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Chapter 147: The Perfect Solution

Chapter 147: The Perfect Solution
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When Natasha woke up drowsily from passing out, she struggled to open her sore eyes.

When she realized her current circumstance, a fierce look was targeted towards Jiang Chen, who was sitting directly across from her.

"What did you do to me?" Obviously, she didn't have any memories after being injected with the truth-telling liquid.

Her clothes were distorted with hands tied to the armrest, and feet locked to the chair legs. A male and a female in a room together. There was a lot of room for the imagination.

"Nothing." Jiang Chen shrugged with a smile on his face. "I am an innocent person."


Natasha cursed in her mind as she looked at Jiang Chen without saying a word.


Jiang Chen spoke, but Natasha's expression did not change at all. As long as she doesn't admit it, what could he do to her?

Seeing Natasha's look of defiance, Jiang Chen smiled, put a smartphone on the table, and pressed play.

"I am from the KGB..."

"The purpose of your trip in Kane?"

"To conduct intelligence, gather and provide intelligence for civil militants..."

Questions and answers. The male's voice was obviously Jiang Chen's; the female was Natasha's.

Natasha's face turned pale as she violently twisted her body to free herself and grab the phone. Seeing the girl's action, Jiang Chen only shrugged and pressed the screen a few more times.

"Before you calm down, I'll to show you something even more interesting."

He ignored Natasha's deathly stare as Jiang Chen picked the phone up and played the video.

The video's quality was high. The perspective was from a scope. In the video, there was an M-171 Russian Helicopter. Then, the screen shook, Ayesha fired. At the same time, an RPG hit the helicopter.

The helicopter went out of balance and crashed. Then, what looked like Kane's special forces began to fire at the group. Of course, it was a joke that Kane has a special force.

Right after, Borris in the front called for artillery support, and a few shells covered the entire area, sending the group of soldiers flying.

Then it was Borris being shot in the chest. Then the Yuri guy being shot in the head, followed by Morris. Then, it was Ayesha that broke another Russian agent's hand, but that part was cut.

Natasha's expression was pale as she stopped struggling.

"I trust that you know what would happen if this video appeared on YouTube or other sites. Unauthorized military action in foreign countries. Artillery stationed in the border launching strikes against foreign targets. The video's resolution is much better than the UA's satellite. I remember that the White House didn't even capture images of you guys firing. Would this in my hand be considered big news? Just so you know, I also intercepted the communication requesting for artillery." Jiang Chen smiled delightfully.

There was not a single trace of redness on Natasha's face. She knew exactly what kind of severe consequence would result if the video was uploaded.

"Give me the video."

"No." Jiang Chen smiled.

"You'll be hunted by KGB agents," Natasha threatened.

"If something happens to me, the video will automatically be sent out. You will get nothing out of it," Jiang Chen's fingers crossed as he said this, not caring.

Natasha was silent. Then she changed into a flirtatious expression.

"If you are willing to give it to me, I will give you some unexpecting services."

Ayesha standing by the door glanced at her, the emotionless face looked rather daunting.

"Are you not going to ask your little soldier to leave? I will make you really comfortable." Natasha was a different person, the eyes in her deep eye sockets were charming.

To be honest, Jiang Chen was feeling a little hard.

"I'll pass. Who knows how many people have you done. I would rather pay," Jiang Chen closed his eyes to avoid showing any fluctuations in his emotions, hiding his awkwardness. He then continued, "Also, she is not a soldier, she is my wife."

Hearing that, Ayesha's eyes opened wide. Mist flickered in her eyes. Natasha glanced at the "touched" girl and continued to look at Jiang Chen with a smile.

"That might not be true. I am still pure."

"Who would believe it? Stop with this nonsense, let's make a deal," Jiang Chen, annoyed, spoke. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation after being firm on his stance for so long.

"Deal? You think you are worthy enough to make a deal with the country?" Natasha's eyes cooled down as she narrowed them.

"Country? Nah, I'm only making a deal with your intelligence minister," Jiang Chen ignored Natasha's contemptuous expression and said straightforwardly. "If the video appears on the Internet, the political career of your minister is over. Someone must take the blame for this."


"As long as we pretend it doesn't exist." Jiang Chen shrugged and looked at Natasha. "I'll let you and the sucker with the broken hand go. We both kidnapped each other so we can say we are even. If you dare to retake action on me, I'll release the video. If you want the video not to exist, then just don't bother."

