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Chapter 377: Bombardment

Chapter 377: Bombardment

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Inside Liuding's radar station, twenty workers in old PAC marine uniforms stared at the screen anxiously.

The middle-aged man with a cap on gravely watched the red dot on the radar as a trace of the same anxious expression appeared between his eyebrows.

"Did it launch?"

"Launch confirmed." A drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead as the worker closest to the general typed on the screen with shaking fingers as it confirmed the reliability of the signal.

[What did that bit*h Tang Miya do, didn't she say she reached an agreement with that lunatic dictator?] With eyes locked on the red dot ascending, the general cursed the person countless times already.

"The missile is approaching the Troposphere."

The general cursed and took out the phone from his waist.

"Attention Cannon one crew, raise the electromagnetic cannon."


Since the failed mission last year, the heavy electromagnetic pulse cannon were not used for a long time. However, because of the Fishbone base's dangerous act, the cannon was reactivated.

But everyone knew that if a war were to erupt, Liuding would be the eventual loser. Once the Fishbone tank bulldozed the feeble allies and approached the Bohai aircraft carrier, it would only be a matter of time before they sink Liuding.

"The missile reached the stratosphere and had started to turn."

"Landing spot confirmed, the target is Songjiang near the outskirt of the city center."

"Alarm deactivated."

In two short seconds, there was a comical turn of events.

Alarm deactivated? Not target towards Liuding?

The general was shocked.

He thought that the dictator at the west of Wanghai finally couldn't sit around any longer as it was prepared to flash its evil fangs at Liuding. But he didn't expect that the ballistic missile's target was not Liuding or Liuding's allies, instead of an unknown force located in the city center?"

The general processed this for a minute before he ordered.

"… Attention air division, send a helicopter to investigate the target area."


Dongfeng-76 (Mimic) ballistic missile was developed and constructed by Jiang Lin from the aerospace department. It first displayed its massive destructibility in the war between humans and the mutated humans. With the help of the fallout shelter, Jiang Lin made further improvements to its design, such as replacing the engine, fuel, and modules, to finally complete the Dongfeng-76 (Mimic) ballistic missile.

The Fishbone base manufactured a total of five and deployed them at low grounds near the rural area to replace the not-so-reliable giant firecracker. Using them to deter the threat of Liuding's massive electromagnetic cannon.

Right now, in front of the launch pad at the Shenxiang colony, southwest of Wanghai, a few missile maintenance workers were conducting the last launching check.

The number five launch pad deployed at Shenxiang received the order from the base leader Jiang Chen and immediately initiated the launch program.

The green indicator light turned on as the target coordinate was inputted into the central control program of the rocket.

"Target coordinate locked."

"Engine ignited."

"Launchpad separated."


The thick white smoke blew across the street. The six meters high ballistic missile separated with the launch pad and flew towards the sky filled with radiation dust.

The all grey ballistic missile pierced the cloud like a sharp sword.

Then, like a thunderous fireball, it smashed into the ground.

It was the coordinate Jiang Chen obtained from the bearded mercenary, because of their high defense power, Jiang Chen never confirmed if this place had a connection with Lin Chaoen.

But it didn't matter anymore, Lin Chaoen completely and utterly pissed of Jiang Chen.

[Robot? Digitalized human? Whatever your hidden secrets are, go to hell! I will use your base to test my weapon!]

The radar on the apartment detected the ballistic missile, but before the sentry gun could point at the sky, the missile smashed down like a meteor right through the roof and blew in the middle of the apartment building.

The high temperature even melted the concrete. The heat wave mixed with the scattered metal shards and concrete debris exploded the apartment into pieces.

The shockwave of the explosion destroyed the structure of the apartment building.

Five minutes later, two nearby apartment buildings also collapsed.

Standing inside the camp 27 command center, Jiang Chen watched the ruins on the screen.

The shockwave of the explosion even made the drone five kilometers away shake.

"Send a ground force to search the area."

"Yes!" Wang Zhaowu saluted and left the office.

Just as Wang Zhaowu left, Xu Lu walked in.

With a smile on her face, Xu Lu opened the tablet in her hand and reported to Jiang Chen, "The sample results are back. The toxin inside the spider egg has a hallucination agent which could cause people to display symptoms such as madness and foaming at the mouth.

"Hallucination agent?' Jiang Chen said with a frown.

Xu Lu nodded and continued.

"Also, based on pharmacological analysis, the toxin's organic components have many similarities to the drug <Happy Time> sold by the merchant with an unknown identity… Based on initial deductions, the spider eggs are the primary ingredient to produce <Happy Time>

Happy time…

[The robot wouldn't need this type of medicine so it would be used for humans. Selling drugs to obtain crystals? Doesn't feel right… Lin Chaoen didn't seem like a merchant.]

And the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce, they seemed to have a special relationship with Lin Chaoen.


Jiang Chen leaned against the chair and fell into deep thought with his eyes closed.

If possible, he didn't want to start a war against forces with no conflict of interest. In the apocalypse, people have a lot of ideas. Including the Dusk practicing the escapist ideology, the PLA attempting to restore the 20th-century power, and the supposedly descendent of PAC – The Northern Alliance Area, as well as the force behind Lin Chaoen that represent supreme… From a pure interest perspective, Fishbone had no direct conflict with them.

For some reason, he suddenly recalled the conversation with Academician Qin.

"The rebirth of civilization must be accompanied by bloody brutality." Jiang Chen muttered his words.

Xu Lu, standing not so far away from the desk, silently awaited his instructions.

At the same time, the phone on the table rang and interrupted Jiang Chen's thoughts.

He picked up as a soldier's face surfaced onto the screen. He saluted to Jiang Chen and reported.

"Liuding helicopter entered the target area."

"Liuding?" Jiang Chen scratched his chin.

One of the reasons for launching the missile was revenge. The other reason being a deterrence for Liuding. Since the Dongfeng-76 was not cheap, using it simply for revenge against the force behind Lin Chaoen was too wasteful.

"Don't mind them, continue to search the target area," Jiang Chen ordered.

"Yes!" The soldier saluted again and ended the communication.