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Chapter 376: Retreat

Chapter 376: Retreat
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Fire at the Ministry of Geology?

But aren't they inside?

The helicopter crew only hesitated for two seconds before they executed the mission.

As knights of the Fishbone base, the leader's order is absolute.

"Target locked."


The gunner pressed the trigger.


The 10 kilograms bomb penetrated through the three-floor high dome. The shattered concrete crumbled like an avalanche and dropped to the lower underground level. The explosion exposed the deep underground structure underneath.

Rocks and debris rained down and penetrated the web and hit the giant spider on the back. Unfortunately, the slightly off-target bomb got stuck on the wall of the B12 level and didn't directly hit the giant spider, the collapsed concrete debris still destroyed the spider web and pinned the massive beast to the bottom floor.


The pained screech came from across the hall. The hurt spider moved its fearsome legs in an attempt to stand up.

"Are you crazy, if this building collapses, we might-" Sun Jiao shouted.

Jiang Chen continued to order, "Continue to fire."


The dust caused by the explosion covered the entire hallway. Jiang Chen covered Yao Yao with his arms. At the same time, the rumbling dust swept through the hallway and inside the data center. The falling rocks made a series of clanking sound on the power armor of the two soldiers.

There was no more noise from the other side; the spider died.

Sun Jiao dusted off the rifle and gave Jiang Chen a hard stare.

"You almost buried us."

"I didn't, did I?" Jiang Chen shrugged innocently.

Yao Yao hidden behind Jiang Chen peeked her head out, quivering.

"It's okay now," Jiang Chen rubbed Yao Yao's head as he said lightly.

"Woooo-" But the loli docked down covering her head.

"Fool, your hands are full of dust," Sun Jiao mocked in the private channel.

Jiang Chen had to retract his hand awkwardly.

[This girl is getting more naughty, I'll teach her a lesson when we go back.]

Jiang Chen stared back at Sun Jiao.

Though with the mask in between, they couldn't see each other's expression.

He ordered the soldiers to take samples of the giant spider as well as the remaining spider eggs, then Jiang Chen ordered the retreat.

Although the majority of the structure of the surface had collapsed, fortunately, the collapsed concrete blocks didn't completely drop underground to bury the team alive.

The rotating stair was destroyed, Sun Jiao hugged Yao Yao, and the four power armors started to ascend with the blue trail of flames.

It incident didn't alert the zombies, but the four giant metal suits attracted the attention of the throwers. This type of mutated zombie has an acute vision and a natural anti-air unit. It dragged their infant zombies and threw it at Sun Jiao near the shambles.

Jiang Chen saw this and took out his tactical rifle instantly. With his right hand holding the barrel, he swung the rifle like a baseball bat at the infant zombie.

Follow by a stuffed sound; the barrel hit the zombie infant back into the air.

It exploded back to where the zombies were.

"Wow, this thing's explosive damage is high." Jiang Chen was caught off guard.

"Thanks." Sun Jiao held the quivering Yao Yao as she playfully gave him a flirty look that he couldn't see.

"Thank me when we go back." Jiang Chen was aiming at the frightening thrower.


A sniper bullet flew by and crushed its neck and managed to secure the kill before Jiang Chen could.

Then a few more shots flew from the distance and broke the neck of the throwers that were threatening the team of five.

Realizing what just happened, Jiang Chen gave a thumbs up to the far distance.

The four power armors cut straight through the ruins. After ascending for 300 meters, they boarded the helicopter before taking off to the skyscraper one thousand meters away.

After Zhao Gang boarded, the pilot closed the hatch and returned.

Jiang Chen opened his helmet when they flew out of the high radiation zone and let out a breath.

"Did you bring the USB?"

"Mhmm." Yao Yao nodded.

"Could you transfer the information to my EP?"

"Of course."

The power armor opened from the back as Jiang Chen squeezed out. He attached the nylon hook to the armor, extended his right arm, and put the EP in front of her.

The loli took out the hologram computer and transferred the USB information inside before attaching the cord to Jiang Chen's EP.

Jiang Chen then realized he performed an unnecessary action. If he knew that Yao Yao brought the hologram computer, it would be more convenient to view the data with that. To strive for stability, the screen of the EP was not only small but also without the hologram function. Looking at the world map was inconvenient.

As the major economic city of PAC, the Ministry of Geology at Wanghai had a comprehensive set of information. Not only did it include the global mining deposition map, it even included the discovered deposition on the moon and Mars.

Jiang Chen called out the stats with the hologram computer as he found the location of Pannu Islands in this world.

He filtered the earthquake information and other stats he didn't understand as he selected the mining deposition option.

When he saw the series of dense red dots, Jiang Chen's expression instantly turned joyful.

Like what he expected, there had to be mining depositions under the vast ocean territory of Pannu Islands.

East of Ange Island, the area near New Guinea, happened to be a rich deposition. Specifically in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Extending northeast, about two hundred thousand square kilometers deep of ocean territory contained 17 rich, rare earth depositions. The expected rare metal reserve was 9.8 million tons, which was 1.5 times the amount discovered by Japan in South Bird Island.

Other than rare metals, iron, aluminum, molybdenum, copper, and gold also had an insane amount of depositions.

It could not be described merely as a treasure; it was money raining from the sky.

Jiang Chen wanted to go back now to make Yang Yuan start the preparation of mining to solve the rare metal problem that has been giving him headaches.

Underwater mining was a difficult task with technology level of the 21st century, but it was not a big deal for Jiang Chen. He trusted that the scientists of the 22nd century at the fallout shelter could solve a small problem like this.

Of course, he obviously could not return now.

If he did travel back while being one thousand meters in the sky, he would have to experience freefall the next time he returned.

Arrived at the Fishbone base, Jiang Chen calmed down from the excitement.

The underwater mining technology was yet to be finished, so there was no use going back now.

He parked the T-4 power armor in the armory and went to find Wang Qin.

He handed the giant spider and spider egg sample to her as he asked her to send it to camp 27 as soon as possible for testing.

Then, Jiang Chen stopped in front of the community center for a while as a wicked smile appeared on his face.

[Lin Chaoen, playing with me? You really think I can't teach you a lesson?]