathered his thoughts and kneeled down again, rubbing her hair.

"Thank you," Jiajia said sweetly.


Jiang Chen suddenly burst out laughing. Jiajia tilted her head and looked at the uncle in front of her, confused.

"No problem, Jiajia is very courteous." For some reason, his mood was delighted at this moment.

"Hehe." Because she received recognition, Jiajia smiled shyly.

After Zheng Hongjie had finished hugging his wife, he looked awkwardly at Jiang Chen. It was rather impolite to leave the guest hanging during a display of affection. The thin-skinned Kong Jie already fleeted to the kitchen. Jiajia tilted her head not knowing the situation, while Zheng Hongjie expressed his apology with a blushed face.

Jiang Chen, with a smile, motioned it was okay. He then began to chat with Zheng Hongjie on the sofa.

Zheng Hongjie was a talkative person as he was a taxi driver before he started a business. Although his experience was nowhere near as exciting as Jiang Chen, his depth of experience far exceeded Jiang Chen's.

His wife Kong Jie was a traditional woman, she virtuously cooked the meal and asked everyone to eat.

On the table, Jiang Chen and Zheng Hongjie had a few drinks. Jiajia curiously reached her hand towards the cup which made Jiang Chen chuckle more.

[Is this the feeling of home?]

He thought about it, and it did feel like this when he was at the wily old fox Wang Dehai’s place.

He was suddenly envious of the feeling. He didn’t know why.

Maybe it was time to go back to his hometown Lake City. Perhaps during New Year; it was already October.

Jiang Chen fell into a deep thought while watching the table filled with home cooked dishes.

But suddenly, a fierce door smashing sound transmitted from the outside, it forced him out of his thoughts.

"Who?" Jiang Chen was lost as he looked at Zheng Hongjie.

But Zheng Hongjie was confused as well. He exchanged a confused look with his wife before he got up and walked towards the door.

"You are?" Zheng Hongjie opened the door as he looked confusedly at the men in front.

"Fu*k you, we are here to collect our money!" A few young men in shirts saw that the door was opened and they didn’t hesitate to force their way in.

"Wait, do you guys have the wrong person-"After being pushed aside, Zheng Hongjie struggled frightened.

"This is the loan agreement, three million. We are debt collectors." A young man with a buzz cut aggressively pushed Zheng Hongjie as they surrounded him, sneering.

"What are you guys doing!? Let Hongjie go. I am going to call the police!" Kong Jie took out the phone as she said shakingly.

"Police? Don’t use cops to scare me. Let me get this straight. Do you know who my boss Sir Qiang is?" The young men said cockily. A man in shades stood behind him with a cigarette in his mouth. He didn’t speak.

This guy was probably Sir Qiang.

"Dad!" Jiajia saw that her father was in trouble as her adorable face twisted, with tears in her eyes she wanted to run up.

"Don’t come, Jiajia! Dad is okay." Zheng Hongjie immediately stopped her. Kong Jie also grabbed Jiajia and hugged her.

He took a deep breath as Zheng Hongjie looked at the young men. "I already prepared the money, and I’ll borrow from my relatives some more in the next few days-"

"Next few days? I want to take care of this today –"

At this moment, the young man suddenly saw Jiang Chen, his thuggish look instantly froze.

To be honest, Jiang Chen was surprised from the start. He didn’t expect to see him here again.

Jiang Chen mischievously examined the young men as he opened his mouth.

"Oh, what a coincidence, it’s you again?"

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