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Chapter 219: The Conspriacy killed in its Cradle

Chapter 219: The Conspriacy killed in its Cradle

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"Huh? N...No, only really important people can attend..." Xia Shiyu's expression was obviously shaken as her tone changed into a rare franticness.

"Then that's even better." Jiang Chen smiled.

Hearing that, Xia Shiyu buried her head as her silky, black bangs slightly hid her eyes.

"I, I am someone important to you?"

"Of course," Jiang Chen answered without hesitation.

As the CEO, Xia Shiyu played a pivotal role in Future Technology's current accomplishments. From the operating of the company to handling crises, Jiang Chen had no experience at all as he left everything to Xia Shiyu.

The technology from the future is indeed powerful, but without the operations of a professional, it would only be a powerful technology.

To Jiang Chen, Xia Shiyu was as crucial as his hands.

But for the word "important", the two apparently had two different kinds of interpretation.

When he heard Jiang Chen's "of course," Xia Shiyu's face turned redder.

"But...But we haven't even dated, we don't know if we are right for each other, it would be too rushed if we go straight to the last step-"

With arms across her chest, Xia Shiyu looked away. Her finger anxiously played with her own hair, even her pale neck was covered by the red hue.

"Wait, I do not understand..." Jiang Chen immediately interrupted Xia Shiyu with a bitter smile.

Xia Shiyu looked at him and put her arms down.


"Uh, the requirement for the female companion, could you explain it to me..."

Of course, the two had a discrepancy in understanding.

It was okay to bring a female companion, but it must be a wife or at least a fiance. Even a girlfriend wasn't enough. Although there was no written rule, it became the norm.

If a girlfriend or even a mistress could be brought to the gathering, then things could become chaotic. Most of the people participating in the gathering have more than one mistress, with some changing models or actresses every few days. If anyone can be brought into the circle, it would devalue the forum.

In the end, it was a gathering meant for the elites, to find partners beneficial to their career, it was not a fun kind of party.

Therefore, it was inappropriate to invite Xia Shiyu.

"Uh, sorry, I haven't thought about that level," Jiang Chen apologized, feeling embarrassed.

"It's okay."

Xia Shiyu let out a breath of relief.

Perhaps it was his illusion, but he sensed that she was slightly disappointed.

"Umm, now that everything is done, I'm going to go back to my office." Xia Shiyu slightly bowed and turned around to leave.

Looking at her leave, Jiang Chen opened his mouth but he didn't end up saying anything.

When Xia Shiyu came of the office, she headed straight for her own. But when she walked through the hallway, the red hue on her face was seen by her colleagues.

"Eh, CEO Xia just walked out of the president's office." Seeing Su Mengqi's pouting expression, her good friend Li Fengying poked her arm and joked.

After passing through the probation period, she was moved into the sales department with her good friend. The two were walking to their desk with documents in hand.

"I see," Su Mengqi replied without any energy.

"Her face is also very red."


"Why are you so boring, aren't you curious about what they did?" Li Fengying with a dubious expression whispered into Su Mengqi's ear.

"I am going to tell CEO Xia and have your salary deducted." Su Mengqi stuck out her finger and "fiercely" poke her good friend's neck as she whispered.

The two fooled around for a moment more as they walked towards their desk.

But Su Mengqi's smile was bitter.

If the competition was CEO Xia, she had no odds of winning at all.


"Did you get the information?"


Inside the presidential suite in Sheraton hotel, Carmen Rothschild sat on a chair, a black man was standing in front of him. From the muscular appearance, he looked like a soldier, at least one from not too long ago.

Johnson served in the Fran foreign military before. After he has been discharged, he had acquired French nationality and worked in a security company. Now, he worked for the Rothschild family. He was the bodyguard for Carmen's Han trip, and also his assistance.

"Jiang Chen, born in 1992, from Hucheng. Studied at Wanghai University with a major in mechanical engineering. He became a salesperson in a clothing store after graduation... Damn, a resume made out of a mold," Looking at the stack of paper, Carmen cursed.

Ten pages. It was all the information they could collect on Jiang Chen.

"Since everyone in this country is cut out of the same mold," Johnson cracked a smile as he mocked.

"No, you didn't understand my meaning." Carmen flipped through the document once more before putting it aside. "Because it is too ordinary, the validity of the information is suspicious. For example, if you throw a graduate from MIT, what would be his first reaction?"

"Pee his pants?"

"Exactly." Carmen snapped his finger and pointed at the document. "And this person, not only did he not pee his pants, he saved an American from the IS. This American is also an interesting individual. He smuggled firearms in Veit before, transported crude oil in Iran, and was finally under surveillance by the FBI. That's why he is a lot more obedient. But he has been moving around again, he seems to be working for Jiang Chen."

Johnson's contempt soon faded as he put on a serious expression.

"True. From this point, this Han called Jiang Chen is not a simple character."

"In your opinion, how much training would it take to get to his level?" Carmen smiled.

"Mentality or shooting?"

"Of course mentality."

Thinking for a moment, Johnson gave a fair answer based on his own experience. "It would take three months in training, three days on the battlefield."

Carmen nodded, he took over a bottle of wine and elegantly poured himself a cup.

"I think there may be inaccuracies in our information. At least this resume is likely fake. The only thing I am curious about now is what does the organization behind him do. They played us in Ukraine, but only ended up taking a few old soldiers away to become trainers, and then built a military base in Nigeria. Interesting."

"Then what's your intention boss?" Johnson asked.

"Maintain status quo and keep in contact. Also, I am interested in where the USB would be sent to?" Carmen with elegance took a sip of the wine as he looked like he was fully in control of the situation.

If everything goes as planned, that briefcase would be sent overseas, with the mysterious technology team taking over.

He left a GPS tracker on the USB which would send the location to his computer.

As long as they know the location of the mysterious organization, they would no longer be mysterious.

When he heard his boss's words, Johnson took a moment to digest the information before he also started to chuckle.

Carmen proposed a toast to Johnson. Then with a cheerful expression, he pressed a few buttons on the laptop.

The map appeared in front of him.


The delicate wine glass smashed into pieces after falling on the ground.

Without caring about the wine stain splashed onto his pants, Carmen immediately stood up. With both hands pressed against the table, he stared at the screen.

On his face, his confident expression had vanished.

"How is this possible!"

"What happened?" Johnson walked up hastily, but when he saw the screen, his expression also froze.

<Signal lost>

"We got caught. Looks like we still underestimated him." With a bitter smile, Carmen sat back on the chair in defeat as he rubbed his temple.