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Chapter 195: The Unpeaceful Sixth Street

Chapter 195: The Unpeaceful Sixth Street

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The unrest that happened overnight had been settled.

The assassin was caught and captured in the mansion's basement. The boss was free of harm and everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Hearing that assassin sneaked into the base, Cheng Weiguo, who was responsible for the security of the base, immediately lectured and cursed the soldiers patrolling on the wall. He pulled the knight emblems off of their chest and ordered them to kneel in the snow naked for an entire day as punishment.

In this type of weather, to kneel in the snow for an entire day, even with the genetic vaccine, they would lose their life.

But Jiang Chen spared them with his words.

It was not their fault.

Being able to avoid the drones equipped with the infrared sensor, the assassin must be skillful. Through his combat with Sun Xiaorou, Jiang Chen discovered that she was not to be underestimated.

Because of the existence of a powerful enemy, punishing their own just to release anger was no doubt a foolish move. Although Jiang Chen didn't understand the crafts of leading people, he still could think wearing others' shoes.

"This humiliation will be washed away by your future achievement. If you really feel guilty, then use your loyalty to repay, not your life."

Jiang Chen said to the humiliated "naked knights" who were kneeling on the ground.

Although he spared the patrolling soldiers, the topic of base security was the conversation around the table again.

How to maximize the resource available to increase the effectiveness of patrol? Jiang Chen suggested a brutal but straightforward idea.

Bulldoze all the buildings within one hundred meter radius outside of the base to clear out the area.

They would reuse the construction materials as much as possible, if they couldn't, then they would drag one hundred meters out and pile it up.

Without buildings to take cover, it would not be as easy to infiltrate the base under the dual surveillance of drones and patrols.

This issue was finally resolved.


The bedroom wall was disfigured by the bullets and required renovation. Therefore, Jiang Chen had to choose a different room to sleep.

But Sun Jiao already made the decision for him as she dragged him into her own bedroom. She was ready to use her own body to "interrogate" him to see what exactly he did to her sister.

Of course, there was no sense of blame.

However, the fact that her man slept with her own sister made the possessive Miss Sun Jiao displeased.

The result of a displeased Sun Jiao was that Jiang Chen had to stay up tonight...

The only pitiful person was Yao Yao.

After she recovered from the shock, the small loli worked up the courage to suggest that if he had nowhere to stay, he could stay with Yao Yao. But sister Sun Jiao was one step ahead so Yao Yao could only pout at the closed door in disappointment.

The next morning, Jiang Chen bumped into Yao Yao, who, just like him, also had dark circles.

Feeling guity over the fact that he didn't manage to fulfill his promise, Jiang Chen suggested a compensation plan - to stay with her for the entire day.

"Am I really not heavy?" Yao Yao turned around asking worriedly.

"Not heavy, Yao Yao, you are really light." Jiang Chen quickly shook his head.

A timid smile appeared on Yao Yao's face and she happily turned to look in the front. She dangled her feet in the air while moving her tiny butt backward to sit in a more comfortable position.

But this troubled Jiang Chen.

It was not the weight, but the tender feeling scratching on his legs had touched an indescribable place.

To simply describe the state between these two people...

Inside the bedroom of a girl, Jiang Chen sat on the side of the soft bed, and Yao Yao sat on his legs.

He took a deep breath as he tried his hardest to suppress the part of him from raising up. It would be awkward if it "stood up".

But a faint fragrance entered his nostril because of his deep breath.

The tip of his head felt a tingling sensation.

Uh Oh!

Maybe it was because she felt something hard, or sensed Jiang Chen's "trouble," Yao Yao's face began to turn red.

"Big brother, you don't need to endure this..."

As she said that, Yao Yao buried her tiny head and silently putting her tablet down. Her feet also stopped dangling. The long shaking eyelashes seemed to be waiting for something.

[No, it's better to endure.]

After an arduous internal conflict, Jiang Chen finally suppressed his desire and he decided not to put his claws on Yao Yao.

Seeing that Jiang Chen made no moves, Yao Yao pouted her mouth but didn't say anything as she continued to research on her tablet.

Jiang Chen let out a relief as he glanced at the dazzling amount of information on the tablet. The hiddenly shocked Jiang Chen also picked up his own tablet off the table and began to take care of his own business.

There was a large discrepancy of force at the front line. Based on the information provided by Zhao Gang, it is expected that after 20 days, the mutated human force would be ready to attack. When that happens, the river below the Zhufeng Highway bridge would be frozen. The mutated humans would launch their attack at that time.

On the screen was a visual sent back from the Hummingbird drone. Because of the existence of an anti-air machine gun, the task of capturing video footage could not be given to Chu Nan.

The dense red dots accumulated behind the snow hill on the side of the highway, as well as the anti-air machine guns and cannons covered in white cloths.

[If Jiang Lin's missile is completed, it would only take one hit to achieve what I want...] Jiang Chen fantasized in his head but quickly shook his head. He then called Zhou Guoping from the Sixth Street.

The phone was quickly picked up.

Zhou Guoping's bald head appeared on the screen.

"Hello? Boss. Do you need me to do something?" The respectful voice lightened his mood.

"I need mercenaries, do you know any you are familiar with at Sixth Street?" Jiang Chen cut straight to the topic.

"Mercenaries?" Zhou Guoping paused for a moment, "Do you know already, boss?"

"Know?" Jiang Chen's expression was odd, he didn't understand what Zhou Guoping said.

"Mhmm, there is a rumor recently on Sixth Street. It said that the wreckages of 'God's Cane' lie inside somewhere in the city center. Of course, the validity of the information has yet to be confirmed, I am still investigating. If, boss, you are also interested that thing, I can help you investigate carefully." Zhou Guoping said mysteriously.

"The God's Cane?" Jiang Chen was lost, just as he was about to ask what it was, he suddenly recalled the <Colonel's Diary> he read in the virtual world.

"Oh, I almost forgot that you are not from Wanghai City." Zhou Guoping slapped his forehead as he quickly explained, "It's a sky based weapon, also known as an orbital weapon-"

"Mhmm, I know, but what does that have to do with the Sixth Street?" Jiang Chen interrupted Zhou Guoping's explanation, he only wanted to listen to critical information.

"A mysterious wealthy man sent out quests at major bars and set a reward of one million crystals for the wreckage of God's Cane."

"One million crystals? Fu*k, is that person crazy?" Jiang Chen almost jumped up.

Yao Yao looked at Jiang Chen in confusion. She moved her butt as she readjusted the way she sat.

"Ahem, the amount has been verified by Sixth Street officials. The quest had been stamped with the metal seal. With Sixth Street's official reputation, this quest shouldn't be fraudulent." Zhou Guoping took a moment he continued, "The mercenaries stationed in the Sixth Street have gone insane. There are fewer missions in the winter as all of those people like to spend their days rotting away in the bars. Now someone offered such an astronomical number, even the not-so-strong hunting teams began to make moves."

Jiang Chen’s eyebrows furrowed.

"So you are saying, it’s hard to hire people now?"

"I wouldn’t say it is hard, but the price is definitely higher."

"That’s okay, I’ll send you the mission… Also, regarding the God’s Cane, keep an eye out for me."

"Yes, boss." Zhou Guoping exaggeratedly bowed.

Jiang Chen closed the communication menu and rubbed his nose.

He had an ominous feeling.

The snow this year would be much colder compared to the years before.