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Chapter 208: A Friendly Signal

Chapter 208: A Friendly Signal
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As to the Chu Nan's last sentence, Jiang Chen gave it a thought but didn't reply.

The Sixth Street located in Jiading officially became part of his territory. Therefore, all the entrances from the northwest direction were under his control. Including the Fishbone base in Qingpu, and Shenxiang town colony in front of the Zhufeng highway. The three areas formed a triangle as the force almost included all the major roads to enter Wanghai city from the west.

It was fair to say, half of Wanghai city was already in his hands.

But, a highly volatile factor still posed a threat to the security of this area.

It was Liuding town.

That electromagnetic cannon was an immense force, its power far surmounted the cannons on his Tigers.

Although they would not easily strain the relationship with the "ruler of the land" Jiang Chen, since they existed, it would still be a threat.

How can one allow a threat to exist?

If he wanted to control the entire Wanghai city area, then he must plan against Liuding town.

But with the status quo, for both parties, cooperation was the better choice.


Within the chamber, Jiang Chen met the ambassador from Liuding town.

To his surprise, the ambassador was a lady. The bodyguard behind her was a Caucasian male. From his buff body, he must be a great fighter.

As to the female ambassador, Jiang Chen's first expression was utter shock, but presumably, he expressed his caution towards her.

Under her high nose, a vibe of power surrounded her.

Blonde hair, a western kind of body but an eastern face; she should be mixed.

Tang Miya, that was her name.

"It is a great pleasure to meet you, ambassador from Liuding town, I hope you enjoyed your stay last night." When he saw her enter the door, Jiang Chen had a friendly smile on his face and at the same extended his right hand.

Because she arrived rather late, Jiang Chen arranged a room for her in the Paradise Island hotel.

"Thank you for hosting me." The vibrant red lips were curled up as Tang Miya extended her hand and shook with Jiang Chen. "Your sex robot in the hotel was great."

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as his expression looked peculiar.

[That sex robot...has a female version?]

To his surprise, this lady ambassador was rather wild in her private life.

"Ahem, as long as you had fun. Please take a seat." Jiang Chen smiled as he avoided the rather inappropriate topic, he nobly pulled out the chair for her and invited her to sit.

Tang Miya nodded with a smile to express her gratitude as she sat on the chair. The bodyguard stood in front of the door.

"What kind of news is Miss Tang Miya bringing to us from Liuding Town?" As he sat on the chair, Jiang Chen asked the straightforward question.

"Of course friendly news." Tang Miya blinked her eyes before she took out a document, "First, it is about the trade. Liuding town had signed a trade agreement with the Group of Ten council at the Sixth Street, now that owner of the Sixth Street has changed, I wanted to ask Mr. Jiang Chen if this agreement is still valid?"

She put the document gently on the table.

Before the meeting, Jiang Chen scanned through the agreement. The premise was to ensure that Liuding town's merchants were treated fairly and equally and also share the same free trading rights with other forces.

"Of course it is valid." Jiang Chen picked up the agreement as he ceremonially scanned it before he gave out a direct response.

A smile surfaced on Tang Miya's face as she put the contract away; she had all ten fingers crossed.

"Also, it's about an agreement with the Fishbone base. Is it appropriate to bring it up now?"

An obvious attempt to test the water.

On the surface, Jiang Chen was the general of the military government, the council still exercised the decree. At least for other people, the Sixth Street was still open, and democratic.

Deciding for the council was overreaching, to begin with. Now that the private matter of the Fishbone base was brought up in the Sixth Street Council building, it was practically asking: does the Sixth Street belong to you?

The answer was yes.

"It's fine, just say it," Jiang Chen said firmly.

Seeing Jiang Chen's reaction, Tang Miya smiled and took out another agreement.

"Regarding the food by the Fishbone Food Corporation, our party is very interested... If you don't mind my rudeness, you are the owner of that company right?"

"Why do you think that?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"A woman's sixth sense," Tang Miya used a half-joking voice.

"Maybe your sense is accurate, but we are off topic now." Jiang Chen shrugged as he didn't answer the question, but rather, he avoided the topic.

Although Tang Miya was not too satisfied with Jiang Chen's response, she only smiled as she didn't persist on the question.

"This is our trade list; we need meat cans, vegetable cans, beer, and sugar. On the other side, we can provide crystals, small electronic components like chips and batteries. We trust that the price we offer will please you."

Jiang Chen carefully scanned through the content on the list as he nodded.

The price offered by the woman was a bit higher than Zhao Chenwu. The total trade amount was around half a million per month. The deal could be executed next spring.

"I am pleased with the price you offered, as the chips of your party, our side is also very interested. But the name on the contract is Lucky 32 Casino, not Liuding town, is there something I am not understanding?" Jiang Chen smiled as he signed the agreement with his name.

"Liuding town is only an aircraft carrier, but Lucky 32 Casino is my property." Miss Tang smiled as she put away the contract.

Jiang Chen thought for a second before clarity returned to his face.

"Then, in this case, the identity of Miss Tang in Liuding town, is similar to mine in the Sixth Street?"

"Two kinds of political structures, not comparable." Tang Miya said, "You can interpret that as I am a sailor with some influence."

[Not a complete dictatorship?]

"Although I don't completely understand, I think it would not interfere with our cooperation. Now, do you have any interesting proposals?" Jiang Chen laughed.

To Jiang Chen's surprise, Tang Miya shook her head.


[No? She didn't bring up the artillery agreement?]

Jiang Chen quickly regathered his thoughts, stood up, and announced the end of the meeting.

After shaking Tang Miya's hand, Jiang Chen personally sent her out the door.

"To be honest, I personally enjoy chatting with a dictator like you," Standing at the door, Tang Miya said out of nowhere.


"Just this piece of paper, if it was for the Group Of Ten council, they could argue endlessly for two days straight. Compared with rowdy men, I think a decisive man like you is more charming." Tang Miya didn't bother to hide her praise in her words as her gorgeous eyes looked at Jiang Chen.

"Haha, Miss Tang is overcomplimenting me." Jiang Chen humbly smiled, but the curled up mouth clearly exposed his satisfaction.

Tang Miya would obvious not miss this detail as the tip of her mouth also curled up.

No men would have no reaction to a beautiful girl's praise, it was a natural instinct of men.

"I have a personal proposal, I don't know if Mr. Jiang would be interested?"


With her watery eyes turning, Tang Miya got closer to Jiang Chen with a smile, the tip of her nose stopped at the point where it almost touched his face.

With an incredibly flirtatious tone, accompanied by her warm breath, she spoke out.

"Tonight, do you want to come by my room?"