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Chapter 375: We meet again

Chapter 375: We meet again
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Yao Yao blankly stared at the person on the screen.

Jiang Chen subtly raised his muzzle, but Lin Chaoen raised his hands, surrendering.

"Don't overreact, are you not going to wait for me to finish?"

"Instinct tells me that it is not words I want to hear." Maintaining his shooting position, Jiang Chen locked right onto him.

Lin Chaoen?

Why would this guy appear here?

"Who is he?" Sun Jiao looked at Lin Chaoen with a frown.

"A robot that always causes trouble for me. Whether it is intentional or not," Jiang Chen said.

"No, no, no, you may have mistaken." Lin Chaoen waved his hands and smiled, "I don't have any intention to cause anyone trouble, or rather, I am your only destination."

"Destination?' Jiang Chen had a dubious smile.

"That's right, nothing is more adaptable than a metallic body in this miserable world. Join us, we'll grant you the perfect body. A body that will never age, and never die." His smile was noble, but it shined the same way as a demon's.

"Just like you?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"Stronger than me." Lin Chaoen's smile was bright.

[Looks like it didn't take much to convince him. Therefore, the Sixth Street will be part of supreme's territory.]

"In your dreams." Jiang Chen laughed.

The smile froze on Lin Chaoen's face.

"Then that's disappointing." Lin Chaoen sighed.

As an intermediate artificial intelligence, he didn't have anger as an emotion. Or rather, even his smile was fake.

As his words died down, a sharp screech came out of the datacenter. Immediately followed by the sound of bubbles bursting.

"What happened!" Sun Jiao's became alerted as she aimed for the door.

The two soldiers raised the revolving machinegun on their left arm and anxiously aimed at the empty hallway.

"Poison teeth spider, an interesting bug."

The door to the side of the hallway opened.

The dense sound of the floor being scratched diffused through. Under the light of the flashlight, spiders the size of a shepherd moved its furry legs and flooded the room to the data center at the end of the hallway.

"Fire!" Sun Jiao shouted and first pressed the trigger.


The sparks from the bullets wavered in the hall and shredded the spiders into pieces. Flesh could not stand the test of machineguns, but machineguns could not sever the flow of the water. The endless amount of spiders like turbulent floods flowed forward, crushing the dead bodies before them.

Dam*mit! Too many!

Sun Jiao gritted her teeth; her finger locked on the trigger.

At the same time, a grenade was launched, and fire exploded inside the hallway.

Dark green blood and severed corpses splattered onto the two soldiers' faces.

Four more grenades were launched as flame filled up the enclosed space.

After the flame dispersed, the burning smell of flesh filled up the entire hallway. Traces of unextinguished flames still remained on the ground, but not a simple, complete Poison Teeth Spider could be found.

Burning grenade, the terminator of all carbon-based creatures.

"When did robots learn how to breed bugs?' Jiang Chen put down the gun and looked at Lin Chaoen in disgust.

Although he knew that with the mask of the power armor, Lin Chaoen could not see his disgust.

"I only closed the subwoofer suppresser that prevented these little things from breaking their egg. If you have time, why don't you give the disgusting but cute pets a new name? Since as intermediate artificial intelligence, I don't have any creativity," Lin Chaoen said courteously.

"Voice… disappeared." Yao Yao released her hand pressed to her chest and stared at the person on the screen.

Because she spent a lot of time on electronic devices, she was sensitive to this type of noise.

"That's right, disappeared." Lin Chaoen gently smiled," Therefore, it should come out too."

The ground began to tremble as a series of sharp glass shattering noises came from the room across the hallway, but then quickly faded.

"What is it?" Jiang Chen was concerned.

Shining a light in that direction resulted in emptiness.

"Are you really not going to consider surrendering? If you are willing to receive the salvation of the supreme, I may consider sparing you." Lin Chaoen smiled.

"I'm willing." Jiang Chen's face never blushed when he lied.

"There is a special medicine on the table at the corner. Although it is not prepared for you, drink it-"

"In your dreams." Jiang Chen lifted the rifle and unleashed the bullets.

The screens shattered.

"Yao Yao, extract the data." Jiang Chen ordered calmly.

"Ah, ah! Okay." Yao Yao recovered from the shock as she returned to the screen and her fingers rapidly moved between the keys.

"Sun Jiao, deploy the drones."


The hummingbird drones were released from the back storage into the hallway.

After it stabilized its position in the air, the drone flew to the hallway across dein them as it shared the image from its camera to the team.

But the instant the drone crossed the door, Jiang Chen saw an angry face.

The deathly silk covered every inch of the ceiling as the giant body filled up the entire room. Its terrifying teeth were like manes as they densely filled the mouth.

A giant spider.

The thick hair and teeth gave Jiang Chen a daunting chill down his spine.

Although he didn't know how to read the expression of a spider, it must be furious right now since he probably just saw them kill all of its children. He then recollected the subwoofer suppressor that Lin Chaoen mentioned as he tried to figure out the relationship between Lin Chaoen and the spider.

For some reason, Lin Chaoen breeded these spider eggs and then used the subwoofer suppressor to suppress the mother spider at a specific location. While Jiang Chen didn't know why he bred these spiders, it must not be for a friendly purpose.

The drone suddenly stopped.

Like a mosquito stuck in a spider web, it was glued tight.

Then a black shadow cut through before the picture turned into a static white.

"What are we going to do?" Sun Jiao asked on the private channel.

[With this type of monster, the power armor is probably not enough.]

Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao.

The girl was completely calm. Her fingers rapidly moved between the screens, hacking the security software.

"The data is extracted!" It was a young but affirmative voice.

"Could the subwoofer suppressor be activated?" Jiang Chen asked.

"… No, it's already deleted." Yao Yao desperately tried to recover the deleted the program, but the opponent completely removed any traces of it.

"Take the USB and get ready to leave," Jiang Chen reloaded and ordered.

"But the outside-" Sun Jiao reminded him.

"Helicopter, fire at the Ministry of Geology!" He connected himself to the pilot channel and immediately ordered.