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Chapter 262: A Temporary Return

Chapter 262: A Temporary Return

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The next morning, while lying in bed, Jiang Chen hugged the cat-like Ayesha curled up in front of him and turned on the TV.

<… Recently, the authority had cracked a major case of foreign espionage activity. Two suspects were shot died during the arrest phase when they fired back, based on the evidence collected at the scene, the investigation has arrested 11 suspects, which include seven Zhongxin High Tech researchers as well four government officials. They will face espionage, treason, as well as seven counts of other charges.

Based on reliable information, the CIB may have been involved with this mission, suspect Zhang is currently hiding inside the UA consulate in Wanghai City and refusing to accept the trial by law. Right now, the investigation team has sent in a request to the UA embassy, hoping the UA consulate in Wanghai City can assist in the investigation. As to the specifics progress of the event, we’ll pass it on to our reporter in Wanghai City…>

[Suspect Zhang? Is that Zhang Youjie?] Jiang Chen yawned as he disinterestedly turned off the TV.

He’ll leave the trouble for "professionals" to solve. To the CIB and General Staff Department, it was definitely not the end. But to him, he can turn to the next page.

Even if everything started because of him.

"Dagger is good. Zhang Youjie shouldn’t have left anything behind, but Dagger still found evidence?" After putting the remote on the nightstand, Jiang Chen touched Ayesha’s nose as he fell into deep thought.

Three teams and one sniper. All the evidence was taken away by him into the apocalypse. In this case, the General Staff Department should have no reason nor evidence to determine the CIB planned this mission.

[Two agents shot, did a battle occur somewhere he didn’t know about?

Whatever, there is no difference in conclusion.]

Jiang Chen shook his head as he decided not to be troubled by this anymore.

Compared to these things, what kept him up at night was the video he saw no his EP yesterday.

After restarting it, the EP returned to normal. If it were not that every communication would be automatically written in the memory, Jiang Chen would have thought it was his illusion.


Was it saying hello to me?

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment as he scratched his chin, but he still didn’t reach any conclusions.

"Whatever, I’ll go back to the apocalypse and gave the video to Lin Lin." He muttered to himself as he put it aside for now.

After waking up, Jiang Chen called the front desk.

Not long after, the server pushed a cart full of breakfast to the door.

After paying plus tips, Jiang Chen put the tray with a sandwich and mocha on the counter. Seeing Ayesha curled up with her hands in front of her chest, he couldn’t help but smile as he leaned down to kiss her smooth forehead. As if she had sensed the warmness, her eyelashes shivered, and a subconscious smile appeared on her face. She seemed to be having a sweet dream.

Because they slept really late last night, he didn’t want to disturb her peaceful sleep. So Jiang Chen left a message on the nightstand only the two of them would understand before initiating travel.

When he opened his eyes, he was in the apocalypse.

He didn’t stay in the room for too long as he headed straight to the gym on the third floor.

After quietly opening the door, Sun Jiao sensing the sound behind her and immediately turned around. When she saw it was Jiang Chen, surprised quickly spread across her face.

"You are back?" Putting the pistol away, Sun Jiao walked to him.

"Could you reaction be slower and let me give you a surprise?" Jiang Chen put his hand away from her waist as he said helplessly.

"Then why don’t you try again? I'll pretend I didn’t see you." Her beautiful pupils were filled with mischievousness.

"Ahem, I’ll pass. I have some important things to take care of this time."

Seeing that Jiang Chen had important tasks, Sun Jiao swiped away her naughty expression and waited for Jiang Chen to explain.

"How’s the production of the kinetic skeleton?"

Two months ago, Jiang Chen gave Jiang Lin the production goal of completing 50 kinetic skeletons a month, he was wondering what the progress was on this.

"We exceeded the goal," Sun Jiao had a proud smile on her face, "We have 110 kinetic skeletons in the armory, based on your order, we have not equipped the forces yet."

"110 sets?!" Jiang Chen shockingly looked at Sun Jiao.

Seeing the shocked Jiang Chen, Sun Jiao smiled as she began explaining.

"Did you forget that the Sixth Street is our territory now? Based on the recommendation of your acting general Chu Nan, after taking consideration of Jiang Lin opinion, a portion of our parts requirement was outsourced to the Sixth Street to complete. We establish the standards, they are responsible for the production and improvement of the parts. In this case, not only could we decrease production cost, the production speed is also improved. Right now, the Fishbone base can produce up to 80 sets of kinetic skeletons a month which doubled our previous production!"


Jiang Chen was ecstatic as he hugged Sun Jiao and gave her a passionate kiss.


Although her mouth said no, her body was honest.

After escaping Jiang Chen’s hug, Sun Jiao rolled her eyes at him, organized her slightly messy hair, and returned to her previous seriousness.

Realizing the inappropriate timing of his action, Jiang Chen coughed and got back on track.

"Set aside 100 kinetic skeletons, I have other uses. The rest will be prioritized to the force stationed at Zhufeng Highway, I have a sense this is not the end of the mutated humans."

Sun Jiao also looked concerned as she cautiously said.

"I hold the same opinion. The mutated humans have not reacted which is abnormal. Once March comes, their advantage of cold resistance would no longer exist. Also, the Dusk Church has no reason to give up on <Project Garden of Eden>… And, Sun Xiaorou is still in our hands." When Sun Jiao mentioned her sister, she seemed to have deflated slightly.

Sun Jiao's depressed mood made Jiang Chen feel a strong sense of guilt.

"No, you don’t need to apologize, you didn’t make any mistakes. Or rather, the fact that you can forgive her being an assassin is already a way of repaying." After pecking on Jiang Chen’s lips, Sun Jiao said sternly while staring into his eyes.

[Is this the logic of the apocalypse?] When Jiang Chen committed the action while enraged, he was unable to forgive himself.

Since Sun Xiaorou was his sister-in-law.

He didn’t know if the apocalypse had this type of ethical concept or not.

"I will destroy the Dusk for you," Jiang Chen promised.

"Thank you." Sun Jiao smiled sincerely.