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Chapter 167: Following the vine

Chapter 167: Following the vine

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Black Tiger; real name, Zhang Hao. A premium member of the Han Hacker Alliance but his skill was rather ordinary. However, by coincidence, he managed to enter the personal computer of the renowned Green Bird and collected some critical evidence.

When Xie Lei found out, it was too late. Zhang Hao already saved the information and pulled the cord.

It was the most shameless way, but that was the most effective way. Regardless of how insane one's computer skill was, there was nothing one can do if the other person doesn't connect to the web.

After that, he had reached the "peak of his life." He controlled the personal information of the third-ranked hacker in the Han Hacker Alliance. He used this to blackmail him into completing challenging missions and then collecting the lucrative commission for himself.

Not long ago he received a deal.

5 million RMB commission. The mission was to hack into <New Era>'s server, delete all user information, and delete the game data inside the game's server.

5 million! It was enough to live half of his life in comfort.

Black Tiger's eyes immediately turned red as he accepted the mission without hesitation, and then flung it to the hands of Xie Lei and threatened him to complete it. As to if Xie Lei had the ability to finish this mission, Black Tiger never questioned it for a single second.

In his eyes, if he could hack into the server of an organization with a notorious reputation, there was no way he couldn't take care of a server of a private enterprise.

But unfortunately, Xie Lei was completely out of sorts.

When he was forced into the corner, Xie Lei had to take the riskiest route.

And because of this, Xie Lei managed to get himself into serious trouble.

In the morning, what woke Black Tiger from his sweet dream was his ringtone.

He drowsily picked up the phone.



The phone hung up?

Black Tiger was lost for a moment as he looked confusingly at the phone. However, he didn't bother finding out who it was as he fell asleep again.

What he didn't know was, the second he picked up the phone, his coordinates were marked on a map.


The person named Black Tiger was also in Wanghai City. This saved Jiang Chen quite a bit of trouble.

He drove the car onto the highway as he looked at the dot on the GPS. A mocking smile appeared on his face. Ayesha was sitting in the front passenger seat, her long eyelashes swept together and eyes closed as she rested.

Xie Lei sat in the back seat. The teen took off his hood and revealed a sickly pale face with anxiousness written all over it. As well, on his neck, he wore an electronic collar.

"Now that you are on your way to see your enemy, how do you feel?" Jiang Chen casually asked.

"...If possible, I want to punch him," Xie Lei mustered in a small voice.

"Haha, you'll have the chance." Jiang Chen smiled.

Yan Xiaoyan and the gang were still locked in the mansion's basement. Before the whole event is resolved, they weren't allowed to leave.

As to Xie Lei, he already reached an agreement with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen won't go after his friends, and in exchange, he'll work for Jiang Chen for the next ten years.

Jiang Chen needed a talent capable of cyber warfare. Although Yao Yao's computer skill was impeccable, he couldn't bring it over to the modern world.

Three days later, Xie Lei will be flying to Niger. There, someone will pick him up. To maximize his ability, he'll receive military training for half a year, and learn more advanced computer knowledge.

The source of the advanced computer knowledge naturally came from the digital library in the apocalypse. As to how advanced, around ten years more advanced than the modern world. Although Jiang Chen was clueless, Yao Yao would organize the information for him.

As to his sister Xie Lin, Jiang Chen will pay to send her to Frankberg to receive the most advanced eye treatment.

"Speaking of this, I think you are quite similar to the typical protagonist in a novel," Jiang Chen glanced at Xie Lei in the mirror as he joked.

"Mhmm?" Xie Lei looked confusedly at Jiang Chen.

"Both parents are busy. You have a sister and an apartment."

"...Both of my parents are not busy. They passed away a long time ago. This joke is not funny." A gloom fell over the teen's face.

"Ahem, sorry. Let's try another one? Let me think... King of special forces, possess a unique ability, returned to city after ten years-"

"I think you are more similar to a protagonist," Xie Lei abruptly interrupted Jiang Chen.

"Do I?" Jiang Chen subconsciously asked rhetorically but was astonished.

Eh? Pretty f*cking similar.

The target was not too far from the Mingxing Area. Another hour drive before the three arrived at their destination.

The six-story high apartments lined up in rows. The dull and unruly grass looked like it hasn't been taken care of for a long time. From any angle, the community was average.

Because they went during work hours, there was not a lot of people in the community. Therefore, there was no one standing on the balcony looking curiously at the three people.

However, they only knew Black Tiger's coordinates; they could not precisely locate his room.

But Jiang Chen had other ways to determine the precise location.

He stood under the apartment as he signaled Ayesha, who already went upstairs, and called Black Tiger's number again.

"Hello?" A male voice yawning transmitted from the other side of the phone.

Ayesha held the signal jammer as she gradually moved up floor by floor.

"Hello. Do you make fake IDs? Can I get 10? Are you trustworthy?" Jiang Chen threw a bunch of questions in his face.

"What?" Black Tiger was dumbfounded as he held the phone completely clueless.

"I thought you made fake IDs! Your number is written on the wall. And that's why I called..." Jiang Chen used a serious tone as he continued to make up elaborate lies. Xie Lei, standing beside him, raised his eyebrows as he could not bear to watch any more of this.

