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Chapter 281: Fuse

Chapter 281: Fuse
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The next morning, Jiang Chen sent Liu Yao on the plane.

Along the way, other than when they were in the taxi, Liu Yao held onto Jiang Chen’s arm with her body almost dangling onto his.

Their "intimate" stance made all those passing by, glance at them.

The reason why Liu Yao was this clingy was not due to some impure reason, but because Jiang Chen made her too tired last night.

Till now, her legs were still quivering.

"Didn’t we agree that if I barked, I surrender?" Liu Yao almost tripped as she pinched Jiang Chen’s waist out of embarrassment.

Whenever she remembered she had to pretend to be a puppy and bark, she felt flustered and ashamed.

"Haha, sorry, that voice was too attractive." Jiang Chen let the hand pinch freely around his waist as he smirked, "Also, did I say even if you surrender, I will let you go?"

"Pervert." Liu Yao rolled her eyes at the grinning Jiang Chen as she stopped in front of the boarding gate.

She combed her hair to the side, used all the power in her body to stand up straight, tipped her toe, and pecked on Jiang Chen’s lips.

"Remember to miss me."


It was not a long goodbye; there was no need for words.

Liu Yao picked up her small luggage. She left, but her heart remained.

Jiang Chen looked at the flight depart; he smiled at the clouds in the distance before the smile gradually returned to calmness.

"Now that the vacation is over, time to work."

Jiang Chen shook his head as he left the airport.

He didn’t return to the hotel but took a taxi to the rural area.

In a park, Jiang Chen spotted Zhang Yapin in a black tee, looking around on the bench.

"Why did you choose to meet in the park? I rather sit in a coffee shop and chat slowly with a cup of coffee." Sitting on the other side of the bench, Jiang Chen sat nonchalantly.

"Because of privacy," Zhang Yapin’s expression looked tense, but his voice was calm.

"You are overthinking things. This is New Zealand, not Pannu." Looking at his anxiousness, Jiang Chen sighed.

He originally thought the Pannu opposing party would take a week to give him a response, but from the looks of it, they couldn’t wait anymore.

"It is always better to be careful."

Jiang Chen shrugged without denying. Then he dove right into the topic.

"Since you are here, then your response must be yes. Am I correct?"

"Yes, we don’t have any other choices," Zhang Yapin nodded as he squeezed those words out with difficulty.

"Before we discuss the support agreement. Can I know what caused you to decide so quickly?" Jiang Chen smiled.

When he heard Jiang Chen’s words, Zhang Yapin fell into silence.

"It is blood."

He slowly told Jiang Chen the story.

Two days ago, just when he returned to the Pannu Island, the political situation began to deteriorate.

Everything was because of a Han's arrival.

Wang Tianfeng, Linhua Group. The business representative stationed on Pannu Islands. This Han businessman seemed to have a great conversation with Johnny as they appeared in multiple important occasions standing side by side while investigating the investment environment, and finally signed an agreement known as the fuse.

President Edward sold the area along the sea of Coro Island as well as the majority of the island on the second biggest island Edgar Island at a price of 5 USD per square meter to Johnny International. Linhua Group will be responsible for building the tourism area and necessary infrastructure. The one hundred million USD in land sales, only half of it flowed into the treasury, while the other fifty million USD flowed into Edward’s account in New Zealand.

The confiscation of land caused a large number of farmers and fishers to lose their homes. The compensation of 2 USD per square meter was not enough to cover their loss.

The dissatisfaction caused unrest, and the war hawk of the Liberal party saw this as an opportunity as they stood up in such a dangerous moment. They called for the farmers and fishers who lost their land to protest in front of the presidential palace.

But would Edward care? In the position where there was no hope. His status being lower than a city official in New Zealand, he still managed to gain almost one hundred million. It was worth it for him.

God, the GDP of Pannu Island was barely one hundred million USD a year; the tax income was less than one hundred million.

With the amount of money he has received, he could easily go to any corner of the world and become a wealthy man after the end of his term. He wanted to go to Britain. Although he had an English heritage, he has never been there before.

Just as he pretended to persuade the public to remain calm, an unlucky young man threw a soggy banana at his face.

Edward was enraged.

Especially when listening to those "natives'" outrageous laughter while they worshipped the young man like a warrior.

The next second that young man was lying in a pool of blood.

Seeing the smoke coming from the muzzle of the soldier beside the president, everyone was shocked.

No one expected a peaceful protest would turn into violence.

The flat-headed "chief" military tank was a gift given by Britain to the Pannu Island government, the only heavy military equipment on the island. During the eighties, Britain finally remembered the fallen behind little brother as they engaged in negotiations for them to join the British Commonwealth. The talk happened to occur when the British army was replacing its arms. Thus the challenger I replaced the "chief" from the sixties, so the scrapped tank was given as a gift to the Pannu Island government.

Although the talk to join the British Commonwealth ultimately failed.

The Pannu Island people didn’t think that the enraged Edward would use violence against the protestors.

Blood stained the street.

Guns and cannons drove the protestors away.

15 died, 57 were injured. As the leader of the protest Pannu Liberal Party also experienced bloody suppression and arrest.

As to the promised compensation, Edward didn’t pay a single cent.

"He is a devil." Zhang Yapin was shaking from anger.

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as he thought with his eyes closed.

"What’s your plan?"

"We need five million USD to buy rifles, anti-tank weapons, and ammunition." Zhang Yapin took a deep breath as the words slowly came out of his mouth.

"No problem. Do you have the channels to purchase the weapons?" Jiang Chen asked in a low voice.

"We contacted a UA citizen; his name is Robert-"

"No no no. It is better for you not to disclose these names, including mine. I don’t want to see you telling everyone that "Jiang Chen funded us, the president of Future Technology", Jiang Chen immediately interrupted Zhang Yapin’s words.

After pausing for a moment, he nodded in realization as he said apologetically.

"Sorry, I didn’t consider things properly. I hope you…"

"I will keep this a secret, when do you plan to start?" Jiang Chen asked.

Everything was within his control.

"Once the fund is in place," Zhang Yapin said in an undertone.

"Do you have a plan?" Jiang Chen asked in a light voice.

"We organized 400 civil soldiers. Once we are equipped with weapons, we will attack the military camp on Coro Island. Once we capture the armory, we will use the equipment in the armory to equip more citizens. That bastard Edward must face the anger of the Pannu people!" Zhang Yapin said gritting his teeth.

It was obvious it was the first time for him to rebel. Who would so easily disclose their plan?

Even with the investor.

After listening to his plan, Jiang Chen nodded. Then he took out his phone.

"The money has arrived, you can start."

Zhang Yapin was shocked, he didn’t think Jiang Chen would be so decisive.

"Is there no need to sign a contract-"

"No." Jiang Chen shook his head. "You can discuss things with me after you win. I believe you will keep your promise. For the freedom of humanity, go, young man."

Jiang Chen patted him on the shoulder.

Zhang Yapin looked graciously at Jiang Chen as he nodded sincerely.

"I will keep my promise. Pannu’s new government will not forget the people that helped them."

"That’s enough, go on." Jiang Chen waved his hand.

Agreement? To a government still in its infancy, it was no different than a verbal agreement. Especially since Jiang Chen didn’t care for the benefits the new Pannu government would bring him, but rather the benefits he would gain from the civil war.

Once Zhang Yapin’s taxi was far enough, Jiang Chen stood up from the bench.

He didn’t put the phone way. Instead, he called Robert.

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