"Do you think we'll leave a piece of evidence like this in someone else's hands?' Natasha burst out laughing.

"Think about it." Jiang Chen also laughed, "You guys know that I have a mysterious organization behind me. I already said I am willing to resolve this peacefully, why are you giving me trouble? You want to cause a whole bunch of trouble and lose your job, or remain silent and pretend I don't exist. The choice is in your hands. I can give you back your communication device now. Why don't you have a chat with your superior?"

Natasha eyes slightly shook, finally letting out a sigh.


What happened next was what Jiang Chen had expected. The KGB head named Bart accepted this deal without hesitation.

First, the two parties conflict was resolved. KGB will no longer take action, and he will leave Kane in three days, keeping the video content a secret. If the video is leaked, KGB will be sent out agents to assassinate him.

As to KGB's threat, Jiang Chen only shrugged and didn't overthink it.

Also, Jiang Chen provided a USB to Natasha with the interrogation results of the sniper.

Natasha would take his achievement back to her country, receive a promotion, and then sit within the office. Since her identity was already exposed, it would no longer be suitable for foreign missions. Jiang Chen's USB gave Bart the reason to promote her and also gave her a price to shut her mouth.

The mission will be recorded as Natasha and her team engaged in heavy combat with Willie Society's controlled force, with the team suffering heavy casualties but obtained critical intelligence.

As to Jiang Chen's existence, it will be hidden.

Although Bart, the old cunning fox, suggested to Jiang Chen to transfer the sniper to the Russian side, Jiang Chen refused.

He had other uses for this sniper.

Jiang Chen didn't insist since the interrogation report was already comprehensive with everything they needed. But in the voice recording, the sniper often answered right away, without hesitation, which was quite obscure. The frail voice of the guy probably meant that he suffered some gruesome torture.

When the communication ended, Jiang Chen untied Natasha.

She moved her sore body as she gave Jiang Chen an ambiguous look. "You are brilliant. From what I know, you are the first foreigner to have come to an agreement with Bart."

Jiang Chen shrugged. "It did match the interest of both parties. This ending is not bad for you or me, right?"

To be honest, where he got the idea was from the dumbass Robert. Except compared to him, Jiang Chen was attempting something bigger.

"Fair. Although, you are playing with fire. Where is Jager?" Natasha spoke as she extended her hand.

"The guy with a broken hand? In the other room." Jiang Chen passed the USB to her.

Before she left, Natasha still looked cautiously at the smartphone on the table.

Inside contained videos that could affect Russia's image. It could even be used as an excuse to start a new wave of economic sanctions.

As long as she destroyed it...

But she also noticed that the quiet girl had her eyes locked onto her. She had the feeling that if she dared to make a move, the girl would instantly pull the trigger.

"Not leaving? Going to miss me? Jiang Chen smirked.

Natasha smiled charmingly, "Are you really not going to reconsider my proposal? To be honest, I figured that you don't look as weak as I thought. It doesn't seem to be too bad to use you as my first."

Ayesha didn't say anything but maintained the same emotionless expression. Though her vibe was becoming more and more dangerous?

"The negotiation is already over. If it is a personal invitation, maybe I'll say yes at a different time?" Jiang Chen rejected smoothly.

Natasha giggled and didn't respond. She then headed straight to the door.

"When you have the chance to come to Moscow, don't forget to tell me. You suffered through a lot. I'll have to buy you a drink."

"Of course," Jiang Chen laughed as he said to her shadow lightheartedly.


Natasha left with Jager. Then, Jiang Chen's group took the unconscious sniper to a different location.

Under the disguise of the darkness, they traversed through the battlefield to an isolated community.

After going inside an abandoned apartment building, making sure they were not being followed, Jiang Chen woke the tied up sniper.


Vasily didn't say anything. He quietly looked at Jiang Chen. He didn't know under the influence of the truth-telling liquid, he has already exposed all of his secrets.

"I heard that snipers usually have great patience, right?" Jiang Chen said lightheartedly.

"Then you should know, interrogation means nothing to me," The Slavic looking man stared at Jiang Chen, answering coldly.

Nick stood on the side and translated it into English. Then he looked at Jiang Chen.

Seeing as Vasily didn't say anything, Jiang Chen continued, "I don't plan on interrogating you, I only want to ask you for some contact information... Umm, how should I say this? I want to do a deal with the organization behind you."