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Chapter 366: The Game Rating becoming weird

Chapter 366: The Game Rating becoming weird
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Although it was an MMORPG, aside from the NPC that possessed basic artificial intelligence, there were only two players. The two virtual reality chambers connected directly to the server which acted as a private server.

The game content was easy to understand and follow.

It involved two landmasses, four empires, the cultural infusion between the east and west, and a distinct otherworldly land that introduced the background of the world. The opening animation was exquisitely designed, but Jiang Chen didn't want to waste time and decided to skip it and went straight into the character creation interface.

There was a variety of classes and races that could be selected including most of the usual ones covered in MMORPG-type novels. Because it was a Game Master account, Jiang Chen could directly select the hidden race and class that would normally only open after thousands of special conditions were met.

Jiang Chen didn't want to spend too much time selecting his character, so he chose the most balanced human as well as the warrior profession with a balance of attack and defense abilities.

A few words flew in front of his eyes.

Chapter One: Medieval Era

The game would be permanently influenced by the actions of users in the game, pushing ahead of the current progression of the gaming world.

For example, if a player conquered thousands of hurdles to complete a hidden quest to reveal the "magic steam engine," the NPC would form the progressive party, and the conservative party would take the players who chose sides in an epic battle to determine whether the world would progress to Chapter Two: Steam Era or remain in Chapter One: Medieval Era.

When an overly-curious player triggered a demigod or destructor to be summoned into the world and caused the "Endless hell" spell to be cast on the entire server, if they chose to "sacrifice their soul to Lucifer," then the game would return to Chapter One: Medieval Era.

The progression of the world meant that new classes and even new races would be born. Whether the steam era or the magical era appeared was based on the actions of the players in the world. The amount of freedom was almost identical to the real world as endless possibilities existed.

This level of detail was an impossible task for modern supercomputers because the number of variables and changes would be an astronomical number. But with the technology of the apocalypse, this level of detail was no problem at all.

No one would choose to miss the opportunity of experiencing a "second life."

Jiang Chen could already imagine the craze people would have when they purchased the virtual reality helmet.

White light illuminated the space and Jiang Chen appeared in the starting village, naked.

Another white light flashed and Sun Jiao also showed up naked beside Jiang Chen.

"Ahh! How-how come I don't have any clothes?!" Sun Jiao cried as she looked down to cover her private areas while she trembled with a red face.

"Eh? Do you like elves?"

Jiang Chen scratched his chin as he examined the character Sun Jiao created.

Other than her voice, it was completely different compared to the real her.

The chin was too sharp to be considered humanly possible, and slim and elegant ears passed through the green strands of hair. It had a slender waist as well as a chest the size of soccer balls - it had the face of an angel but the figure of a devil.

As Jiang Chen looked, he nodded, pleased.

Mhmm, the face creation system must be nerfed since she doesn't look too different from her actual appearance. The idea of an ugly girl with a pretty face speaking sweetly to him gave him goosebumps.

Also, the gender has to be restricted! He discovered that during character creation, he could choose to create a female account. Is Du Yongkong dumb?

When he thought about a man with a female account interacting with him, a shiver went down his spine. At least create a separate server just for people like that...

"Is this the time to say that?! Clothes! Give me clothes!" Sun Jiao cried out in embarrassment.

It was rare to see Sun Jiao in such a panic.

Of course, appearing naked on the street would make anyone panic.

"It's okay, we're all NPC." Jiang Chen extended his finger and pressed into the air. "Also, with the existence of the control center, you can create clothes yourself."

A long dress dropped on the ground.

Sun Jiao, with a speed of lightning, snatched the clothes on the ground and covered her private areas. Then the benevolent elf smiled gruesomely at the shocked crowd and unleashed thunderous strikes.

Her finger moved.

Thousands of flame trails dropped from the ground. The level 100 mage's forbidden spell "Endless Hell" burned the entire starting village to dust.

Typically speaking, it wasn't possible to kill people in the starting village, but Sun Jiao ruthlessly abused the infinite abilities of the NPC.

That was how GM played the game.

"You don't have to wipe everyone out, there were a few dwarf lolis there." The flames dropping on Jiang Chen displayed a bunch of "0s" - the spell was useless on him.

"They're programs after all!" Sun Jiao gave Jiang Chen a dirty look as she bared her teeth to display her prowess.

She was indeed right since all these people were NPC. While they appeared shocked, embarrassed and even had sexual desires when they saw a naked body, behind the characters were just lines of code. All the personality programs were based on DnD's matrix and were determined based on random variables.

"Okay, you're right."

Jiang Chen scanned the scorched earth and collapsed buildings. The smell of burnt meat even drifted into his nose.

Mhmm… It wasn't good to be too realistic. If blood began to pour out with a single sword cut and a mere flame ball spell burned people, the game wouldn't operate for too long before the Radio and Television Ministry shut this down. Create a less violent version? Maybe they could automatically identify the age and nationality of the user and limit the graphic effects based on local laws of the user.

"What's fun about this game?" Sun Jiao scrolled with her finger as she worked on her equipment.

Jiang Chen didn't need to ask as he knew she must've put the ten stars god weapon into her inventory.

A green light was cast out as godly equipment, the Armor of the Elf Queen, was donned by Sun Jiao.

This equipment perfectly demonstrated the idea of "saving clothes for the country." Only a few metal plates covered the private area and most of her skin was exposed under a thin veil.

Seeing that there was no one around, Sun Jiao didn't consider whether the equipment that resembled lingerie was embarrassing or not, but she teased Jiang Chen with her 36Gs.

Looking at the naughty Sun Jiao, Jiang Chen scanned the tightly wrapped clothes in front of her chest.

"Did you drag the chest size up to the max?"

Sun Jiao, who had her secret exposed, didn't even blush as she rolled her eyes.

"I don't believe you didn't drag your thing to the max."

To be honest, Jiang Chen hadn't even thought about it. He allowed the system to replicate his look when he created his character.

Sun Jiao reminded him that in the virtual world, he could be a bit bigger.

His finger drew in the air as the indescribable part began to bulk at an unbelievable speed. Jiang Chen had a smirk on his face.

"Why don't you test it out?"