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Chapter 397: Entry Blacklist

Chapter 397: Entry Blacklist

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Coro Island airport.

A girl in a casual outfit and a pair of shades dragged her luggage and walked into the empty airport alone.

The tourists that she passed by all stopped and turned to look at her, but because of the shades, they couldn't see her face clearly. But just by her graceful figure and the gorgeous outline, it was not hard to predict that the girl was trouble.

Perhaps a celebrity that was alone on vacation.

The tourists passed by her debated whether they should ask for an autograph, perhaps it may be the start of a beautiful encounter.

But they would be disappointed.

First, Xia Shiyu was not a celebrity.

Second, the beauty already has her heart set on someone else.

It was in the middle of June; the bright sun was like a ball of fire in the sky. Xia Shiyu who just came out of the airport immediately felt the heat unique to the tropical region.

When she left the airport, she headed straight to the road outside and stood under the palm tree.

To the taxi drivers' beeping of the horn, she shook her head, signaling that she was waiting for someone before she checked the time on her phone.


The flight arrived thirty minutes ahead of schedule, there was still thirty minutes before the agreed on pickup time.

Her thumb hovered on the phone icon for two seconds but moved to the camera.

She selected the front camera.

She stared at her serene face on the screen silently for a while.

[… Is my bang a bit off center?]

She tried to adjustment the freshly permed bangs she got a few days ago in an attempt to make it look more normal.

On the plane, she put on a layer of light makeup. As to why she didn't even know herself. Perhaps she wanted to capture the glimpse of being stunned in someone's eyes, or perhaps she wanted to outshine her competitor…

The two shared a similar starting point.

Just as she was looking at herself on the screen, she heard someone speak broken Han.

"Beautiful lady, is it your first time in Pannu Islands?"

[Is he talking to me?]

Xia Shiyu took a moment to process this. She turned around and looked at the tall European with a hooked nose and deep eye sockets.

After a brief silence, she used her throat to make a sound.


Based on her experience, the people attempting to pick her up would awkwardly walk away when they hear the cold response.

But she clearly thought too much, being reserved is a unique elegance only to Asians. To Xia Shiyu's cold response, the hooked nose was even more interested as he walked closer and attempted to get to know her.

"What a coincidence, me too! I felt a bit anxious when I was on the plane. If the place is as chaotic as the news said it to be, I would have made the trip for nothing. But just as I got off the plane, I realized my mistake."


"Because I met you." The hooked nose used an expression he thought was touching and gazed into her eyes.

Xia Shiyu was just a bit shocked.

[Does this count as a confession? It's the first time we met…]

Seeing that the beauty did not react, the hooked nose only smiled and didn't give up. He took out a business card from his pocket.

"Gavin Adams, a professional traveler from the United States and the editor of Traveler magazine. This is my business card; you can call me Gavin. Do I have the opportunity of inviting you to a tour of the beautiful kingdom of the southern islands?"

To the person that revolved around her like a fly, especially the undisguised look of desire, it annoyed her instinctively.

Just as she was troubled by how she could get rid of him, a familiar voice rang beside her ear.

"Hello, Mr. Adams, I think it is better to refer to you by your last name." He snatched the business card in his hand and ignored his frozen expression. Jiang Chen took out his business card and handed it to him with a smile. "Oh, I almost forgot, this is my business card."

When she saw Jiang Chen, she felt relieved.

Speaking of this, he always seemed there to solve her problem… When she thought about it, Xia Shiyu felt safe and secure.

But this international friend was not friendly.

Gavin examined Jiang Chen from head to toe as a hint of anger appeared on his face, he didn't accept Jiang Chen's business card.

"I didn't say I'm going to exchange business card with you, sir. Or should I say, are the people from your country always this rude in front of a lady?" As he spoke, Gavin raised his hooked nose and looked at Jiang Chen with disgust.

Jiang Chen's eyebrows raised. He wasn't angry as he put his card away.

"Rude? Our courtesy is not to cause trouble for other people. I don't know what your definition of courtesy is. Causing trouble for other people?"

Gavin's face bloated into redness as he could not argue against Jiang Chen's words.

Seeing that he didn't make a sound, Jiang Chen dubiously smiled and ignored him.

He turned around to face Xia Shiyu as he said apologetically.

"Sorry, I'm a bit late."

"No, I was early," Xia Shiyu said feeling slightly weird.

[Is he… jealous?]

As her mind debated this question, Xia Shiyu felt her heart beat a little faster.

Jiang Chen didn't notice Xia Shiyu's mental battle as he said.

"Let's get in the car first."

Then, he took the luggage from her hand.

"Wait." Seeing Xia Shiyu was about to leave, Gavin couldn't stand around any longer, and he wanted to stop the two, but he hit a brick wall.

A man in a police uniform stood firmly in front of him and watched him apathetically.

"What are you doing, you are blocking the way?" Gavin said in frustration.

Seeing that the goddess he encountered get into the car of someone else, he felt enraged and let it out all on the man blocking his way.

"Sir, I suspect there is a problem with your passport."

"My passport? That's impossible." Gavin took out his passport, shoved it in his chest, "Open your eyes and see!"

The police scanned the passport and nodded, "That's right, there is indeed a problem with your passport. Your ID is registered on the blacklist; please contact your country's embassy to obtain proof of no criminal conviction before you enter the border."

"The Blacklist? That's impossible!" Gavin roared in rage. His footsteps spanned across 34 nations; it was the first time he was stopped because he was on the blacklist. He swore that he never did anything illegal.

But the police ignored his roar and only shrugged.

"I'm only following the procedure."

Seeing there was no need to argue, Gavin calmed down slightly.

"… Okay, I will contact my embassy, where is the embassy in Coro city?"

"Sorry, sir. There is no embassy of your country at Pannu Islands, to obtain help from your embassy, please head to the Australia embassy for support." The police didn't lie to him. Only recently did more tourists travel to Xin, so only Hua, France, UK, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand have been established. Among them, four of the country's employees were still on their way there.

"What the f*ck?! You are saying I took a two hour flight here, and now I have to go back to Australia?!" Gavin completely erupted in rage.

"That's right, sir, we can assist you with the booking process. For now, please step back into the terminal," the policeman tried his hardest not to laugh as he said with seriousness.

Blame it on the fact that you offended someone you shouldn't have. He has been a policeman through two political regimes, it was the first time he heard Xin had a blacklist.

But since that person said there was one, then there must be one.