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Chapter 365: Virtual Reality Online

Chapter 365: Virtual Reality Online
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Fishbone Base's metal resources primarily depended on imports from the Sixth Street. With the influence of the economic boom last fall as well as the formation of the bank at the year's end, countless factories emerged. The garbage dumps left unmanaged for many years were swept clean by all the major factories. After the hunters that hunted for crystals and mercenaries that protected trade routes, professional scavengers became the hottest profession at the Sixth Street.

This was unfathomable before because no one imagined that so many factories would emerge at the Sixth Street practically overnight.

"The current production capacity of the base is restricted by the lack of raw materials. A lot of scavenging teams already signed a contract with the factories. Although I suggested Chu Nan to forcefully purchase the resources that Fishbone Base requires at a premium, he rejected the proposal. He said that unless you made the decision, he wouldn't interfere with the contract between private companies and scavengers." Wang Qin sighed.

"What he did was right," Jiang Chen said.

Chu Nan was undoubtedly an interesting individual - although he was just a pilot, it was surprising that they shared a similar thought process. One trait that most survivors shared on the wasteland was that the moment they saw something nice, they would steal it. This was the reason why most people spent their life picking through garbage.

Of course, looking at the question from another perspective, the actions of the survivors were reasonable. Due to the scarcity of survival resources, they might not even be able to survive without robbing others.

Wang Qin looked at Jiang Chen, not understanding. From her perspective, they were already nice enough to purchase the supplies at a premium - at least they weren't trying to rob them. Fishbone base was the controller of the Sixth Street, didn't they have the authority to do whatever they wanted?

"Only freedom and goodwill can inject the long-lasting energy needed for the Sixth Street's economic growth. We would only lose credibility if we attempted to interfere with the economy and its supporting industry. And to a regime like ours, the latter is obviously more important than the former."

She didn't understand what the boss said, but she thought it was deep… That was what Wang Qin's expression showed.

"Credibility... what's the purpose of that?"

"Too useful." Jiang Chen laughed. "Let's not talk about this. How much iron and aluminum are we missing? Just give me a list. These two resources will no longer be imported from the Sixth Street - I will solve the problem myself."

"You-you can obtain iron?" Wang Qin's eyes widened in disbelief as she couldn't hide her surprise.

But she was quick to realize her rudeness as she covered her mouth with her hands to express her remorse.

Jiang Chen didn't mind and answered with a casual voice.

"That's right, I can transport it starting next month. I can't solve the problem with the rare metals though, so see if you have any solutions."

She pushed up her glasses as the surface reflected a cunning spark.

"Let the scavengers of the base take care of it. We should give up on recycling iron and aluminum and shift our focus to electronic equipment and high precision devices - these things contain a higher amount of rare metal."

"Mhmm, I'll leave it up to you." Jiang Chen nodded.

Transportation of goods into the warehouse was almost complete, so Wang Qin saluted before she left.

As it was getting late, Jiang Chen took a big stretch before returning to the mansion.

He needed to bring the nutrient supply to the fallout shelter the next day and ask Han Junhua's opinion. Then he would visit the Sixth Street to examine Chu Nan's current work progress.

He pushed open the door to the living room to see Yao Yao and Lin Lin sitting at the table. The two small heads were both deep in thought as they engaged in a discussion about a blueprint.

"What are you looking at it?" Jiang Chen came closer out of curiosity.

"Ahh, big brother is back. Are you done for the day?" Yao Yao smiled gently at Jiang Chen as she turned her head.

Lin Lin proudly straightened her back and kept her chin high.

"We're currently researching a magnificent technology but since it requires some computer knowledge, I have to ask Yao Jiayu-"

Jiang Chen expected Lin Lin to boast, so he chose to ignore her and directed his gaze at the cute Yao Yao.

"Hello! Stop ignoring me!" Lin Lin protested.

"It's about a database converting brain waves to electronic signals, it's nothing special," Yao Yao timidly said.

"Database?" Jiang Chen was puzzled.

"Sorry for troubling you guys so much."

Sun Xiaorou walked out of the hallway dressed in a light purple floral dress. She lowered her eyes apologetically.

"Not at all, it's not troublesome. " Lin Lin felt awkward by Sun Xiaorou's sincerity as she scratched her face.

Although it was Tingting in her body who destroyed the chip causing Sun Xiaorou to become like this, she still bore some responsibility for not controlling the bug. Even if Sun Xiaorou never blamed her, she always felt guilty.

While Lin Lin had a big mouth and was somewhat arrogant, she was still a kind person deep inside.

"No problem at all, Yao Yao also hopes that sister can start walking soon." Yao Yao nodded her head earnestly.

"Thank you, everyone," Sun Xiaorou said emotionally.

Jiang Chen sensed they had a good relationship with each other -was it because they lived together for so long?

"Thank you too."

"Eh? Me?" Jiang Chen looked in surprise at Sun Xiaorou smiling at him.

"Mhmm. It was only because of you that I reunited with my sister and meet so many lovely friends and also…a cute brother-in-law."

Her eyes turned into two crescents. The smile was sweet, but Jiang Chen felt the smile gave a vibe similar to her sister.

The devil-like smile.

Jiang Chen gulped as he shivered uncontrollably.

[Fu*k, does that count as teasing me?]


After dinner, Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao went to the third-floor gym. Inside were two virtual reality training chambers.

Jiang Chen was told that the virtual reality MMORPG was finished. Of course, he couldn't wait to experience it as he dragged Sun Jiao along.

was a name created by Du Yongkong. He didn't create the content himself because a lot of the data and models were already available. All he needed to do was replicate the famous virtual reality MMORPG on the new engine.

Although it sounded easy, it was a large amount of work. To complete the project, Du Yongkong requested ten something people who previously worked in game design to assist him.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen also increased the difficulty of his work.

To better fit the culture of the modern world and people's spiritual needs, Jiang Chen downloaded a library of Xuanhuan web novels and made Du Yongkong read through them. He asked him to try his best to "recreate the passion" when he designed the game.

This troubled Du Yongkong greatly. While Jiang Chen enjoyed the novels, Yongkong didn't understand the fun of them at all since he was forced to read millions of words just to complete his assigned task.

Regardless, after half a year of work, the beta version of the game was finally finished. Whether it was fun or not, Jiang Chen was determined to figure that out himself.

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