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Chapter 390: The Calm before the Storm

Chapter 390: The Calm before the Storm
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"That's right," Jiang Chen said with straightforwardness.

He didn't hide the power of NAC because there was no need. Once the NAC flag flew above Jia City, the survivors, merchants, and mercenaries would naturally circulate the unknown but powerful name to the entire wasteland.

Jiang Chen was observing Kong Jie while Kong Jie was doing the same thing.

"I sense danger from you."

"Could I interpret that as a compliment?" Jiang Chen crossed his legs as he said in a joking voice.

"Of course. Our merchants are spread all over the wasteland; there aren't a lot of forces that would scare us. The Northern Alliance Area is one of them, as are you."

"Because of my weapons?"

"Because of your ambition." Kong Jie stared right into Jiang Chen's eyes.

This act was extremely disrespectful in a friendly meeting, but he still did it. He wanted to see if Jiang Chen's eyes could reveal anything that could prove his assumption. In actuality, he did it because Jiang Chen didn't bother to disguise his ambition.

"How so?" Jiang Chen laughed.

"From the configuration of the base." Kong Jie shifted in his seat as he scanned the room decorations. "As well as this office. For the people who prefer order, they have a high standard of living for themselves and their neighbors. Of course, the best way to demonstrate that is the name 'NAC.' New Asia Corporation? Good name."

"Do you feel unsettled?" To Kong Jie's comments, Jiang Chen only answered dubiously.

"That's right," Kong Jie said directly. "Our merchants are all considering one question: if you take out the nail between us, who could promise that you wouldn't step foot into Hang from Jia City?"

"So your recommendation is?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Let Jia City become the buffer zone between us. Without a land route, our merchants can develop routes in the shallow sea or Tai Lake. But without this nail, we won't sleep well at night." Kong Jie stared into Jiang Chen's eyes, making his proposal with seriousness.

"That's impossible." Jiang Chen rejected it right away. "Even if we don't attack them, the mutated humans will launch an attack on us. By that time, they would have a natural advantage; no one could guarantee that the war won't spread across the Taifu river. I won't prioritize short-term peace to risk losing an inevitable war."

"We could fund you to build up your defenses along the river." Kong Jie raised his finger. "Half a million crystals, on the condition that you won't send your forces west."

Jiang Chen was not moved at all with this proposal.

"Then that's unfortunate; we already raised two million crystals through the distribution of war bonds."

The negotiation was at a stalemate.

Kong Jie and Jiang Chen stared at each other and fell into silence.

Moments later, Kong Jie suddenly spoke with a smile.

"Do you know how the mutated humans obtained so many weapons?"

"Why?" Jiang Chen didn't seem too interested.

"Based on the data we gathered, an organization named The Dusk that migrated from the Northern Alliance Area is providing support for them," Kong Jie said with an ambiguous smile.

This information was outdated - the last time The Dusk sent out Sun Xiaorou to assassinate Jiang Chen, he already obtained that information through his unique methods. Regarding the operations of The Dusk, he knew a man called Bo Yu provided help to the mutated humans.

It wasn't hard to deduce this as the mutated humans were weak industrially, yet they had heavy machines or even cannons. Jiang Chen would never believe they didn't have support from a third party.

But from Kong Jie's ambiguous expression, Jiang Chen read something else.

"Are you threatening me?" Jiang Chen said dubiously as he looked into his eyes.

"I didn't say anything. But as merchants, we retain the right to invest in any projects that can offer a return." Kong Jie shrugged.

Jiang Chen sneered.

Since it was already so obvious, why was he still afraid to admit the truth?

"You're playing with fire."

"I am looking for an opportunity to work together," Kong Jie corrected him without backing down.

Jiang Chen suddenly stood up.

A trace of anxiety flashed across Kong Jie's eyes, but he quickly calmed down.

"If you think you can fund the mutated humans to prevent us from removing them from Jia City, you can go ahead." Jiang Chen walked in front of him. He stopped and stared into Kong Jie's eyes from above as he said, "But I can tell you now that if you support the mutated humans..."

Unable to breathe because of the oppressive atmosphere, Kong Jie held his breath and waited for the next sentence from the dictator.

Jiang Chen grinned and spoke the words Kong Jie didn't want to hear the most.

"Then there would be war."

The atmosphere in the office froze, but it quickly faded by the next sentence from Jiang Chen.

"Of course, I trust that your party's foresight, you wouldn't make such an ill-advised decision."

With his eyes wavering for a while, Kong Jie finally nodded in hesitation.

"Excellent. Welcome back to the negotiation table then." Jiang Chen smiled and sat back down.

