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Chapter 338: Interdimensional Material Transporter

Chapter 338: Interdimensional Material Transporter
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Due to the difference in time zones, Melbourne was three hours ahead of Wanghai. When Jiang Chen returned to the mansion in the apocalypse, the light was still on in the mansion. Sun Jiao and them were not asleep yet.

After he said hi to Sun Jiao, Jiang Chen headed directly to Lin Lin's lab.

Instincts told him that Lin Lin had a surprise for him.

When he pushed open the lab door, Jiang Chen saw Lin Lin in a white lab coat. The girl's fashion sense was particularly weird; she liked to wear fashionable clothing from before the war underneath a giant white lab coat.

"Wow, you're fast." When she saw Jiang Chen, Lin Lin put aside the item in her hand and walked to the door with a grin.

Jiang Chen instantly knew what her expression meant and took out the pudding from the storage dimension and put it in her hand.

"Did you call me back because you wanted pudding?" Jiang Chen facepalmed as he looked at her joyful expression of opening the pudding.

"Of course not." Lin Lin proudly raised her eyebrows. Using her plastic spoon, she pointed at the helmet on the lab bench with high spirit. "Dang dang dang dang!"

It was a circular plate. Inside the circular plate was a fist-sized metal sphere.

"Is that a Golden Apple?' Jiang Chen looked in the direction of the spoon, puzzled.

"No, no, no!" She proudly raised her tiny chest as she arrogantly shook her finger. "Although part of the inspiration came from that "Golden Apple", the technology is not on the same level at all."

"Oh? Then what is special about yours?" Jiang Chen laughed.

"That Golden apple is a communication device and sends out a resonance signal. But mine, I can send mass!" Lin Lin smiled.

Jiang Chen was moved as he rushed to say, " You mean, you can transfer the mass from the modern world to here?"

Lin Lin shook her head. "It is impossible to send mass from another dimension to this dimension. Any physical quantity is useless between dimensions. Even with the most advanced technology in the 22nd century, it could not create a miracle that extends beyond the boundary of physics."

"Then why did you shock me and say it could send mass?" Jiang Chen said helplessly.

As she spoke, Lin Lin smiled mysteriously and handed the sphere ball to Jiang Chen from the circular plate.

"Try to put that metallic sphere into your storage dimension."

Jiang Chen looked at her skeptically. He took the sphere and threw it in the storage dimension.

"Then put this on." As she said, Lin Lin placed a soft plastic bracelet into Jiang Chen's hand.

He followed Lin Lin's direction and put it on.

It was light, and it didn't feel like there was anything at all around his wrist. Inside the bracelet, a grain-sized crystal was in the middle and it cast a dark green light.

"Take out anything from the storage dimension." Lin Lin curled up the tips of her mouth proudly.


Jiang Chen muttered to himself and followed Lin Lin's instruction. He connected his conscious to the interdimensional bracelet and selected the Type-11 pistol floating in the sub-dimension.

But what happened stunned him.

The pistol didn't appear in his hand, but rather, appeared on the circular plate that contained the Golden Apple.

"What happened?" Jiang Chen was flabbergasted.

"Just as I have expected." Lin Lin rubbed her chin as she nodded in confidence. Then, she handed the pistol back to Jiang Chen.

"Stop playing riddles with me, what exactly is this?" Jiang Chen threw the pistol back into the storage dimension. He glanced at the circular plate, this time the pistol didn't appear there.

"To put it in simple terms, it is the interdimensional mass transporter or a transport array!" Lin Lin walked in front of the whiteboard in the lab and drew two lines.

"The two lines represent two parallel worlds." As she explained, Lin Lin also drew a circle between the two lines, "And this circle represents a small universe."

Small universe? Super Saiyan?

Jiang Chen had a strange expression on his face.

Professor Lin Lin ignored the fact that Jiang Chen's attention slipped away for a moment as she moved her nose and slapped the circle.

"You refer to this as the storage dimension, but is it just a convenient backpack?"

"Then what is it?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows.

"I already said," She stared into Jiang Chen's eyes with excitement, "It is a small universe or a sub-dimension. It stands outside of the macro universe, parallel to all timelines, but it would be infinitely closed to all timelines. Theoretically, it is not possible to transport mass to the small universe, but you could. Although the current theories can't explain your ability, we can take advantage of this!"

"Take advantage of this?" Jiang Chen muttered to himself while immersed in thought. Then, he took out another box of mango pudding from the storage dimension.

"That's right; the bracelet can continuously emit Klein particle waves of special frequency to interfere with your interdimensional bracelet's recognition of the fourth-dimensional coordinate. It is similar to adding a backdoor program in the computer software. By changing the fourth dimensional coordinate, the objects being taken out would appear on this circular plate, rather than in front of the person wearing the bracelet – Ahh! Pudding~"

Green lights flared into the circular plate as the Klein particles in the dimension vibrated rhythmically.

Just like the previous pistol, the mango pudding didn't appear in his hand but appear on the plate. Jiang Chen tried to put the mango pudding away, but there was no reaction at all.

The "transport array" seemed to be one-directional, it could only send items here and not the other way around.

Lin Lin's eyes lit up as she snatched the pudding on the circular plate with a smile on the face. She joyfully rubbed it against her face.

"As long as I wear this bracelet, the stuff I take out from the storage dimension would appear on this circulate plate? Even if I was in the modern world?"

Jiang Chen was excited by the idea. If that was the case, then he didn't need to tirelessly run back and forth. He would only need to wear the bracelet and stand at the warehouse in the modern world, throw all the supplies into the storage dimension before taking it out.

"That's right!" Lin Lin put her hands on her waist as she laughed proudly.

"Haha! This is amazing! Lin Lin, you have helped me so much!"

The thrilled Jiang Chen grabbed Lin Lin's shoulders, hugged her, and spun her around.

"Wahhhh! What, what are you doing!"

Lin Lin's face instantly turned red. Steam began to emerge from her head, and her limbs moved listlessly in the air. Jiang Chen also realized that his action was a bit over the line as he immediately put her down.

"Ah, sorry, ahem… I was too excited." Jiang Chen forced a laugh as he embarrassedly scratched his head while looking at Lin Lin with a face as red as a ripe apple.

Lin Lin hissed a few times, especially unlike her, but didn't say anything. Instead, she grabbed the two boxes of pudding she obtained from Jiang Chen and ran out the door with her head buried.

When she passed by Jiang Chen, he noticed that the red hue has extended from her ear to her neck.

Jiang Chen paused for a moment.

[…Digitalized human can blush too?]