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Chapter 212: That Smile

Chapter 212: That Smile
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Muscle strength increased by 5 points, bone strength by 6, and reflex by a shocking 10 points!


Muscle strength:49

Bone strength:67


Brain cell strength:13



Jiang Chen quietly looked at his own EP; the difference was still quite drastic.

Muscle strength and reflex were okay as he was "only" behind ten something points, but she almost doubled his bone strength.

"I thought I was going to catch up to you.' Jiang Chen forced a smile as he closed the EP in disappointment.

"While you are improving, I am not lagging behind," Sun Jiao flipped her luscious black hair as she said proudly.

"Looks like the difference is only going to get bigger." Jiang Chen sighed.

The EP stat determines, under an ideal setting, a human's maximum ability. For most humans, the maximum stat achievable is 100, while an infant's is 0. The stat thus quantifies the user's current ability.

Under the circumstance that the DNA is not modified, the limit humans can reach is 100. If the modification causes reproductive isolation, then the person wouldn't be referred to human anymore, they would have to be named after another species.

Once the stat passes 50, it is much more difficult to increase it. Although Sun Jiao's "stats points" speed didn't seem to be as fast as Jiang Chen's, which double within a few months, this was due to her initial stats being much higher.

Just like in video games, the difficulty from level 1 to 10 is far easier compared to level 50 to 51.

Seeing Jiang Chen sigh, Sun Jiao though his dignity was hurt as she gentle comforted him.

"There are lots of different definitions for being powerful. Body condition is only one of them. A lot of people on the wasteland possess a frail body, but with their superb shooting skills, they can still win a fight against people with body conditions multiple times greater. As well as people who have mastered mechanical knowledge, with the help of the assistive device, they're able to acquire strong powers. Also the hackers, they could infiltrate the mechanical people wandering among shambles to force them to fight..."

"Then what am I strong at?" Jiang Chen cockily laughed.

Sun Jiao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen who was showing off. She then bit her lips as she stared into the distant darkness.

"Do you know now?"

"I just want to listen to my woman compliment me," Jiang Chen shamelessly said these words.

He was always someone that liked to show off.

With a slight smirk, Sun Jiao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen, and then with a half-serious half-joking tone.

"Your power comes from the fact that you can gain the affection of other people."

[So, the charm stat is maxed out?]

That was a unique way of saying this as Jiang Chen couldn't stop himself from laughing.

"For example, you?"

"Not only me, but Yao Yao, even Lin Lin, as well as everyone in the base."

"Why don't you say leadership."

"Different from leadership. Think closely, is there even a time where you used the slavery chip to force someone to listen to you?"

"People trust that you can bring order, they trust you. Therefore, they follow you to a brighter future, that's why they are willing to listen to you."

"To be able to gather so many people willing to fight for you, it is an amazing ability." Sun Jiao playfully winked.

Hearing that, Jiang Chen paused and then smiled, but he then exaggeratedly let out a sigh.

"What, are you still not pleased with having this power?"

"Very pleased, but I still have some regrets."


"I can't tie you to a chair and seek revenge for the first time we met." Jiang Chen with a smirk spoke into her ear.

"Oh? Don't you think it is thrilling to be tied down." She smiled like a little devil as she also spoke into Jiang Chen's ear, and naughtily blew inside.

"Uh, I am not a masochist."

[Although he was never against trying new things...]

Looking at the side of Jiang Chen's face, the tip of Sun Jiao's mouth also rolled up.

"You've changed."

"Ahem, I was not a masochist before," Jiang Chen said speechlessly.

"Not that," Sun Jiao laughed out, she paused, and then with a ridiculing tone, she jokingly said, "You are more mature compared to the first time you were here."

"Which one do you like better?"

"Both... Although during that time you were also delicious... It is more attractive for you to be more mature," Sun Jiao with a finger on her lips said.

[What do you mean by delicious?]

Jiang Chen had a helpless expression on his face.

But speaking of that, within five short months, he did grow a lot.

He was previously just a young man entering into society with no notable achievements in life. If he didn't acquire that magical interdimensional travel ability, he would probably be inside his apartment, rotting away. Or even going back to his hometown and becoming unemployed while still holding a honors university degree.

Not even house, he would probably have to depend on his parents to not starve.

Now looking back from this perspective, he felt melancholic.

Seeing the adorable gesture of Sun Jiao, Jiang Chen also joked back.

"You've also changed."

"Oh? How have I changed?" Sun Jiao put her hands on her waist as she pretended to be authoritative.

"Too many things." Jiang Chen laughed as he started to count his finger. "More civilized, no longer licking fingers after eating cans, knows how to match clothing, learned to be compassionate, and even knows how to knit a scarf."

Sun Jiao's mouth curved up showing her proudness.

"Which change do you like the most?"

"Boobs are slightly bigger."

"Be serious!" Sun Jiao gave Jiang Chen a dirty look as she reached to pinch Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen with a grin easily dodged the attack without any force.

"From being audacious to more understanding, or more feminine."

Hearing that, Sun Jiao's face immediately turned red, her eyes frantically looked around, as her finger twirled her hair around shyly.

"Feminine? What, was I not before?"

Jiang Chen smiled but didn't reply.

Chatting was a great way to pass the time, there were glares of different light in the distance.

The ladder at the end had long been changed into a spacious elevator.

When they approached at the exit, Jiang Chen pressed the button for the elevator.

"Now that you have taken care of things here, will you go back to the other side?" Stepping onto the elevator, Sun Jiao said, not wanting to let him go.

"Mhmm."Jiang Chen nodded and followed her.

As if Sun Jiao had already expected the answer, she didn't ask him to stay, she only spoke with a small voice.

"What is this world to you?"

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as he didn't expect Sun Jiao to ask this question.

But the pause only lasted for a second. Jiang Chen gently smiled as he tousled her hair.

"It was only a gold mine in the beginning... But now, my second home."

With his words, a bright smile emerged on Sun Jiao's face.

That smile was beautiful.