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Chapter 321: Slavery Chip Enhanced

Chapter 321: Slavery Chip Enhanced
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It was already the third day. The woman named Xu Lu didn't do anything to her.

If she had to compare between the past three days and a few days ago, it would just be that the three meals a day were changed to two nutrient supplies per day. If she wanted to go to the washroom, no one would let her out. Instead, a cup would be stuffed under the door.

As long as she withstood the initial embarrassment, it was not inconvenient at all.

To the fallout residents who lived a prosperous life, nutrient supply may be unbearable pig food. But to Han Junhua who was a soldier, nutrient supply was a convenient military food. Needless to say, she drank that in the fallout shelter every day. She didn't even have a few hot meals since the war started. Jiang Chen thought a few nutrient supplies would make her surrender? That was too naïve.

As to being lonely…

She was used to being lonely for a long time.

Han Junhua stared at the black wall as he continued to zone out like her usual routine. She had spent her time this way for the past few days as time passed by under such circumstances. She just didn't why that face would occasionally surface in her head.

Under normal circumstances, it was irregular to have this type of feeling towards the enemy, but she still couldn't resist being curious.

She was curious about the man who used the weakness of human nature to conquer fallout shelter 027. What kind of method would he use to force her to conform?

Of course, she thought regardless, it would be impossible.

Then, the door opened. A ray of light shone into the dark room.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at the light source. She saw Xu Lu.

"What day is today" She took a tube from Xu Lu's hand as Han Junhua casually asked.

"Why do you ask?" Xu Lu didn't answer, but instead, she asked back smiling.

"For you would personally send this to me."

Xu Lu only smiled at her.

"Do you want to watch me drink this?"

There was no response. Han Junhua didn't speak anymore.

She twisted open the cap as she chugged down the thick liquid expressionlessly.

Frp, the corner of her eyes, the smile on Xu Lu's face was more and more visible. For some reason, her smile made Han Junhua feel slightly uncomfortable.

Although she couldn't tell what the reason was, it made her uncomfortable.

Suddenly, her head became clouded as her vision began to blur.


As she quietly thought, her consciousness fell into the abyss.