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Chapter 385: Fixed Wing Aircraft

Chapter 385: Fixed Wing Aircraft
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Inside the hologram conference room, Chu Nan's projected hologram stood at the end of the long table and reported to Jiang Chen on the first-day sale numbers of war bonds.

"… Including the presale portion, war bonds worth two million crystals were sold on the first day. Also, the recruitment work is 30% completed; it's expected to be completed within a week."

"It's almost like picking up money from the ground!" Jiang Chen was amazed.

"Our credibility worked - all the citizens wanted a bond."

"No, no, no, credibility only relates to the fact that people believe we will pay. But what made people buy the war bonds wasn't credibility but it's because they supported the war." Sinking into the chair, Jiang Chen smiled.

"Because there are things to be gained?" Chu Nan said mockingly.


Chu Nan didn't bother asking about the other reason; he merely smiled and flipped through the documents in his hand.

" Was this the only thing you needed to report to me?"

"No, there's another piece of good news," Chu Nan said.


"Do you remember that Hua Weijie? The order you sent him - he completed it."

When he first occupied the Sixth Street, Jiang Chen promised various benefits to the five council members that surrendered. Zhao Chenwu's food business, Lu Yun's Horizon Corporation's Inner Circle rebuilt project, Hua Weijie's Galactic Technology Company's pre-war technology collection and the development of the Type-51 Transportation Helicopter project.

"Completed already?" Jiang Chen looked at Chu Nan, surprised by the speed.

On his expected timeline, the research should've taken at least one year, but they completed the project already.

"Yes, they completed it." Chu Nan nodded.

"Direct their technicians to transfer the production process to our factory until the helicopter is successfully built, and send the remaining one hundred and twenty thousand crystals to them," Jiang Chen immediately said with an uncontainable smile on his face.

The development of the Type-51 Transportation Helicopter meant that the NAC would possess the ability to manufacture helicopters and completely disrupt Liuding Town's domination of the air force. With NAC's production abilities, it wouldn't take long before they exceeded Liuding just on one platform.

"Okay. Hua Weijie also asked me if there were any new projects for him." Chu Nan nodded.

"Of course, ask him if he's interested in a joint research project. If he is, talk to him about the development of fighter jets."

Chu Nan paused for a moment then repeated to confirm.

"Fight jets?"

"Yes. Fixed-wing aircraft, the type that could drop a 200-kilogram bomb on the enemy's heads."

"Let me be honest, the research for fixed-wing aircraft is far more complex than helicopters. And regarding combat effectiveness on the wasteland, fighter jets are no stronger than helicopters." Chu Nan tried to convince Jiang Chen, erring on the side of caution.

Since the helicopter research was just completed, the production line hadn't even started, so when would research on fighter jets begin? Chu Nan thought it was better to continue building on the helicopter research with the current model as the prototype while continually improving on its design.

Fighter jets? The maximum combat radius of NAC was at most fifty kilometers - were fighter jets even necessary?

But what Chu Nan didn't know was that Jiang Chen planned to bring fighter jets to the modern world.

"Look further, the enemies in front of us aren't just the mutated humans. The Northern Alliance Area has always been plotting against Wanghai City. Let's look even further at all of Pan-Asia, even the continent on the other side of the Atlantic; no one knows what's there, no one knows what they think over there. We'll have to face them eventually. I don't want to be completely unprepared at that time. Now, do you think it's unnecessary to research fixed-wing aircraft?"

"You're right, general," Chu Nan immediately responded.

Regardless if he was right or not, it was foolish to argue.

Jiang Chen nodded. "Perfect, then that's that."

He ended the communication session with Chu Nan and stretched on his chair.

"Ah… This is tiring. Miss Advisor, could you massage my shoulders for me?"

"Let me be frank, that's an assistant's work." Han Junhua, standing in the corner of the room, crossed her arms coldly.

"Isn't the advisor also the assistant to the general?" Jiang Chen said with a joking voice.

"Your perspective is quite interesting, but allow me to disagree."

"That's disappointing then."

Jiang Chen exaggeratedly made a disappointed face, stood up, and walked out of the conference room in a good mood.

"If you want to equip the army with fighter jets, I recommend you build an air force independent of the land units," Han Junhua said in a calm voice.

"It's still too early - the scientists didn't even create the 'toy' model for me yet."

Jiang Chen laughed with his voice echoing down the hallway.

As the general, he didn't need to wait in the office for information. He only needed to appear in front of people when it was necessary. As for troublesome tasks, they were perfect for the advisor to take care of… This was what Jiang Chen told himself about his job requirements instead of dealing with his laziness.

He sat in the office with nothing to do for half an hour before Jiang Chen instructed Han Junhua "let me know if anything comes up."

It was already early June.

Estimating that he could return in a few days, Jiang Chen wanted to spend more time with the people he cared for now.

Jiang Chen passed by the square in front of the community center. The training grounds were two hundred meters north of it. There was a row of parked trucks at the door as well as the Tiger, still active in service. The women waited for their husbands here because they would be heading to the front lines soon.

When Jiang Chen passed by the door, he saw the training grounds packed with people.

The First Division was about to depart, so Cheng Weiguo was making his last speech to the soldiers. Once that was done, they would board the trucks and head for the front lines.

Just yesterday, the general office approved the request for war from the Sixth Street council. The entire NAC entered a state of war. Although the mutant humans undoubtedly didn't receive the information, there was nothing wrong with deploying their soldiers to the front lines.

In the crowd, Jiang Chen saw a familiar face.

It was Zhou Jiexi, the wife of Cheng Weiguo. She was the chef of the cafeteria before, but after the cafeteria was reorganized under the logistics department, she began working in that department. Jiang Chen had a faint memory of her - in the beginning, she cooked for the original thirty-something people at the base.

Now, he noticed a difference from how she looked before - it was her stomach…

Zhou Jiexi noticed Jiang Chen and smiled.

"Mr. General."

"Long time no see." Jiang Chen smiled back as he looked surprised at her bulging abdomen. "How many months?"

"Already three." Her face was filled with happiness when she talked about her child.

"Three months already… That guy, he didn't even tell me he's about to become a father," Jiang Chen said.

"You're the general - how could we disturb you with that?" Zhou Jiexi said humbly.

Jiang Chen took a second to process it but managed to recollect his thoughts quickly and smiled at her.


After a pause, Jiang Chen said, "Take care of yourself, also… say hi to Old Cheng for me."

"Mhmm, I will."

To a leader, it was indeed valuable to gain the respect and awe of his subordinates. But some distance created by awe was inevitable since the people he promoted, other than Zhou Guoping, weren't naturally servile people.

[So I need someone who can flatter me?]

With that sudden thought in his mind, Jiang Chen laughed. Things would be boring with that type of person around.

[Am I missing a friend? Or a good brother?]

Jiang Chen was silent.

The troops began to move as the soldiers started to board the trucks and wave goodbye to the soldiers at the door.

At the same time, cradled inside a woman's arm, Jiang Chen saw an infant.

The ignorant sleepy face and the smile on the mother's face formed a memorable picture in Jiang Chen's eyes.

And it was because of that smile that Jiang Chen felt some comfort.

Jiang Chen turned around and left.