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Chapter 171: The Preparation before returning to the Apocalypse

Chapter 171: The Preparation before returning to the Apocalypse
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The same afternoon, Lingyu Technology announced a statement. The shareholders passed the restructuring proposal. Ling Zhongtian was removed from the board, the company was officially renamed Chenfeng Entertainment, and the company's stock would remain suspended until the completion of its asset restructuring.

The news spread to all the shareholders like a long due storm finally passing a draught-dried land, and they began cheering. The people that cut their loss were depressed by their decision of not having confidence in the company...

All in all, these people thought of Jiang Chen as Jesus Christ.

Future Technology and 361 Corporation both possessed shares. One has been valued at over a billion by Wall Street Analysts at its inception, while one was already listed on Nasdaq with a market cap of over ten billion.

It left too many people too much room for the imagination.

Graciously, Jiang Chen made headline again.

The young billionaire once again enters people's vision. The charming smile, the calm attitude, attracting the heart of countless girls...

Ok, they really don't care about Jiang Chen's looks.

Being famous didn't seem to create too much of a hassle in his life. Different from celebrities in the entertainment industry, most of his fans were very rationale.

The people that want to marry into wealthy would not flap towards him like bees. It would be too unclassy. They would often pretend to be a frail and innocent girl, "encountering" him under his building, and "accidentally" starting a "rich CEO fell in love with me" drama...

But unfortunately, Jiang Chen was known to not go to work and the community he lived in was also somewhere random people could not enter. Their plan ultimately would fail.

The "irrational" fans used the security team in the community to sent him love letters and attached a duck face selfie inside.

Jiang Chen at first was looking forward to reading the letters to see how the beauties have been conquered by his "charm", and how they have fallen under his jeans. Don't question, Jiang Chen never said he didn't like to hear flattering words.

But he was quickly bored.

All the love letters had the same content, revolving around "I want to give you a baby," and "let's hook up?"...

The directness even made Jiang Chen, who was proud of his lack of boundaries, "shy."

He gave the rest of letters to Ayesha and told the security to throw all letters of this kind into the garbage. After telling them not to bother him with it, he left this in the back of his mind.

Han was indeed a deep and profound language. What Jiang Chen meant by taking care of them was to throw them out, but Ayesha interpreted as examination.

Obviously misunderstanding Jiang Chen's intention, she had the thought of picking another wife for her husband as she patiently read through a few love letters.

As a "qualified wife," she will not be jealous towards husband's other partners, she will obediently share with her and take care of him...

Take back what she said, she also gave up.

As a "qualified wife", instincts told her that these women have impure motives.

These love letter finally didn't escape the fate of the paper shredder.


It was already November, and based on Miss Sun Jiao's description, the apocalypse must be covered in thick snow.

But Wanghai City was still sunny and mild. Even deep into the fall, it still didn't feel cold at all.

To be honest, Jiang Chen not only once had the thought of not going back to the other side.

Since he already was a winner in his life here.

Luxurious mansion, top-end car, and beautiful girls. Everything he ever dreamt of was achieved.

But on the other side, there was only danger.

At this moment, he relaxingly lied beside his private pool on top of Ayesha's legs and was getting his ears cleaned out for him.

The side of his face felt the softness of her legs. Her fragrance lingered around his nose. The tip of her hair occasionally brushed across his face and tingled with his heart. The soft and gentle breathing beside his ear...

"Mhmm! It's done now." A delighted smile appeared on Ayesha's face as she gently blew on Jiang Chen's ear and put away the ear pick.

"Eh-, done already? A bit more." Because it was so comfortable, it was the odd time Jiang Chen was demanding.

"But, it's already clean. It would hurt you if I do more," Ayesha said faintly with a blushed face.

"No problem! Please continue."

Facing her husband's unreasonable demand, Ayesha face burned as she began debating. Although it was the duty of a "qualified wife" to satisfy the husband's demand, if she continued, it would damage her husband's ear.

In this case, she must think of a compromising plan...

"Umm, could I lick it?" She suppressed the shyness in her heart as she whispered into Jiang Chen's ear.


