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Chapter 265: Mr. Chen

Chapter 265: Mr. Chen
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Jiang Chen had temporarily put aside the questions regarding the mysterious video. Regardless if the external circumstances, caused the history of his world to diverge from the wasteland’s, the fact is, it already happened and had nothing to do with him.

Or rather, from his perspective, the history of the wasteland was more peculiar.

He walked out of the room alone and headed downstairs.

It was already noon. Most of the customers at the hotel were enjoying lunch at the Felix restaurant on the 28th floor. Before the three o’clock afternoon tea began, the first-floor hall was empty.

When he came to the grand hall, he immediately saw Mr. Chen, who was sitting at the restaurant.

Chen Wei, a renowned businessman of Xiangjiang, had a focus on the entertainment and real estate market. He was the majority shareholder of Nanfeng Real Estate and Nanfeng Entertainment companies, with a personal net worth of over ten billion.

In a black suit with a kind face, he had a slight dogmatic vibe, similar to that of a ruthless leader. Although he was well into his midlife, his dark hair had no signs of balding.

Just from his appearance, Mr. Chen looked like a decent businessman. But Jiang Chen knew too well that anyone who did business with Robert was nowhere in being decent.

Standing behind him was a bodyguard also in a suit with a pair of shades over his eyes.

When he saw Jiang Chen walking over, Mr. Chen stood up courteously and greeted him with a smile.

"I have long heard Mr. Jiang’s name. Now that I finally have the chance to meet you, Mr. Jiang is indeed a stellar individual."

"Mr. Chen is flattering me. Regarding the boat, I have to thank you for that," Jiang Chen humbly replied.

"Haha, that is nothing at all. Please sit down…"

After some brief small talk, Jiang Chen sat down with Chen Wei’s warm welcome.

"Why did Mr. Chen want to see me?" Jiang Chen smiled at Mr. Chen as he comfortably sat on the chair.

"Haha, Mr. Jiang is certainly a businessman. Decisive and clear in your actions." Chen Wei leaned against his chair and laughed. "Then I will be straightforward as well. I heard that Mr. Jiang’s Future Technology had some small conflicts with Wanghai City’s local government?"

When he asked this question, Jiang Chen clearly sensed that Chen Wei was testing him.

"Future Technology is only a normal tech company, how would we have conflicts with the local government," Jiang Chen replied without much emotion.

If word spreads on the streets, it certainly would negatively impact its reputations.

"Haha, I sometimes don’t think before I speak," Chen Wei realized that he was too direct and apologized while laughing.

"No problem."

"I heard rumors that Future Technology plans to relocate its headquarter. Did Mr. Jiang ever considered Xiangjiang as a destination?" Chen Wei asked.

Relocate to Xiangjiang?

Jiang Chen was somewhat skeptical. He looked at Chen Wei.

Although he certainly considered establishing Future Technology’s Greater Hua headquarter in Xiangjiang before, he didn’t understand why Chen Wei would bring this up.

As if he had understood the confusion apparent on Jiang Chen’s face, Chen Wei smiled and waved his hand at his bodyguard/assistant. He took a piece of a document from his hands.

"Because of my relationship with the director of economic development bureau, Su Changyin, the reason for my disturbance this time is at the request of my old friend."

As Chen Wei spoke, he handed the document to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen briefly scanned the document as an interested expression surfaced on his face.

One year tax-free, three years tax of only half taxable. The generous offer was countless times better than the policy given by Wanghai City’s local government. With the current profitability of Future Technology, the policy of one-year tax-free would save Jiang Chen four billion RMB in tax.

Also, with the consideration of the headquarter relocation, some of the employees would also need to be relocated. Xiangjiang government also provided a generous employee immigration policy to Future Technology. They provided one hundred allocations of mainland residency to convert to Xiangjiang residency to ease Future Technology’s employee's relocation.

Seeing the interest on Jiang Chen’s face, Chen Wei also had a smile on his face.

"Is the policy given by my old friend enough to please Mr. Jiang?"

"Extremely pleased. I just don’t know if the Xiangjiang government would maintain fair and just in policymaking?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly as he flipped through the document in his hands.

Chen Wei first paused for a moment as he heard the words before he started to laugh.

"Mr. Jiang, you are worrying too much. I can’t promise anything else. But on the point of being fair and just, that I can guarantee. Xiangjiang is not as complicated as Wanghai City. Everything must follow the law here."

Fair and just? The law?

Although Jiang Chen's expression did not change, he had a differing opinion.

The world knew about Xiangjiang’s renowned gang presence. Chen Wei himself was probably not a law-abiding citizen. How many decent businessmen could open an entertainment company in Xiangjiang.

But even so, Jiang Chen was extremely pleased with Xiangjiang government’s attitude.

"Is that so? That’s perfect then." Jiang Chen grinned as he put the document on the table, "Regarding this investment plan, I am pleased. If all the terms in the plan can be followed through, I can say with confidence that Future Technology’s Greater Hua headquarters will be located in Xiangjiang."

A trace of joy flashed across Chen Wei’s face as he congratulated, "Haha, then on behalf of my old friend, I here welcome Mr. Jiang’s presence in Xiangjiang."

To Chen Wei’s words, Jiang Chen accepted with humility.

"Speaking of this, to relocate to Xiangjiang, does Mr. Jiang have any plans regarding the location of the new headquarter of Future Technology?"

When he recalled Chen Wei’s identity, Jiang Chen finally understood the intention behind his visit.

"Currently no, does Mr. Chen have any good recommendations?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"Haha, then I will be straightforward." Chen Wei didn’t hide his intention as he had seen from Jiang Chen’s expression that he already guessed the reason for his visit. He took another document from his bodyguard’s hands.

"Nanfeng Real Estate has a recently developed office building. It is located in Kowloon near the metro station and a comprehensive set of amenities are included. Is Mr. Jiang interested?" Chen Wei smiled.

He took over the document from Chen Wei’s hand as he flipped through the specifications.

All in all, he was pleased. Compared to the building in Wanghai, Nanfeng Real Estate’s building was better in both appearance and amenities.

"What’s the price?"

"Two billion HKD, or equivalent to 1.65 billion RMB," Chen Wei said.

Jiang Chen gave it a thought before nodding.

"This is a reasonable price and I am pleased with the building. As to the acquisition process, I will leave it to the professionals in the company to take care of."

Seeing Jiang Chen nod, Chen Wei felt relieved as he had a trace of gratitude in his expression.

"Thank you very much."