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Chapter 239: The Glorious Return

Chapter 239: The Glorious Return
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Hucheng, a tranquil and beautiful small town that sat on the east side of Fanyang Lake.

Compared to a major metropolitan like Wanghai City, the pace of life here was slow. There were no towering skyscrapers, crowded streets, nor an endless stream of traffic on the streets. The buildings along the streets were only four or five stories high with first floor shops. This type of scenery was hard to see in Wanghai city.

After being used to the propensity of the big city, occasionally breathing the air of a small town indeed was a unique experience.

Watching the familiar but strange scenes outside the window, Jiang Chen somehow felt melancholic about coming home.

Since he entered Wanghai university five years ago, he rarely came back. After his graduation, he didn't even go home. He calculated, since the last time he came, it has been more than two years.

With the dream of building his own career in the big city, as well as being a proud university student, he swore when he graduated that without becoming successful, he will never come back. Now that he thought about it, when he graduated, he didn't live the best life.

But life is always filled with countless coincidences. The life full of hardships only lasted for a year before his life became a fantastic journey that was almost impossible to imagine. Not only did he drive a luxury car accompanied by a beauty, a Senata from the General Staff Department followed him.

Not even the governor of the province could receive this type of treatment.

When the car passed through the high school he attended, the familiar gate as well as the aged face in the security room flashed by. Looking at the rusty school emblem, Jiang Chen felt even more melancholic.

"Should we stop here for a bit?" Ayesha noticed the change in Jiang Chen's expression as she caringly asked.

"No need, I want to go home earlier." Taking a deep breath, Jiang Chen shook his head.

The people he longed for the most was without a doubt his parents.

Finally coming home...

Looking at the familiar street, a genuine smile appeared on his face.

"Mhmm." Ayesha scanned the GPS and accelerated.

The black Senata following them also picked up the speed as it followed Jiang Chen's Maybach without missing a beat.

It was a young man sitting in the driver seat. He looked sharp, but also unsettled. He looked like he was new to the job. The man called Dagger sat in the passenger seat. With eyes narrowed, he looked like he was taking a nap. But the people who know him all knew, if you thought he was asleep, you would be absolutely wrong.

"Business people are so damn rich," Miao Jun holding the steering wheel stared at the Maybach and said enviously.

Living in a mansion, driving a luxury car.

But envy was envy. With his meager salary, there was no hope of buying a car like that.

Dagger opened his eyes to glance at his partner before continuing to close his eyes. His voice sounded reminiscent.

"Experience life more when you are young. When the time is right, someone will ask you if you will leave or get promoted. If you decide to leave, once you take off your uniform, you can go work as a bodyguard for rich people. The money you earn is enough to buy one."

The people wealthy enough to hire ex-agents as bodyguards would not cheap out on the money. Since the bodyguards' loyalty is connected to their life. The comrades that he worked with within the General Staff Department that chose to leave all made enough money not only for a car but a lovely house. But him, with all forms of injuries, only the shiny badges brought some comfort.

But he didn't regret anything. Because he is a soldier, the moment he enlisted, he decided to continue down this route.

Miao Jun looked at Dagger in shock and laughed in embarrassment.

"We'll see. Leaving the army is still too far away."

Dagger cracked a smile, and the wrinkles on his face were squished together.

Although his partner named Miao Jun didn't say anything, he knew the young man would decide to leave the army. It was a different time now. Nothing wrong to consider more for yourself. There were only foolish men like him who would contribute his entire life to the greater good.

"Not early, make up your mind earlier. Once this mission is completed, your profile will be promoted. If you perform well, it won't be long before someone asks you the question."

"Haha, Commander Dagger, what do you think about my ability." Miao Jun laughed with a sense of pride in his voice.

He had the pride of the young generation. Since he was a top student from military school, regardless if it was digital warfare, fighting, or shooting, he obtained A+ in every category. He did have the right to be prideful.

But Dagger just laughed and said.

"Enough to be a bodyguard for a small boss, but still too naive for people who fear death."

He didn't hear the praise he expected to hear. Miao Yun paused for a moment as he made an awkward face.

"People who fear death?"

Dagger didn't respond to Miao Jun's question as he closed his eyes and continued to rest.

Miao Jun glanced at the old commander, displeased.

[As the newcomer of the new generation, what kind of qualifications do you have as an old man who didn't even go to university to berate me like this?]

Under this mixture of emotion, he couldn't hide his temper and spoke with an attitude.

"This is a B level mission, could you take it more seriously?"

Dagger opened his eyes as he looked dubiously at Miao Yun, he only left a sentence with deeper meanings before he closed his eyes again.

"The person sitting in the car in front is a person that fears death."

Miao Jun was confused.

This means he has a powerful bodyguard?

[But other than the foreign girl driving, who else is in the car?]

[Could someone be hiding in the trunk?]

Dagger peeked at his confused expression and shook his head secretively.

While this rookie has the abilities to be successful, his observation skill is too weak. As an agent, weak ability doesn't matter. But a flaw in observation is the most critical weakness of all.

On the car in front, not only was Dagger unable to see the boundary of the VIP being protected, but he also sensed the foreign girl driving the car with a cold expression has abilities that should not be underestimated.

Although the mission was B, there was no difficulty at all.


Whatever the two people behind them thought, Jiang Chen had no interest at all. Just like what Dagger suggested, he and Ayesha pretended that those two didn't exist.

It was around half an hour more before the car drove into an old looking neighborhood.

He parked the car, held onto Ayesha's hand, and stepped onto the familiar concrete stairs.

When he climbed to the fourth stairs, looking at the old door, he had a bitter smile on his face.

In three months time, he had sent over one million home. But by the looks of it, mom and dad didn't even touch the money.

Jiang Chen inhaled deeply, raised his hand, and gently knocked on the door.

Ayesha who stood beside him had a rare frantic expression on her face. Although the franticness was carefully hidden behind her cold mask, when she met Jiang Chen's eyes, her coldness melted away, and her nervousness of "meeting the parents" was exposed.

Jiang Chen squeezed her hand as he gave a comforting smile.

"Don't be nervous, my parents are nice people."

But even though he was the person saying that he began to feel nervous himself.

Half a month ago he just told his mom he has no girlfriend, but now he brought a foreign girl back. Would mom and dad be happy or...

The footsteps behind the door began to approach.

The door opened.

Staring at the emotional figure behind the door, Jiang Chen felt his eyes tearing up.