With the tension alleviated, Kong Jie finally breathed fresh air again.

Suddenly, he realized his entire back was drenched in cold sweat.

The negotiations ended peacefully.

Jiang Chen didn't plan to discuss the details of military operations in the fall but rather, he began talking about how to share trade routes after Jia City was captured. Although the war hadn't started yet, Jiang Chen already considered the city his.

Kong Jie still expressed concern with the fact that if Jia City was captured by Jiang Chen, Hang would be surrounded by him. But with Jiang Chen's firm position, he couldn't do anything about it.

After they reached an agreement with the trade routes, supply stations, and patrol stations, Kong Jie hastily left.

Seeing that Kong Jie had left, Han Junhua walked in.

"Why don't you just detain him?"

"Because that would serve no purpose." Jiang Chen yawned and waved his hand. "This is the annoying part about negotiating with such a loose organization - even if you killed its leader, it would just select a new one. Or rather, the leader itself is basically like a mascot. When I shook hands with him, I knew he wasn't a professional merchant."

A professional merchant would not have calluses from holding guns. Instead of being a true leader, he was a representative pushed forward by a bunch of merchants.

"You don't seem to be worried about the reaction from Hang?" Han Junhua asked.

"They need a market, and we have the biggest market in Suhang province. Safety or crystals - they must choose between them, and I firmly believe they will choose the latter. Especially since my attitude towards the Sixth Street merchants seemed to ease his mind. Even if they were taken over by the NAC, their assets wouldn't be compromised… Most merchants would think this way." Jiang Chen walked over to the desk.

There was someone knocking on the door.

"Come in."

It was Wang Qin. She had a grave expression.

"General, information coming from the Sixth Street stated that mutant activities have been on the rise as of late. Mutants including mutated cockroaches and mutated rats are all exhibiting strong, aggressive behaviors. Typically, these mutants wouldn't attack survivors… The information reported that Wanghai City is preparing for the second flood of mutants."

"Flood of mutants?" Jiang Chen frowned.

He had never experienced a mutant flood before; he just heard rumors about the terror of it. In the past when the World Alliance Organization had yet to launch the space colonization ships, a mutant flood erupted in Wanghai City. The ex-military army stationed near the city's research institute was driven out by the ferocious mutants.

The shock also impacted the Sixth Street, but with the equipment left by the World Alliance Organization, they managed to fend off the attack. At that time, the Sixth Street confirmed its rule under the Group of Ten Council.

But this time…

Wang Qin nodded.

"Alert Wang Zhaowu to be on the precautionary side; he's closer to the city center. I will give him permission to open the fallout shelter door and lead the citizens on the surface to retreat into the fallout shelter. At the same time, increase the fallout shelter energy reserve to 100 fuel rods. You will be responsible for that," Jiang Chen said.

"Understood." Wang Qin nodded.

The time between each fallout shelter opening varied; no one knew when the other fallout shelters in Wanghai City would open. If he lost fallout shelter no.27, that would mean that the research abilities of the NAC would decrease substantially. Jiang Chen would not permit such a thing from happening, so if a mutant flood were to erupt, he had to protect the safety of the scientists.

Whether or not a mutant flood would actually occur, there was nothing wrong with being prepared.

"Also, establish a temporary emergency shelter underground. Prepare necessary barricades, beds, nutrient supplies, and heaters. Although we know these things probably won't be used, prepare these things just in case."

"Okay." Seeing that Jiang Chen had no further instructions, Wang Qin quickly left.

After a brief pause, Jiang Chen looked at Han Junhua again.

"For the next few days… Mhmm, perhaps for half a month, I have something to take care of elsewhere. Just discuss things with Sun Jiao for now since she takes on my responsibilities when I'm away. If the mutated flood does erupt, I'll come back immediately."

Jiang Chen thought Han Junhua would ask where he was going, but surprisingly, she only nodded.

"Okay. But my recommendation is that if the mutant flood was to erupt, as the general, you shouldn't return to the areas with high danger."

"I will return because there are people who are important to me here," Jiang Chen said with seriousness.

"… I will protect them for you," Han Junhua promised calmly.

"Thank you. But don't be too worried, they may just be rumors."

Jiang Chen patted her on the shoulder and left the office.

The door closed.

Long after watching the door close, Han Junhua squeezed her own face.

Then she put her hand down.


She muttered to herself with an emotionless voice then looked outside.

It was bright and clear outside; not a single cloud was in the sky.

But the brightness gave her a surreal feeling.

This feeling was just like the calm before the storm.