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Chapter 121: Experiencing the World

Chapter 121: Experiencing the World
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Wang Zhiyong had already talked with his buddy, so the cop who came did not say anything at all. In the spirit of civilized law enforcement, they politely invited Jiang Chen to the police station to gather evidence.

As for the people lying on the ground, they didn't experience the same privilege and regardless of how badly they were beaten, they were all handcuffed and shoved into the police car.

Zheng Hongjie wanted to go with Jiang Chen. Although he did not have any connection with the police force, he could still stand as a witness, but Jiang Chen waved his hand indicating it was unnecessary and urged him to settle the family problem first and quickly pay off the debt.

Jiang Chen lent him the remaining 300,000 and told him that he could pay it off with his monthly salary.

Under the grateful look of the entire family, Jiang Chen followed the courteous police downstairs.

Seeing the humiliated expression on Li Qiang's face, Jiang Chen halted, smiled and pulled out his car key, waved it in front of him and then got in his own car.

Because it was just for the sake of formality, he didn't even need to go in the police car. But the hooligans who stirred up trouble would at least be locked up for half a month. Naturally someone would teach them some lessons, however, there were not a lot of opportunities for them to prove themselves in front their superiors.

After coming to the police station, Jiang Chen cooperated and provided the evidence. The witness statement was not even needed before the whole thing was settled as a legitimate self-defense case.

When leaving the police station, he accidentally ran into Wang Zhiyong who was heading towards him.

Li Gangming, who was driving the car, awkwardly smiled after seeing Jiang Chen. Due to his minor altercation with Jiang Chen in the past, and the latter seemingly exceptional relationship with his superior, he was afraid that Jiang Chen would seek vengeance on him.

But he was clearly overthinking since Jiang Chen didn't even take that little thing to heart and responded with a friendly smile.

"Gangming, drive the car back to the station for me. I'll have to take my brother out to play tonight."

After sending Li Gangming off, Wang Zhiyong walked happily to Jiang Chen.

"Fu*k, the training during these last few days is killing me. I finally got the change to go out."

"What's the point of being a soldier if you don't train?" Jiang Chen laughingly mocked him. "If you don't want to go, who can force you to?"

"Hehe, my father forced me to go." Wang Zhiyong laughed awkwardly and touched his nose then changed the subject. "Enough bullsh*t, I'll drive you to experience the world."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and opened the car door. Wang Zhiyong unabashedly sat on the driver seat.

"What's experiencing the world?" Jiang Chen asked and helplessly sat on the passenger seat.

"You'll know once we get there." Wang Zhiyong smiled mysteriously and then started the car and admiringly exclaimed, "Maybach S600, limited edition. Fu*k, I am about the same age as you, how are you so rich?"

"Do you want one? My treat." Jiang Chen laughed.

To Jiang Chen's surprise, Wang Zhiyong shook his head.

"I don't dare, I have a lot of brothers who have them, so I can just drive around whenever the urge strikes. Not to brag but I even drove a Lamborgini, Koenigsegg before. A friend of mine was even prepared to give me one when he saw I like it, but I still refused."

"So virtuous? Then why are you still a soldier? You will receive a lot of commendations if you were to become a politician." Jiang Chen laughed.

Wang Zhiyong also chuckled and continued, "It's not about being virtuous, you're overthinking. For those people who want to join my force, I wouldn't even think about it unless it is at least 1000."

Only Wang Zhiyong would dare to say this out loud.

"I only need enough money to spend. I don't have much interest in being a millionaire. The friendship would change if I accept my friend's money," Wang Zhiyong said casually but it certainly hinted deeper meanings.

Jiang Chen could not help but grow astonished at his words.

He thought this guy was just a blockhead descendant of an influential politician who only knew how to do reckless things with his buddies, but he certainly had his own convictions in life.

It was apparent that he truly considered Jiang Chen as his friend. When there was money involved, the dynamics of relationship would change.

"Don't think too much. I simply have too much money to spend and had no other intentions," Jiang Chen said and chuckled.

Wang Zhiyong also laughed.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. Oh yeah, you created Future 1.0, right?"

"Yes, are you using it?" Jiang Chen gave him a surprised look.

"Hehe, the holy trinity of holy-up apps, even better than Momo by a large margin. Could you turn me into VIP5? That shouldn't be too much trouble, right?"

"Not at all, give me your account number." Jiang Chen said in a forthright manner.

He texted Wang Zhiyong's Little White's account number to Xia Shiyu. Upgrading to VIP5 only needed a word from him—the chairman.

After the car arrived at the suburbs, Jiang Chen looked outside of the window, as the buildings became more and more common, he could not help but get confused. He thought Wang Zhiyong would take him somewhere fun downtown and did not expect him to drive to the outskirts.

"Well, aren't you curious?" As though seemingly aware to Jiang Chen's confusion, Wang Zhiyong arrogantly smiled.

"That's right, what fun is there in the suburbs?" Jiang Chen did not hesitate to ask what was boggling his mind.

"We're almost there. It's a nice place."

With a mysterious smile, Wang Zhiyong turned the steering wheel into another corner.

After the bend, Jiang Chen had a sudden feeling of enlightenment. At a glance, he could very well discern the destination of this trip.

The European style structure looked out-of-place in the less busy neighborhood just like a castle amidst the ghetto. Surprisingly, its remote location did not impact its popularity at all. From the nearly full parking lot, not only was this place popular, but it was not a place for ordinary people.

Jiang Chen's expression could not help but turn odd while looking at the magnificent building that was decorated exquisitely.

The name was very familiar to him.

The bright and colorful words were: Hongyi Private Club.


After parking the car, Wang Zhiyong and Jiang Chen were ushered to the door by a server.

"Why did we come to this place?" Jiang Chen asked while walking.

"Hmm? Is there any problem?" Wang Zhiyong froze.

"Ahem, Hongyi Gang and I had a little bit of conflict."

Upon hearing this, Wang Zhiyong's expression was rather odd, then he burst out laughing and patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder.

"If you mean those goofballs, don't worry, they don't have anything to do with this place. I heard about Liu Changlong from my friend. He oversaw the security of a construction site for my brother in the past, then he got transferred here as a security guard. My brother saw that he was doing good so he told him to open a night club. That guy seemed to have established more businesses and created the Hongyi Gang. That club used this private club name to help itself out. Nothing worth being bothered about.

Wang Zhiyong then took out a card as he arrogantly waved it between his fingers.

"VIP card, my brother gave it to me. Everything is free of charge. Tonight is on me."

Although Jiang Chen was curious who his brother was, he didn't say anything anymore as he accepted the gratitude.

He took out his phone from his pocket and sent a text to Ayesha.

[ I might be a little late for dinner, no need to wait for me.]

Suddenly, his finger froze in place.

"Who are you texting? Your girlfriend?" Wang Zhiyong grinned and poked his head to peek at the screen.

Jiang Chen quickly moved the phone away and gave Wang Zhiyong a dirty look and pressed send.

"Don't worry, we are all men. I understand." Wang Zhiyong patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and then walked to the door laughing.

Although he had an inkling as to what kind of place this was, he finally confirmed it when he saw the look in Wang Zhiyong's eyes.

Jiang Chen smiled wryly.

Those eyes filled with love appeared in his mind.

[Fu*k, this guilty feeling is unreal.]