Jiang Chen, in the sluggish mood, clearly was drawn into it.

Seeing her husband was interested, Ayesha's face became a deeper shade of red. She looked at the cleaned out ear as she stuck her tongue out and buried her head in it.

The soft tongue, along with the warm breathe, approached slowly...

But an untimely phone call interrupted this intimate atmosphere.

Ayesha looked away with a blushed face, licking someone's ear was too embarrassing for her.

Jiang Chen couldn't pretend to be lazy anymore as he got up to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" Jiang Chen picked up with an unpleased tone.

"Hmm? Voice sounds angry... Did I annoy you?" Liu Yao said coyly.

"You ruined my good time," Jiang Chen said "fiercely". Ayesha, standing on the side, heard it as her red face turned brighter. She lowered her head, as her mind went elsewhere.

"Do you need me to compensate you?" Liu Yao said energetically.

"Ahem, what do you mean."

Oh no, he was hard.

Jiang Chen turned, so his back was facing Ayesha.

But what he didn't expect was that the blushed Ayesha got closer and stood in front of him.

A shy but tender smile surfaced on her face as she slowly kneeled down. A pair of smooth hands self-assertedly reached for his clothes.


"Why are you making a weird sound?" Liu Yao asked curiously.

"Ahem, nothing. Umm, if you have something to tell me, be quick."

Jiang Chen was not in the most ideal state.

"It's nothing special. A lot of entertainment companies have sent me invitations to star in movies."

Since Jiang Chen accepted Liu Yao as his mistress, Jiang Chen paid the penalty of one million for breach of contract. After that, Liu Yao had been staying at home with nothing to do.

"Why did you suddenly got famous?"

"Because of you," Liu Yao said in a sweet voice.

"Me?" He gazed at the pair of eyes below him as he experienced mental and physical sensation at the same time. Jiang Chen took a deep breath as he almost didn't manage to hold on.

"Yes, yes, you have a Weibo account right? Other than the default followers, you only followed me, therefore..." Liu Yao's voice sounded frail as if she was afraid Jiang Chen would get angry. So, she carefully said, "Therefore people thought there was something between us... Therefore."

"Siiiiii... Ah? No, that's fine, I don't care about this news," Jiang Chen squeezed out a few words between his teeth as his hand gently rubbed Ayesha's luscious hair.

She felt the gentleness on her hair as her blue eyes narrowed happily.

But then, it was even harder for Jiang Chen to resist.

"That's great! I was worried that you would not like me doing that anymore because of this..." Liu Yao was delighted.


"Umm, can I go act in a film then? No problem! No kissing scene-" Since she was now his mistress, Liu Yao was afraid Jiang Chen would be jealous.


"And also, the film producer wants to acquire your investment..." Liu Yao carefully asked.


"Love you lots, muaaa~ Oh, when are we going to Pannu Island for vacation. I heard it's summer there all year round... Hmmm? Are you listening?"

"Yes!" No, Jiang Chen couldn't hold on any longer.

"Wait," Liu Yao held the phone as her eyes turned suspicious. She suddenly covered her mouth realizing something. "Ah! You must be doing something naughty!"


"Wait, no, this sound would not be wrong! You must" She sensed the voice was off.


Fine. Seeing the gentleness in her eyes, Jiang Chen was too joyful to lie to his body any longer.


If it were not for the people that he couldn't let go of, he probably wouldn't go back.

The next morning, Jiang Chen made a trip to Xinlong Food Processing Plant.

Following his instructions, Zheng Hongjie cleaned out a new warehouse to store the surplus goods. The goods inside would also not be registered on anything. Although he didn't know the boss' intention, he didn't ask.

But he was not here to acquire food. He already prepared enough food to pass through the winter.

He directly found Zheng Hongjie and ordered him to arrange the export, and then increase production as soon as possible.

The deepwater port at Pannu Islands had already been completed, the next step of Island Conquering mission could begin.

After taking care of the miscellaneous tasks, Jiang Chen headed back to the mansion and started to time travel.