"You are f*cking ret*rded-"

The voice ceased. Though, at the same time, Ayesha was holding the signal jammer, standing in front of Apt 402.

Jiang Chen hung up the phone, waved at Xie Lei, and went upstairs.

"Go knock." Jiang Chen patted Xie Lei's shoulder.

Xie Lei hesitated for a moment before walking up and knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" Following the voice, footsteps could be heard gradually approaching. Then, the door quickly popped open.

A man in his 30s peaked his messy-haired head out. The unshaven face looked sloppy, the sleepy eyes indicated that he had yet to wake up, and his right hand was holding onto a phone.

When he saw Xie Lei's face, his expression instantly changed.

"Looks like it is him." Jiang Chen shrugged.

He didn't expect someone with a pseudo name as cool as Black Tiger to be someone this wretched.

Black Tiger immediately tried to slam the door shut. But, one of Xie Lei's foot was already wedged inside, and he simultaneously lifted his right hand to prevent the door from closing.

His fist then forcefully smashed into Black Tiger's nose, making him fall backward with a "Bam" as he hit the shoe rack.

"You, what are you doing? Wait, how did you find me here?" Black Tiger looked in horror at the enraged teen sitting on top of him.

"F*ck you!" Blowing the anger off of his chest, Xie Lei threw another punch right at the disgusting face.

Black Tiger desperately tried to fend him off, but Xie Lei already acquired the "geographical advantage". His punches, from up to down, made it impossible for Black Tiger to fight back as his face had the take every single punch.

Xie Lei breathed heavily as he gritted his teeth and raised his hand once again.

But this time, Jiang Chen held onto it.

"Enough. If you keep hitting him, he will die."

Hearing that, Xie Lei stared at the faintly breathing Black Tiger as he finally stopped.

Jiang Chen looked speechlessly at the bruised up Black Tiger as he let out a troubled sigh.

"Whatever. It's hard to interrogate you now in this condition. Just put on some medicine."

Black Tiger didn't see Jiang Chen's face which saved him a lot of trouble. Although truth-telling liquid would make him lose part of his memory, Jiang Chen didn't want to risk it.

Ayesha, who came in last, closed the door. She helped Jiang Chen drag Black Tiger into the living room, tied him to the chair and took out the truth-telling liquid.

In around a minute's time, the man in his 30s rolled his eyes and stared blankly at the wall in front of him. It looked like the drug was effective.

Seeing the look on Black Tiger's face, Xie Lei gulped. He thought about how the drug was almost used on him as he felt a shivering chill down his spine.


"Zhang Hao." A zombie-like response.




"Who sent you the mission?"

"I don't know. I registered on an intermediary website. After accepting the mission, the details were sent to my email."

"What's your email and password?"

Black Tiger, without resistance, recited out his email and password.

Then, Jiang Chen ignored Black Tiger as he turned to look at Xie Lei with a smile.

"You first mission is here. Now that you have the email and password, as well as the device that accepted the mission, I want you to find out who the client was."

Xie Lei shook his head with a troubled smile.

"That's impossible. Since contact with the client was made through the intermediary website, then the email must be sent on behalf of the website."

"Then you should hack into the server of the middleman, through the backend, and dig the client out."

Xie Lei was shocked. Though looking at the stern expression on Jiang Chen's face, he took a deep breath.

"This is crazy! Hacking into the server of the intermediary website for hackers... Let me try."

"Be bold. There is someone here that's the scapegoat." Jiang Chen glanced at Black Tiger on the chair and laughed delightfully.

When Xie Lei passed Black Tiger, he stopped and asked him.

"Where is the evidence used to threaten Green Bird?"

"On the computer, and on the USB drive that is on the second level of the bookshelf..."

When he got the answer he needed, Xie Lei walked quickly into Black Tiger's room and managed to find the USB.

He slammed the USB on the ground and smashed the nightmare that had threatened him for so long into pieces.

He then found Black Tiger's personal computer. Although the unfamiliar device did not feel smooth, it was not a big deal for a hacker his level.

He opened the computer and began to furiously type on the keyboard.


<You haven't played with me for so long, are you just leaving me here?>

Jiang Chen imagined her bitter expression and smiled, as his fingers began to type on the screen.

<Miss me?>

Buzz-, the response speed of this girl was still shocking.

<I have been busy. I made a trip overseas...>

<*Rub head* Busy. Do you need me to reward you? ^_^>

Seeing the cute emoji, the tip of Jiang Chen's mouth curved up.

Adorable, can warm the bed, understanding, knows her limits. Although not the best girl to marry, a perfect mistress nonetheless. After coming back from Wanghai University, Jiang Chen paid for her breach of contract so she could gain her "freedom," and also become unemployed.

Although he did become her sugar daddy, he still never delivered the movie promise...

<I'll be on a vacation at Pannu Islands soon, do you want to come?>

<I do~~>

Jiang Chen felt exasperated. Though, just as he was about to reply, Xie Lei came out of the room.

"I found it. This is the phone number and email of the client, based on all signs... The client is Lingyu Technology."

Lingyu Technology?

A sneer appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

"Excellent. Time to take care of this problem."