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Chapter 254: Sniping

Chapter 254: Sniping
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"… We lost Team B, negotiation failed. Execute plan II. I repeat, negotiation failed…"

The message, mixed with static noises, came from the radio on the floor.

Xia Shiyu horrifically glanced around, but she couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a window shattering, followed by something heavy dropping onto the ground. Then, the room returned to silence.

The room was dark without any light. This left the already visually-impaired Xia Shiyu in darkness with just moonlight from the window scattering in.

[ Negotiation failed... does this mean they are going to kill me? ]

When she thought about it, the hopelessness inside her grew deeper. Her originally clean jeans were now covered in dust as she feebly jerked on the ground.

The rope was like a python that restrained her tightly to the corner of the wall. No matter how hard she tried to break free, she could not move a single inch.

"Jiang Chen…" A weak whimpering came out from her tape-covered mouth as Xia Shiyu closed her eyes.

Would he just appear like that night and rescue her from her despair?

"Save me…"

Although there was a slim chance of it happening—and perhaps she may have her throat slit the next second and fall on the cold floor—she was still hoping for it to happen.

"Target executed."

An indifferent voice, mixed along with a mist of breath, came out of Ayesha's lips.

Under the crosshair was a female body. The blonde hair was scattered on the ground with blood. The 12.76 mm bullet had pierced through her skull and the CIB agent had died under her sniping.

"Did I make it…?"

Her chest pumped furiously. The moment she received the coordinate from Jiang Chen, she floored the gas pedal and raced here. When she got off the car, using the fastest speed possible, she rushed to the highest point of a yet-to-be-completed building before lying on her current sniping position.

It was a race with the Grim Reaper.

If nothing else happened, the moment that the coordinate was sent over from Jiang Chen, the battle over there would have already started. Although he would definitely use a signal jammer to interfere with the enemy’s communication, without any contact for an extensive period of time, the enemy commander would become suspicious.

Fortunately, the location where they kept the hostage was not too far from the abandoned clothing factory. She made it there before the enemy found out what was truly happening.

Ayesha moved the crosshair and observed Xia Shiyu’s status.

The hostage appeared to be in a stable state… Without any reaction to gunshots, she must have her vision obstructed. It was better this way, for if the hostage were to scream because of the scene, it would make the situation worse.

[ Is she the other wife of my husband? She looks pretty. ]

While Ayesha was thinking this, she opened the life detection device beside her scope.

The blue waves scanned across the field before a few red dots were quickly marked on the scope.

She moved the crosshair of the Ghost sniper rifle and locked onto a patrol at the gate warming his hands.

"The second one," she murmured as she pulled the trigger.


The bullet shattered the person’s skull with blood and brain matter splashed all over the ground. With the patrol being shot, the enemy finally realized they were under sniper fire, and the two red dots behind the structure quickly moved into the building.

Without any hints of being perturbed, to her, killing was as easy as breathing.

All for Jiang Chen.

"Target exposed. Next should be to control the hostage," Ayesha muttered to herself as she moved the crosshair back to the room where Xia Shiyu was, aiming the crosshair at the door.

Indeed, the red dot moved onto the third floor beside the door.

The enemy didn’t just rush inside. Even if they were to think with their butt, they would know that inside the room was under the killing range of the sniper.

"Smoke grenade? Too bad it's useless on me." Ayesha ignored the door being slightly opened as she aimed at the concrete wall and pulled the trigger.

"Dammit, its PLA’s sniper, someone betrayed us!" said Mike with a short breath as he tightly clenched onto the loaded pistol.

"We might be surrounded, control the hostage first." The black man with an assault rifle was calmer as he took out a smoke grenade from his waist.

There was only one place where one can find a sniper in Hua, and it was in the military. Snipers were like rats traversing under the foot of an elephant. If their trails were exposed, their only fate was to be stomped.

Unfortunately, this place wasn't Iraq. There was no aircraft carrier to provide covering fire while they retreated.

Just as the black man was about to throw a smoke grenade inside the room, the concrete wall he was leaning against instantly shattered. A bullet penetrated through the ten-centimeter wall and ripped his head into pieces.


Mike immediately rushed for the stairs. He couldn't care about the hostage anymore. The enemy’s bullets seemed to have eyes growing on them. He only wanted to leave this god-forbidden place!

Mike flipped out of the window and rolled to the back of the abandoned building. With his back against a thick wall, he regained a sense of security: It was normal for a bullet to penetrate through a wall, but it was impossible for it to pass through an entire building.

He glanced at the empty ground twenty meters in the distance and debated for a few moment, but he had no courage to run across.

"Sh*t! What is the dumba*s Miller doing!" he cursed out, but he had no other solutions.

Miller was the sniper responsible for supporting this mission, but there was no movement from him at all. Because he was operating alone, Miller was not in the communication channel with Team C. Only Captain Caitlin could reach him, but she was already dead.



Ayesha muttered as she put away the sniper rifle and headed downstairs.

Due to the threat of the sniper, the enemy would not return to retrieve the hostage.

She moved along the bunker at high speed as she closed the distance with the target building. Jumping over a wall, she took out the pistol around her waist and moved to the CIB agent hidden behind the building. Her steps were quiet—like a cat—not making any noise.

A terrifying feeling suddenly overwhelmed Mike. The instant he turned his head, his eyes were met with the muzzle of Ayesha’s pistol.


Ignoring the body crumpled on the ground, Ayesha moved to where Xia Shiyu was kept.