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Chapter 160: What“s a National Husband?

Chapter 160: What's a National Husband?

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Driving to Guanglu Building, Jiang Chen closed the door and narcissistically looked in the car mirror before striding towards the front door.

He was slightly embarrassed—as the president, he was fairly certain that he came to the company not more than ten times.

Most of the companies that chose Guanglu as their office space dealt with information technology, similar to Future Technology. The commonality between them all was that their lunch breaks were really short. It was only 1:30, but there was nobody to be seen in the lobby. Just as he was about to take the elevator up, he heard his name.

"It's Jiang Chen?"

"Mhmm, seems like it is him...."

Hearing the gossipy discussions, Jiang Chen dumbfoundedly looked over at the lobby reception.

Two female receptionists whispered to each other as they giggled. When they noticed Jiang Chen looking over at them, they didn't stop but rather waved at him.

"Hey, Yingying, he looked over."

"Wait, let me send a Weibo!"


Jiang Chen muttered to himself as he got on the elevator.

When the elevator stopped on the twelfth floor, a proud smile surfaced on his face as the words <Future Technology> came into view.

Three months ago, Future Technology existed only in Xia Shiyu's word document, but now it had already grown to this scale.

He made a beeline towards Xia Shiyu's office.

Sitting behind the front desk was a beautiful girl. Jiang Chen didn't recognize her; she was most likely one of the new hires. As for the previous two receptionists, they must have been transferred to other departments.

Compared to when the company just started, the number of employees had already doubled. Considering the company's new project team, Xia Shiyu went ahead and rented the thirteenth floor to be used by the <New Era> team.

When the beauty sitting at the front desk saw Jiang Chen, her eyes immediately lit up as she greeted him with a cheerful smile.

"Hello, President! Welcome!"

"What welcome," Jiang Chen casually said as he laughed and greeted her. Afterwards, he asked, puzzled, "You're new here, right? How did you know that I'm the president?"

On the left of her chest was a name tag that read "Su Mengqi."

"President, don't you know that you're extremely popular right now?" With both elbows on the table, Su Mengqi smiled.

Her voice had a unique tone that made others feel peaceful. Xia Shiyu indeed had an eye for choosing people. With a talent like this, after some training, she'd be great in the sales department.

"Popular?" Jiang Chen looked lost for a moment. While he knew he was considered a public figure, he didn't think he was popular.

When he came out of the airport a few days ago, he didn't see any cameras pointed at him.

"Haha, when is the last time President went online? Oh, I remember you have a Weibo account, unless that one is fake?" Su Mengqi asked curiously.

"Uh, I do have Weibo, but how did you know?" Jiang Chen took out his phone and logged into his long-forgotten account.

He recalled that the only person he followed was Liu Yao. After that, he didn't bother sending out a single Weibo. But when his eyes landed on the numbers, he jumped.

<Followers: 8.21 million. Following: 1>

"Hehe, I am also your follower." Su Mengqi shook her phone as coyly blinked her eyes. "Everyone calls you National Husband."

"Huh?" Jiang Chen glanced over the rows of at symbols, dumbfounded.

He randomly opened a few. It was either "I want to make babies with you," or "Please notice me, I can warm the bed." Many passionate females added a selfie in the message, but most belonged to the type that had "no photoshop at all."

Jiang Chen was secretly shocked at his popularity.

But he would pass on the babies part.

It made sense, however—Future Technology was now valued at over five billion USD by Wall Street analysts, and this was the number given to the press a month ago. After the introduction and success of their revenue model, as well as the era-defining game New Era, Future Technology's value could easily have doubled.

Without exaggerating, Jiang Chen's net worth was easily over ten billion USD.

Moreover, he was quite good-looking, and someone revealed that he was only twenty-three years old.

New to the business, young and rich, and also single—

Immediately, all spotlights were focused on him.

Even without sending out a single Weibo, social media officials acted on their own and verified the account, making the number of followers explode.

Uh, he was very curious. How did the Weibo officials know about his Weibo account?

"What do you think? It's not bad to be popular, right?" Su Mengqi smiled happily at Jiang Chen.

"Not bad." He scratched his nose while laughing shyly.

His sudden public stature felt surreal.

"Hehe, oh yeah. President, you still don't have a girlfriend, right? I'm also single. Do you think I can pursue you?" Su Mengqi coyly said in a half-joking tone of voice.

Just as Jiang Chen was about to reject her, a light cough transmitted from the end of the hall.

Xia Shiyu was standing there.

Her silky, black hair was pulled up, and her black suit was paired with a white dress shirt, black stockings, and a black pencil skirt. She demonstrated the office lady vibe to perfection.

Still stunning.

Su Mengqi playfully popped her tongue out and immediately put her phone away. It was evident that Xia Shiyu was well-respected in the company.

"Don't use your phone at work. Remember this next time." After giving Su Mengqi a brief lecture, Xia Shiyu glanced at Jiang Chen. She paused before saying, "Haven't seen you in a long time." Her tone somehow seemed to carry a hidden bitterness.

Jiang Chen said apologetically, "Uh, I was about to go find you."

"Then follow me." Xia Shiyu nodded, then she turned around to lead the way to the office.

After the two left, Su Mengqi patted her chest with relief.

Her best friend walked over with a briefcase and gently tapped her.

"Qiqi, do you have a death wish? You dared to hit on the president in front of the CEO?"

"Hmm? What! Could they...." Su Mengqi's eyes suddenly popped out as she realized the relationship between the two.

Her best friend Li Fengying whispered mysteriously, "Let me tell you since you're new and don't know. The reason why the CEO still hasn't found a boyfriend yet is because of President Jiang...."

"W-what do I do then? Will CEO Xia make trouble for me over this?" Su Mengqi began to feel anxious. She didn't actually plan to pursue Jiang Chen; it was only a joke. If she got in her boss' bad books, it would not be good.

Future Technology's salary and benefits were extremely competitive.

Her best friend suddenly burst out laughing.

"You dare to laugh. Give me back my Haagen Dazs." Su Mengqi said with mock anger.

"No, haha, don't worry, CEO Xia is not that type of person. She usually looks serious, but she's not the narrow-minded type to give you trouble."

If Jiang Chen heard this word, he would have a shocked expression.

Xia Shiyu did exactly that to fire him.

So people do improve?

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